Why Does Monica Walk Out on the Salad Guy at the Beginning of the One with the Prom Video?

Because heu2019s harassing her. While she makes the salad, he acts inappropriately and he gets it off by listening to her preparing the salad. For instance, she says sheu2019s tearing the lettuce and he asks u201cis he dirty?

u201d, to which she replies that he doesnu2019t need to worry, sheu2019ll wash it. He, then, says u201cDonu2019t. I like it dirtyu201d - double meaning, here.

He likes it dirty. When she says sheu2019ll cut up the tomatoes, he asks if they are u201cfirmu201d and if they havenu2019t u201cgone bad, very, very badu201d. He even moans after she says sheu2019ll do the tomatoes u201cJulienneu201d.

Thatu2019s why

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What is EOF in C?

EOF means end of file. It's a sign that the end of a file is reached, and that there will be no data anymore.

On Linux systems and OS X, the character to input to cause an EOF is CTRLD. For Windows, it's CTRLZ.Depending on the operating system, this character will only work if it's the first character on a line, i.

e. the first character after an ENTER. Since console input is often line-oriented, the system may also not recognize the EOF character until after you've followed it up with an ENTER And yes, if that character is recognized as an EOF, then your program will never see the actual character.

Instead, a C program will get a -1 from getchar()


What happened to social networking site named Orkut? Why did it fail?

Orkut was shut down in 2014 but it was launched much before Facebook in 2004.

Most of the Orkut users were from the United States - 51.36%.Source: Wikipedia.

Letu2019s talk about the differences first:So if you can see the differences, Facebook right from the beginning had a long-term strategy. Apart from that Facebook had Like, Share and Comment feature which kind of won the battle.Apart from that Orkutu2019s website was way too slow despite the numerous updates.

To keep the users engaged, Orkut didnu2019t have any activities like gaming, groups, quizzes, contests, etc. These were the main reasons why Orkut failed and Facebook overpowered the market and now it is one of the most used social media platforms in the world with over 2.6 billion monthly active users.

I hope this answered your question. Take Care and Keep Safe!


What is your experience with twin flames?

He essentially helps me grow consciously, in a nutshell. I have learned to forgive others that I knew in good wills with me, I have learned to be stronger (he mentioned that in one occasion I can't remember what's about), I have learned to be creative to regulate my mood instead of got carried around or annoyed with appalling vibration, people, Quora preaching feeds, attacking medias being broadcast 24.7.

The same way he has changed many things as results of our dynamic. We're born in the same month, so I guess it is one of the advantages to be as close as knowing my own personality, strength and weaknesses. I have met very few people who brought this much effect in me in short period of time, without sounding to be attacked or patronized


How do programmers think while they program?

I am not a programmer. I am a software engineer.For the distinction, see this: http://qr.

ae/Tx2FhNow, as for the act of programming, its is a very zen or "flow" thing. When i am really being productive time and space go away and to a large degree I am the computer. I am running a parallel model in my own head as to what the computer is doing.

That model is, by nature imperfect and incomplete, and this is where bugs come from. When encountering a bug, I focus my inward attention on that part of the model and refine it until I "see" the error.Its never really occurred to me before, but its actually very similar to the state I go into when method acting where I "am the character.



Why does my ex still care what I do with other guys and get jealous, even messaged me to tell me not to do (certain thing) again because of his jealousy?

First of all why are you speaking to your ex? Ex means it is over move on.

You don't need to hate him, but done is done, there is no good reason to stay in contact, so if he gets upset it is because you are giving him details. If you are not speaking to him and he knows your plans then call the police as he is stalking you. If you get some perverse pleasure out of tormenting him with what you are doing or who you are seeing then you are a disturbed person.

If you enjoy talking to each other so much why did you break up? What either one of you do is nobody's business, but staying friends is stupid after a break up. Get over it


Do Astronauts on the ISS have a special protocol if they encounter aliens?

If so, how do they communicate effectively?

I can't say for sure but I seriously doubt there is any formal plan. If aliens were to visit Earth it is unlikely that they would stop at the station.

They would probably broadcast some kind of message on the same frequencies that they observe us communicating with. The station has no capacity to receive communications from an unexpected visiting technology; all comm goes through NASA or Russian systems. So the aliens would be more likely to reach NASA itself via RF communications.

Further, the station is in low earth orbit and harder to reach (from beyond Earth orbit), with no clear benefit to the visitors, than a higher orbit, which would allow the aliens to leave more easily once they realize how primitive human society is.


I am not very creative. Will I be good at web development?

