Man Did Not Land on the Moon (video Clip Included): Which Facts Are Wrong and Which Are Right?

Man landed on the Moon 6 times. Twelve men did it. The whole world, including the Russians were watching. They watched the astronauts get into the Apollo capsule 330 feet above the ground, they watched the Saturn V's take off, they televised the trip to the Moon, the weightlessness, brought back pictures of the moon from orbit, brought back rocks that have been studied by thousands of geologists around the world (rocks that had never been seen anywhere else). Then they returned, splashed down in the middle of the ocean in full view of another set of cameras, were picked up by US Navy personnel who opened the hatches and helped them out. I watched it happen. I know people in NASA. I know the Russians would have told the whole world if the landings did not take place. I know that television programs that are controversial sell advertising because a lot of people watch. I've heard all the "fake landings" arguments and seen them ALL get shot down. I am not going to waste 45 minutes watching a video put together by a bunch of guys trying to sell books and videotapes. Abraham Lincoln and JFK were not really assassinated either. They both live together in a retirement home in Arizona, along with Hitler and Elvis. It's a stupid waste of time to try to disprove the most widely and closely watched events of the 20th century, but there are stupid (perhaps 'sly' would be better) people willing to try it, just like those who say the Holocaust of WWII did not happen. Investigate all you want, but ignore the super-slanted video on google/FOX.

Man Did Not Land on the Moon (video Clip Included): Which Facts Are Wrong and Which Are Right? 1

1. why the sound of the video clip in power point doesn't start?

You probably do not have the right codecs installed, most computers have this problem A codec is just another name for sound driver Just search on google klite codec pack, it's free and allows you to play all video clips on your computer , it's the thing I use, and install on every computer I have and all my friends

2. Can I use a Youtube video as my music for a video clip on Windows Movie Maker?

No, you cannot copy a youtube music video onto your computer. But, there are ways you can copy the sound from the videos you watch on youtube. It will convert it and let you download it onto your computer. Hope this helps

Man Did Not Land on the Moon (video Clip Included): Which Facts Are Wrong and Which Are Right? 2

3. Icannot see CNN news video clip ,I did what ever yahoo asked for example i updated the windows media player?

I am sorry that no one has answered your question. This is a continual source of frustration. If I were you I would uninstall Windows Media Player and use only Real Player of Quick Time. They are both superior products. Lots of Love, Good Luck, and Best Wishes!!

4. How To Make A Video Clip Go Backwards?

1.) Build Time Machine 2.) Stand in front of monitor and hit Play 3.) Turn on Time machine and go BACK 4.) Watch movie in reverse 5.) Profit But na really you can not , there's other software that you can use, then bring it back into here though. Sorry! I use Movie maker all the time too. Edit: I have not tried any of the software so I wo not recommend any, but if you good "Reverse Movie Effect" you can get a lot of different 3rd party links.

5. Meaning in Dr. Dre ft Eminem & Skylar Grey video clip?

he couldnt take it any more (dre) so he tries to hurt himself and he survives and thinks back. so its like he needed a "Doctor"

6. Patterns in nature? Not totally random?

'If nature was TRULY random like evolutionists say' NO! That is what dishonest theists trying to discredit Natural Selection say. Darwin NEVER said nature evolved randomly - 5 digits 'worked' better than 4 or 6 so this 'model' passed on to future generations not the 4 / 6 possibility as it was either too economic or not economical enough. There are MANY examples of 'bad design' in nature for instance the laryngeal nerve among MANY other examples (see video clip). Why would any intelligent designer create such an unnecessary detour? Natural selection explains precisely how this anomaly occurs. If you REALLY want to why in detail I strongly recommend you read The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins

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