What Is the Connection of GURUS If Any Between TM and Kriya Yoga?

The exploitation of followers. Human is a social animal like wolves or baboons. Some really sweet talking gurus found a hack to this phenomenon and turned them self into the alpha male or the alpha female. Unfortunately, many followers dont realize this and began a life long of blind devotion and giving away precious money and hard labor to their alpha male and alpha female.

The real guru is simply a teacher who wants their students to follow the practice and develop their own tolerance, determination, and compassion. Nothing more.Some cults became dangerous and even engaged in illegal activities. Any seekers should be aware of anything external are all transient. The most important is their inner qualities. No more guru exploitation, blind faith, and superstition.May all enjoy real peace, real happiness, and real joy!! Happy meditation .

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Why is it rude not to acknowledge someone's existence?

I think it has to done when we lived in caves and it carried down through the ages. Lets go back to medieval times. People lowered their eyes to the king, it the king acknowledged them they were somebody. If the king did not they were a nno body. Fast forward today, if the boss walks in and says hi, you feel good because by saying hi, you feel things are ok, if he does not say hi, you may thing he is mad at you and you feel like a medieval non person.Sometimes people think I am rude or cold because a lot of the time I am u2018so in my headu201d and I know they are doing their job in a medical clinic, they unless we meet eyes I do not say anything.Have you ever noticed men when they are passing on the street, if they know each other they look down, if they do not know each other they look up.


Is Lua a good language to learn?

Lua's greatest strength is that it is very easy to add to an existing C or C application. It's a simple, lightweight language that's flexible enough for making a wide variety of Domain Specific Languages, suitable for your needs. If you are writing a C or C program, and would like the ability to run scripts, Lua is a great language to know.

It is very easy to include or exclude any part of its standard library, which makes it straightforward to sandbox Lua scripts into doing only what they're supposed to do. Because of this, it is used by many game engines to provide mods and customizable features.There is also a standalone Lua interpreter that includes all of the default standard library. It is fine for simple scripting tasks like processing files or performing calculations. You probably wouldn't use Lua for that alone; Python can do far more. But it's a good language to know for extending other programs.


How can I tell someone they're overreacting without being rude?

Judging people is not polite. Unsolicited criticism is not polite. Telling someone that theyu2019re overreacting is both.They could be having a tantrum which would make a spoiled three year old sit up and take notes. Their histrionics could be entirely unwarranted. Unless they ask you what you think, itu2019s rude to tell them your opinion of their behavior.If it makes you feel any better, I donu2019t think anyone in human history has ever been told u201cCalm down, youu2019re overreactingu201d and actually calmed down. Iu2019ve certainly never done it, nor have I ever seen it happen. In fact, telling someone that theyu2019re overreacting usually makes it worse.So you might as well be polite. Stay quiet and wait it out. Pragmatically, thatu2019s your best option. Who knows? Maybe after itu2019s all over they will ask you what you thought. Then you could say, u201cI get that you were upset, but honestly, you seemed more upset than the situation called for.u201d


What's wrong with telling someone they're overreacting?

A friend of mine does this to me sometimes and I hate it! Its okay for him to get angry at things- Ive seen him curse at traffic lights, swear because he didnt get loot in a WoW raid, and dont get me started on how he reacts to potholes, even little ones.

But it seems that Im not allowed to get angry. Whenever I get upset about something, he always tries to stop it, as if its his place to decide how much emotion is allowed to be shown, and about what.Its not helpful at all, rather it comes across as invalidating and arrogant. So no, unless somebodys reaction is such that theres immanent threat to somebodys safety or property, its best not to say or do anything in the moment. Let them be upset, then if youre really concerned, talk about it after they have cooled off. And be sure that youre not doing what my friend does- holding the other person to an unfair double standard. (Youre totally justified in flying off the handle in any given situation, but the other person isnt, theyre just too high strung, their concerns are frivolous, whatever).


What will happen if I say u201cAllah Akbaru201d to a Muslim?

Allahu Akbar means u201cGod is Greatu201d in Arabic and Muslims use u201cAllahu Akbaru201d in certain situations like :When amazed or shocked : Allahu Akbar! What happend?!When scared : *Boo* Allahu Akbar!!!!When anger : Allahu Akbar! You are making me angry!When seeing something pleasing : Allahu Akbar! What a cute baby!When saying something positive about someone : Do you know? Someone in our school called Peter got the highest mark in our whole school!Allahu Akbar, really?When in a war : Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! (We say it in wars to make Allah bring us victory).So if you said that to a Muslim, they would start looking at you and seeing if you have happy, sad or angry emotions to be able to know what you are saying it for but mostly they would use the positive ones and think that you liked their look or think that their look scared you.Allah knows best and I hope this answered your question.


