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Love Place is the fourth album by Japanese singer and songwriter Kana Nishino. It was released on September 5, 2012. It won Best Album at the 54th Japan Record Awards.

It debuted and peaked at number two on the Oricon Albums Chart.

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Dafina Zeqiri was born on 14 April 1989 into a Kosovo Albanian family in the city of Varberg, Sweden. Zeqiri's father was distant to her and to her mother, and she quoted that they haven't had contacts for more than 23 years.

During a TV show in Klan Kosova, Dafina's father made a public speech asking her to forgive him, but Dafina never made any replies. In 2014, Zeqiri made a song with Ledri Vula, a Kosovar rapper from Pristina, whom she dated. There were a lot of rumors regarding their relationship, but they finally confirmed it during an acceptance speech in Videofest where the couple kissed.

They later broke up. 20072011In 2007, Dafina performed in Polifest Festival and is nominated for her song, "Rrall e Prmall," and eventually won the competition. In 2008, Dafina she received a BOOM Award Nomination for her song "Adios," and was awarded with the audience award.

In the same year, she launched her first album titled "Knock Down". Shortly afterwards, in her continued participation in "Knga Magjike," she received the "First Magic" award with her song, "Baterit". In 2009, her fame grew after a dancing competition in "Op Labi Party (New Year 2009)" where Dafina won against the most popular singers in Kosovo due to her mesmerizing voice and dancing skills.

The success continued with two collaborations with known singers Blero & F-Kay with the song "La Vida Loca" and Capital T & 2po2, "Shum Nalt". Both songs turned into hits of the summer. In May 2009, she won "Best RNB" in Top Fest 6 with the song "Dua q ta di," a song which was a great success.

Then Duffy'e also made the a mix of the song with the acclaimed DJ-Zap. In August, she was declared as "Female Superstar 2009" in Teksteshqip.com.

In September, she attended the Awards with the song "Amazing Girl" and won the audience award for the third time. During 2009, two of her clips were very successful: "Shum Larg" (directed by Stamps Pictures) and "Amazing Girl" (Directed by Entermedia). In February 2010, Dafina sang live in RTK "Oxygen.

" After this show, Dafina traveled to Australia to shoot the clip of the song in English, "Rock This Club." The video clip of the song "Amazing Girl" by Dafina was the main winner of this year's edition of Music Videofest, sweeping away the award for best videospot, 'Best of All'. She was nominated in eight categories and won four of them.

In December 2011, Dafina Zeqiri released her newest album and a clip around the same time. In her album, the song D&G was included, a song she has made with the famous Albanian rapper Getoar Selimi, better known as "Geti". She has already launched her clip "Tonight," which is also included in the new album "Just Me".

She launched 2 new music videos "Ve Ti" (later translated in English as "Your Love") and "Bloodah" which were successful. 2017presentIn March 2017, following several months spent in the United States, the singer released "Four Season" as the lead single from her upcoming extended play King EP. In October 2017, she premiered the second single of the aforementioned extended play "Told Ya" and reached number one in Albania.


Reunion of video clip

The group reformed to play two tours in 2005, and played what was described as their 'last ever show' at Rock In The Castle in Scarborough, Yorkshire, on 17 September 2005, as Special Guests of The Wildhearts. A collection of b-sides and rarities was also issued by EMI in September 2005. Terrorvision then played three dates in November 2007 in Manchester, Holmfirth and Sheffield.

Danny Lambert, the singer in Yates' band Blunderbuss, which was by then inactive, stood in on bass for an unavailable Marklew for these three shows. This was followed by a homecoming show at the Victoria Hall in Saltaire in December 2007 and a new tour in 2008 entitled the '4 Days in May Tour' in Nottingham, Bristol, London Shepherd's Bush and Norwich UEA, this time with a returned Marklew. They also played three dates over Easter 2009 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the release of How to Make Friends and Influence People, at the Manchester Academy, Wolverhampton's Wulfrun Hall, and the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London.

The gigs at Manchester Academy and Shepherd's Bush Empire offered limited edition live recordings of the shows through Concert Live. A similar tour took place in December 2009. On 4 December 2009, Terrorvision played at Hard Rock Hell 3.

They returned again in 2010, and began working on a new record. Shutty, their original drummer, left at this stage after 20 years playing with the band and was replaced by Cameron Greenwood. Terrorvision headlined on the Bohemia Stage at the 2010 Sonisphere festival at Knebworth House.

Terrorvision also performed in Holmfirth, Bristol, Cardiff and Bolton in July 2010. On 13 January 2011, singer Tony Wright announced on Facebook that they would be releasing a new album in 2011, and would be going on a UK tour to support it. The tour was to start in Newcastle on 24 February.

The new album, Super Delux, was duly released on 24 February 2011 to generally positive reviews. Terrorvision returned again in 2016 for a five date arena tour of the UK supporting UK rockers Thunder. Bassist Leigh Marklew said, "We were discussing the idea of getting back in the ring in 2016 when the call came from Thunder the timing was perfect.

We agreed it would be a great way to come back." In November 2017, a triple-headline tour, called "Britrock Must Be Destroyed", was announced with Reef and The Wildhearts. The tour was eight dates across the UK in May 2018, and featured full sets from each band, with a different running order each night.

In February 2018, UK Britpop band Dodgy were announced as the opening act for all eight dates. In March 2018, the tour was extended to five dates, across August and September, in Australia. A 25th anniversary tour celebrating How to Make Friends and Influence People was announced by the band in a video-post on Facebook in November 2018, with dates at London's Islington Assembly Hall, SWX Bristol, Rock City Nottingham, and the O2 Ritz in Manchester in May 2019, with support from The Amorettes.

In December 2019, the group released their first new single for seven years, "Our Christmas Song".

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