How to Store Video Clip in My Computer on a Tape?

Writing a video back to a MiniDV tape is a standard option in most video editors. Your camcorder needs to have DV-IN enabled - this is normal in camcorders sold in the US, but, because of different tax laws, it's uncommon in European models

1. Is there any way to import a video clip made with the DVD Player on a MacBook into iMovie?

Have you tried highlighting it (without opening it) and press Command "i" for Get Info. There should be an option that says "Open With" if iMovie is not listed in the pull down menu say "Other" Another window will open showing the recommended Applications to open the file. If iMovie is not highlighted change the list from Recommended Applications to All applications. Locate iMovie and click on that. Then close everything and double click on the video. IF iMovie can open it it will

2. Freezing/repeating the last frame of a video clip in Apple Motion 5

That is not a good solution. With this solution you are now locked at the size and position of your window, not the source media. If you want to zoom in or out you have now lost that ability.Better solution is to use the timing controls and set the end condition to "Hold"

3. How do I upload my own video clip to my 360 blog?

you can upload it to youtube. it requires a free registration sign up using your email

4. Why is every old-fashioned video clip in fast-forward?

They did not know how to add sound to it or color and it is better than slow motion??? or Everybody did move that quickly in those days ...?

5. Cristiano Ronaldo : What is the name of the song playing on his Blackberry in this video clip?

Use the sound recognition app on your phone if you have one

6. What is the saddest music video clip you have ever watched?

Rascal Flatts-What Hurts the Most

7. i wanna make a small video clip of my camper that has special needs?

choose your favorite song

8. Why is this video clip from Barcelona, Spain in another language that is not Spanish?

Because Barcelona is located in the Province of Catalonia (Cataluna in Spanish, except that I do not have a keyboard with the letter that goes after "n". So, bare me). Their native language is not Spanish, but Catalonian. In Spain, Spanish is the national language, but there are a few others. As you may know, Spanish is nothing but Castillian, which used to be just another language among various in Spain. Except that Castillian was the language of the Kingdom of Isabella and Fernando (Province of Castilla and Province of Leon) who united Spain and also forced out the Muslims (as well as Jewish) from Spain in the 1,400's. Naturally, it became the most important language in Spain. On top of that, the most important piece of literature in the Spanish language is Don Quixote (Don Quijote in Spanish), which was written in Castillian by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (the equivalent of Shakespeare to the Eglish language). Other tongues (all of them derive from the same root, Latin, and are called "Romance Languages" (lenguas romance in Spanish). In Valencia, what they speak is Valenciano. In the Basque Region, what they speak is Euskera (Vasque in their native language. The roots of this language are unknown. No other languge is like this one, and this is an exception to what I said above. As you may know, they call their region, which lies part in Spain and part in France, "Pais Vasco"). Then, in the Province of Galicia, they speak Galician. There are others, though less important. But all of them also learn the National Language which is Spanish. So to speak, all Sapaniards know at least two languages: the one of their region or province and Spanish. (Castilla is the region where Castillian --now known as Spanish-- was born). Keep in mind that Spain was part of the Roman Empire for various centuries before the empire ceased to exist. So, their language was Latin. Tongues spoken in Spain, except Euskera, have Latin roots. On the other hand, the Arabs (Muslims) invaded Spain and remained there for 700 years, until the 1,490's, when their last occupied territory (Granada, in the South, this is to mean, Region of Andalucia) was cleaned up of Muslims by Fernando and Isabella, the same King Couple that paid attention to Cristopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon in Spanish) and financed the discovery of America (North America included, even though in the US it is only Columbus the celebrated one. In all other parts of the territories discovered by Columbus, what is celebrated is the discovery by means of the Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race), meaning the Hispanic Race. Naturally, there were no Pilgrims but in North America. Get it? I hope I have been of some help. Adian.

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