What can you do if the guy you like puts you in the friend zone?

Some things, in life, make us deeply sad. We sometimes get so disappointed we dont want to eat, sleep, talk, have fun anymore. Things like :A person we are in love with, who doesnt love backGetting a bad markMissing a diplomaA person who doesnt come at an appointmentMissing a flightLosing something expensive (phone etc)This kind of sadness is a consequence of a lack of wisdom :When somebody doesnt like you, it just means that this is a beautiful opportunity for you to meet another person who will like you back, and that you will like even moreMarks at exams are just a way for the huge education system to rank students. It doesnt even mean that you are bad or stupid. It just means that that day, you did not answer the questions as the teacher wanted to. Teachers can and do fail.When you miss a train, your life event tree massively changes. You will go back home, meet people on your way, you would not have met It is actually wonderful ! And sometimes, and that is sad to say, by missing a plane, you miss a potential accident that would have killed you.

Whatever happens to you, LOOK FORWARD.

That is really hard to graps, and harder to do, but LOOK FORWARD


How can I split the string " () " into " ,, , (, ..." in Java?

You are asking one of three things based on your question:nSplit a string into an String array containing its constituent characters. As of JDK 8, this is simply accomplished: yourString.split(""). If you're using JDK 7 or before, that method will return a String array with a leading empty string; the equivalent statement involves a negative lookahead regular expression: yourString.


nSplit a string into a char array containing its constituent characters. This one is relatively straightforward using Java's standard library method: yourString.toCharArray().nAdd a comma between every character in your string. You can do this one using regular expressions and replaceAll, but I prefer to do it more simply, replacing empty substrings with commas and trimming the leading and trailing commas: yourString.replace("", ",").substring(1, input.length() - 1). Note that method three will output a new String and will not change your old one in place. I'm also not entirely sure if regular expressions provide the best result in terms of performance.

nETA: I realized after answering this question that you wanted the non-whitespace tokens only. Any of these answers will still work if you perform a preprocessing step to strip your string of whitespace using a regular expression: yourString.replaceAll("s","")


Why wonu2019t narcissists call you by your name?

I love this question and have thought about this during and after my relationship with my ex narcissistic boyfriend.I believe it is very difficult for a narcissist to use your name for a couple of reasons.They are unable to form intimate bonds. Using someones first name is intimate. When they wish to view you and treat you as an object why use your name?They use common terms of endearment like Babe, Hun, Love, etc. because youre only one of likely several women they correspond with. God forbid they slip up on a name.My ex literally went into a rage when I called him by his first name. Particularly when I was attempting to set a boundary or stand up to his BS. It is hard to argue with someone using terms like babe and honeybun.Oh Honeybuns! Please stop throwing my cell phone across the bedroom when youre mad!See??? RightF that.I was emotionally abused and I dont respond like an animal when someone calls me by my name.

Its all quite fascinating. Having to argue about calling each other by their first names. Who does that?Yes, narcissists


What are great responses to the question: "How are you?"

In sweden were not used to that phrase, When someone asks How are you we think that this person is for real interested in my status (health, financial, social whats on our mind). We answer in short how we are Well, Im a bit cold, and my wife left me yesterday,,, or something like that depending on whats the problem on my mind.It took some time in US, before I understood the strange reaction, when I answered the cashier, or whoever trying to be friendly, truly what was bothering me At the same time I was surprised how many people who was interested in my wellbeing. But, I thought it was the introvert reputation of us swedes, we just care about ourselves.Now I know How are you, means, I dont care how you are, say Fine thanks, and you? so we dont need to talk anymore with each other


How do you change a relationship from a friend zone to a love zone?

It depends.Men know the minute they first see a girl they are sexually attracted to her looks. If he is, he falls in love right away but takes his time to decide if he will actually speak up and commit. Either he was attracted right away, or he never will be.

Women have to fall in love usually, before they are attracted to the guy. This takes time and bonding conversation, the guys personality meshing with her personality in ways that make her comfortable. Either she and the guy match up psychologically or they dont.

There are always exceptions to any generalization about human beings. And also there are those who are just out to use others and fake falling in love.But if someone views you as a friend, you are not likely to change this. Especially if they are a guy.

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