Why Would a Girl Say Hello Back in a Disliking Way?

>Because she is not happy at being forced to greet you in the name of politeness.>What should I do now?Back off. If she does not welcome your attentions, leave her alone.I am a lawyer, but I am not YOUR lawyer. This answer is not a substitute for professional legal advice and should not be relied upon for anything other than entertainment. If that.

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Why do we use main() in C or C language? Is there any program in C or C that can be run successfully without main()?

I've worked in a system before where the board level operating system" had a call to main, but not the main of the OS, but it was actually calling a program to run. It was quite surreal, it was like being a fish and all of a sudden seeing the top of the lake from the air.Similar thing for PCs. The operating system makes a call to main for a program and the program executes from there.


How do you deal with a neighbor who does not bother to say Hi/Hello and avoids eye contact?

Two people have to be open to communication. There are lots of people out there who have problems. Our area is not overy friendly. I just go about my business and pretend all is sunshine and unicorns. I do my business and go back inside my lovely comfortable home and dont give them another thought. I will only invest my time in good hearted kind people those who want to know me


What is the story behind the hello world program?

Hello World,This is an extremely popular phrase in programming with no real meaning. One would guess it just means the program is greeting the world as it runs (not literally, figuratively). In fact, it has become legendary and a programming classic. It is generally used as an example to beginners as well.The simplest program in Java:public class Main

public static void main (String args)

System.out.println("Hello World");

Thanks for reading,Ben.


Should I use char *p"hello"; , char p"hello"; or string p"hello";?

You should use std::string p "hello" Simple reason safety.You can pass std::strings by reference to avoid copying (if they are too large for copying), or a pointer to the instance, so I don't see any real advantage using char pointers. I use std::string/wstring for more or less everything that is actual text. char * is useful for other types of data though and you can be sure it gets deallocated like it should


Why is it so hard for me to greet/say hello to strangers?

Maybe, you try too hard to talk.Maybe, you don't talk until you have a reason to.Maybe, you speak only when spoken to.Maybe, you write better than you talk.Maybe, you are not into small talk.Maybe, you are an introvert.You know what? They are all okay. Be yourself first. Understand yourself and get comfortable in your skin. That is more important.Communication is a trainable skill


Can 'Hello network' a new social networking app by Orkut Buyukkokten mark beginning of end for Facebook?

Only time will tell, those who are comfortable with Facebook will continue with it.Some may move on for curiosity resons.Others might want to check on the USP of the new networking system.And, no way does it mark the end of FB & Zuckerberg is no ordinary, he would have thought of multiple means to choke this new network at the inception level itself.

Thousands and millions may have sleepless nights. Certainly not, in any case with Mark Zuckerberg.Cheez.;!)


After a second date with someone new, would it be too needy of me to call him to say hello?

Not exactly.

But its boring. Hello gives no emotion.Instead, tell him how happy you are from your date - ex.

I love that restaurant! I can still smell our dinners. Thank you for planning it!or tell him something youre doing thats exciting you: ex.


Im excited today, Im making my 1st peach pie! What are you up to?Best!


Is Hello Fresh cost effective?

HelloFresh isn't exactly the most cost effective meal kit.However, there are meal kits out there for people on a budget. Dinnerly and EveryPlate are two of my personal favorites.

I actually write about and review all the different meal kits boxes out there. Feel free to Google search "Food Box HQ" to check them out :-). And let me know if you have any other questions!.


In Italian, how do you pronounce "hello"?

In Italian you could translate "hello" in several ways, depending on the meaning you're giving to this word.If you are greeting someone, you may say ciao or, in a more formal manner, salve. "Ciao" is often used between friends or when you are familiar with someone, "salve" is more polite and respectful.

In English you use "hello" when you're answering the phone too. In this case the Italian equivalent is pronto.I hope I have been helpful. Ciao! ;)


Which Electric Light Orchestra song features the lyrics "Hello. How are you?"

That would be Telephone Line - excellent song.

I remember listening to them as a kid. It first appeared on A New World Record in 1976. Its appeared on several albums and compilations since then.If you want a good site for music resources check out AllMusic | Record Reviews, Streaming Songs, Genres & BandsIts an excellent resource. It settles quite a few arguments!Glen M - Manchester NH


If I can print "Hello, World!", would that make me a better programmer than average?

It depends.If you are asking if that makes you a better programmer than everyone in the world, not just programmers, then yes, probably (depending on the language).However, if you mean just programmers, then I have to tell you that no, it does not make you better than average. To call yourself a programmer, you should really know much more than this, and have a wide array of things you can do.

Still a great start, most dont try!.


Hello! Which are the best tourism and hospitality studies in Canada to get PR ? Thank you!

i suggest you not take this field of study. Canada is not the travel and tourism hub like EU or Asia or AU. Canada does have toursim but it is only a very small percentage of what Europe experiences. At the same time Canadas 5 star hotels are more like the 3 stars that EU would have.You might want to consider another field of study instead


What is the output of print str * 2 if str 'Hello World!'?

Either execute the program in your head the way you model a computer will do the computation. If you don't have confidence in your answer, write the program and run it. If answers agree you have done well. If the answers don't agree, you have still done well, just work out what is wrong with your mental model.

