Windows Movie Maker Delaying Audio After Splitting a Video Clip?

i think that if you right click on the video, one of the options is volume, that way you can enable audio of that specific clip

1. how to take music from a video clip to burn it do a CD?

EXTRACT Audio from Media files: 1. Use AoA Audio Extractor (freeware) to xtract or 2. Edit using Video Editing app, save as audio Burn to a cd or dvd

2. Does anybody has a video clip on how to desapear a coin?

Put nickels in the broken jukeboxes at Johnny Rockets. They all magically disappear

3. What is that 1 favourite video clip from Haifa/Nancy Ajram?

none of them, they are a shame for the Lebanese people and lebanese music ! all my girl friends who travelled throughout arab countries told me how they were considered by the arab people: they were considered like whores and bitches ! by doing such erotic clips, these "stars" are spoiling the lebanese girl aspect !

4. Which video clip or image brings a smile to your face and makes you happy?

2-states movie marriage scene:-This scene gives me a different happiness. Because,when a person wants to get something for a long time and after facing many difficulties, he/she gets it too.So the happiness he/she feels is reflected in his/her eyes. And when he/she laughs with the same tears, a new definition of beauty is created.ufe0fWhenever I see this scene, I think that when we want to get something with our whole heart, then the whole world comes together and gives it to usud83cudf0fud83cudf0eud83cudf0d

5. How can I rotate a video clip 90 degrees?

How do I rotate video that I have recorded with my digital camera in the Player? You can rotate video clips in Windows Movie Maker by doing the following: 1. Import the video clip into Windows Movie Maker. 2. Drag the imported video clip and drop it onto the timeline. 3. On the Tools menu, click Video Effects. 4. To rotate the video clip to the right, drag the Rotate 90 video effect and drop it onto the movie on the timeline. -or- To rotate the video clip to the left, drag the Rotate 270 video effect and drop it onto the movie on the timeline. 5. On the File menu, click Save Movie File and follow the instructions in the Save Movie Wizard.

6. Christians, could you please give your opinions on this short video clip?

That is a very good question, and I think I may have an answer for you. The bible says do not try to take out a splinter out of a neighbor's eye with a log in your own eye. First remove the log from your own eye and then help your neighbor. It looks like that guy had many problems of his own when he tried to correct that lady. He was acting out of his own pride; he wanted to be right. If he was just tring to prove a point he should have acted out of love, not in anger. The bible also says that when Jesus came to the Earth he made a new covenant with new laws.

7. why i cannot play video clip files (*.avi) im my pc with windows media player11,(only sound playing,no videos)

install a codec pack such as k-lite or use a different player, try VLC media player

8. Why isn't there sound on my converted video clip? Codec Problem?

No, i think this is not codec problem, maybe your converter software have something wrong, I think you just need to choose a right converter to convert mp4 to avi. I am using RZ Video Converter which can do this well, it can convert any videos or audios between different formats with good quality, try it by yourself. Yahoo or google search and download rz video converter. Hope it can help you. .

9. Music Video Clip Ideas Please?

Remember probably the most lyrics and pass to Google. For instance, if the lyrics are : I am anything you are saying I am, then you will be able to google seek "Lyrics: "I am anything you are saying I am" " after which you will be able to have your reply. The external charges of that are supposed to be eliminated and charges need to be located round lyrics for probably the most correct reply.

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