Creativity is a very dense word. It does not only equate to the ability to create something, you should ask yourself if what you are creating is meaningful, useful and purposeful. If yes, then you are creative.

If what you meant by u201cnot being creativeu201d as someone who is not very keen at aesthetic design, then yes you can still be good at web development. I know very good web developers who are not too keen with visual design, but are very good at formulating the best possible solutions to a problem. Most of them are backend developers.

If you will be on a large team, your team may already have designers who will do the mockups for you that you can convert to a working prototype


In a twin flame connection, at a point, do you stop seeing synchronicities?

Interesting question!No, since the initiation of my awakening, Ive been aware of consistent synchronicities ever since (thats been almost 3 years now).

I also come from the belief that synchronicities are always happening around all things and people, its just a matter of whether we are awake enough to see them.My twin wasnt aware of synchronicities at all when we met. Nowhahahahe recognizes them all the time.

Our kids even witness synchronicities.If you are concerned because you feel like synchronicities surrounding a certain person or situation have died down, try redirecting your focus to something else. Just by focusing on the fact that something is missing can continually create the same void, even though thats the opposite of what you really want.

I hope this helps!.


Which one should I learn first: a programming language or algorithms?

Neither.To code, all you need is logic. Just try to solve the problems by making a pseudo code.

Then study about a language and algorithms simultaneously. Languages changes over the period of time and their syntax changes, logic is what remains with us forever. Do not dedicate your time over a single task viz.

Language or algorithms. You will get used to the syntax of a language with practice and you will learn algorithms over the course of time.Just watch some basic videos on YouTube about any of the language you prefer using and try its examples by practicing in IDEs or you can refer to some good books.

Practice is the key. You are free to post your queries in the comments.Thank you


Why donu2019t you say hello to the people you pass by?

hello Lydia,in my younger years, i said "hello" or "hi" when i had a feelgood connection by just looking at people i passed by. i was very sociable than i am today but that does not make me any lesser friendly today.nowadays, it does not come to my mind with sociability because i am lost in my thoughts and in my own world.

i have had the luxury to meeting and getting to know people by merely saying hello and opening up to them.i am over that stage now but every now and then, a little hello does not harm and there is always something interesting to know from the other person.i hope that my experience will bring you more interests in your life - Hung.


Can a 15 year old date a 12 year old?

No. No.

No. Absolutely NO and NEVER! A 12 year old is way too young for dating of any kind.

And a 12 year old should never talk dirty. A 12 year old is a CHILD in the eyes of the law, in the eyes of the world, and biologically. If the 15 year old was caught (and if both kids parents are doing their duty, they should be doing random spot checks on all internet use), the 15 year old has just ruined his life.

There is all kinds of things such as contributing to delinquency of a minor, and even worse: sex crimes which will follow him.you are in way over your head and need to put a stop to this immediately. Its not cute and it doesnt make you cool


What are some tips for getting a girlfriend in high school?

Its better not to. I had a girlfriend and I regret it. If only I used all the focus on my studies that I once wasted on a relationship, I would have a bright future now.

A relation can mess up your studies badly if not handled well. Not saying you cant handle it just because I fucked up. Anyway, its up to you whether you want to go for a girl or not.

If you still do, just go and say, Hi. Start with a friendship, try to understand her and just be yourself. If you have it, shell definitely fall for you.

Try not to get in a serious relationship though. Thats where the problem begins


In 2020, what will be the scope for web development?

We could have said it before 2018 i guess when they introduced Progressive Web App (PWA) which is website but entirely work as app and very light weight and works offline too .

To be honest , after seeing that i am finding mobile app stores to be dead in future because company would put extra bucks in development of apps just to meet the same features of what pwa gives you , with extra waste of time included , So cards are in hands of PWA , let me give you my example , i am working on my edtech startup and when it comes to app i wont go for native apps cause of lack of time and energy which i could easily do it in PWA. But lets see , what happens , nobody knows the future.


How do I split a string by space into an array in c?

Re How do I split a string by space into an array in c?, dont do that. Wrong language for the job.

Use Perl instead. In C its dozens of lines and hours of work; in Perl its half a line and a few seconds of work:@MyArray split / /, $MyString;So, if this isnt school homework, switch languages. (And if this is school homework, you should be reading your textbook and doing your own programming instead of grubbing for cheats on Quora.

)Yes, yes, I know, technically this doesnt answer the question. But pragmatically, it does. Its all too easy to get so caught-up trying to figure out how to do a thing that one forgets to ask whether one should be doing that thing.

In this case: dont do that; use Perl instead.

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