But asking for an answer online - you have not done well


How much would it cost to code and deploy an iPad app with no animation or or database that simply says 'hello world'?

Assuming you already have an iPad and internet bandwidth cost is negligible, the cost is 0. You can download a free development environment that can build and pack the app with almost 0 coding apart from writing that hello world string.To deploy, however, is another story. I bet it wont pass Apples QC and prior to that, youll need to subscribe to Apple Developer Program for US$99 per year.


Where can I watch the Hello Mini web series?

Hello Mini - MX OriginalMX Player : Hello Mini is launched officially by MX Player. You can watch the series for free on the MX player beta app or MX player website. No need to buy any subscription to watch it.

Hello Mini is a psychological thriller show. Pallavi Joshi stars in the lead as Mini while the show also features an ensemble cast with Gaurav Chopra, Priya Banerjee, and Mrinal Dutt in key roles.Image Source : Facebook


What's the most complicated Hello World program you can write in C?

Well I suppose you could make it arbitrarily complicated, couldnt you? You could simply write each letter individually, or you could write a program that individually generated the machine instructions to perform the HW program and then branch to those instructions, or you could write a complete Lisp interpreter in C and then feed it an S expression that printed Hello World. It could go on and on


Which raga is used in cover of Adele's "hello" carnaticversion by Mahesh Raghavan? Is it Hindustani or Carnatic?

It is closest to abheri (bhimpalas in Hindustani), as Jayanth Hegde says. But it does have noticeable deviations in certain places, and even uses the shuddha dha (komal dha) a couple of times now, some may argue that that is the original abheri and that the modern one with the chathushruthi dha is just wrong, but I'm talking about abheri as it is currently known. So we may call it mishra abheri, perhaps.


What's the probability of creating a Hello World program?

"What's the probability of creating a Hello World program?"I'm not sure what your question means. Lots of Hello World programs exist in many languages. So the probability is 100%.If your question is "How hard or easy is it to create a Hello World program", the answer is "easy". Most introductory tutorials (posts, books, or videos) use a Hello World program as their first example. They provide every step and also the source code


What does it mean when someone says "hello hello hello" when there's a fight?

I'm taking a guess, here, and perhaps others will have a different idea of the meaning. In the middle of the melee of a fight, the fighters are intent on bashing (physically or verbally) their supposed opponent, and they're so busy punching/yelling over each other, that someone who's trying to referee might be saying, "HELLO, HELLO, are you LISTENING? STOP! HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? STOP YELLING/FIGHTING!" I'd welcome some input on this, as well


How can I say 'Hello' in Korean?

there's different ways to say hello in Korean, depending on the politeness level and so on.here is the most common one. if you are an English speaker, this is how you pronounce it an-nyong, ha seh, yohif you are a Spanish speaker this is how you pronounce it an-ong ha se io you can say it in a very very informal way (to close friends, or children) like this ! which translates to "Hi!"which is pronounced simply as "an-nyong"


Are Windows Hello and Cortana the same? If not, what is the difference?

Windows Hello is the authentication system, like face recognition, fingerprint scanning, pin protection , picture password, etc. You can find these different types of the authentication system in "Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options".Whereas the Cortana in Windows 10 is your digital assistant, much like Google Assistant, Siri, Alex, etc. You can ask Cortana to take notes, set reminders, ask questions, etc.Are Windows Hello and Cortana the same?


Are you one of the programmers who learned programming the way before Programming 101 started using send "Hello World" to the screen?

Yes. The first computer I worked on did not have a screen. The only output devices were paper tape and a Teletype Model 33. This could have printed hello world but I dont recall being taught that. The first language I learned was Fortran, not C, where I think that meme originated in the K&R book written a couple of years earlier. (I started in 1970 - K&R was 1968)


What is the Indian language of hello?

India is a very big and diverse country,and that is why no single Indian language and not a single system for the word hello. I am just trying to find out more about this complexity. Muslims usually say , as Salamo alaikum. Hello is universally accepted in urban areas. Hindi heartland, Ram Ram, namaste, Pranam. In Bengal, ki bhalo, in Gujarat Kem chhe. And all over Lydia simple eye contact and social smile serve as hello.


Which "Hello World" process will consume less memory, Node.js or Python 2.x?

The memory allocation of hello world will not be a good metric for your actual lambda function. The v8 engine and Java vm and python runtime are all built into lambda. Its unclear how they will impact the memory calculations at all. You best bet for this is to either build something more robust in the various languages and compare the actual costs on (better) talk to your AWS reps about your specific problem (they love to talk)


How do you say "hello" in Iraqi Arabic?

This is not hello per se but often used as a response to hello in Iraq, as well as Khaliji countries and Saudi Arabia. I think some Jordanians even use it.

Halla Wallah, lit. meaning welcome but can be used as a response to hello in Arabic. Amongst friends and family, this is rather common.Asslam w3laykom and Mar7aba are too formal and not really considered Iraqi dialect but phrases that are pan Arab.


What languages have one word for both "hello" and "goodbye"?

Even three such words in Latvian.au is a widely used Latvian word borrowed from Italian which serves for both greetings and farewells.

Sveiki/Sveiks is used as hello in modern language and as good bye in a little bit outdated language. Latvians who do not live in Latvia still use it in both meanings.

Vesels is a regional word, used in the same meaning as Sveiks.

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