How Do I Say Momma in Hebrew?

You say אמא, pronounced "ee-mah."You can also say אם, pronounced "em" or "eim," but this is much more formal and not something you would use to refer to your mother.How do you say momma in Hebrew?

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How is life being a BSF soldier?

I have not served in BSF but more or less the duties are almost same except they are deployed on the border and CRPF soldiers are on IS duties. On border they have to man the morchas and do patrolling. Prone to enemy sniper fire. Life is monotonous but 8 hrs of duty and then rest I suppose. Unlike CRPF deployed in Maoist areas where there is no uncertainty when they will be ambushed or face a mine blast


What is the meaning of n and t in C language?

In C/ C these are known as Escape characters. There are more escape characters.(you can read about then on internet)

Coming to n and t,

n is known as new line character. While using this in printf ("n"); it gives a line break. The output marker goes to next line.Eg. printf ("hello nworld");

Output - hello world

t while using in printf statement gives a tab space between the words or characters. Eg. printf ("hellotworld");

Output- hello world


Is it appropriate to say GOOD MORNING to a person except during evening and night?

I think it is just fine. Saying good afternoon feels like a mouthful in the afternoon. It is one of those salutations that makes you feel as though you have to stop and tip off your hat to the person. Whereas, saying good morning rolls off the tongue. If you feel awkward saying GM when the time of day is past noon, you could try saying "good day".The overall effect is one of pleasant sincerity


Is the DNA of modern Greek people similar to that of the ancient Greeks?

Is the DNA of modern Greek people similar to that of the ancient Greeks?Yes it is. According to DNA studies, the modern Greeks are indeed the descendants of the Bronze Age Mycenaean Greeks, with only a small proportion of DNA from later migrations to Greece. The Mycenaeans in turn are genetically related to the Minoans:The Greeks really do have near-mythical origins, ancient DNA reveals.


What is the difference between char *p and char (*p) in c?

There is absolutely no difference in C betweencase 1 : As you mentioned char *p and char (*p) there is not difference. both are same.case 2 : if char p and char *p in this case also there is not difference, because char p simply reduces to char *p when passed as argument to a function, and for the record, even char p20 is exactly the same thing as the function sees it as char *p


Why does a narcissist ex want to destroy you?

That is such a good question. The answer is because they are mean, vendictive and manipulative. They lack real empathy, sympathy and compassion. Though they can fake it well.If they are trying to destroy you then you did something to make them really mad. You left them, exposed them, called them out on something, embarrassed themIts a control thing to put you in your place in their mind


In Welsh, how do we say 'great grandad'?

In north Wales, you would say Hen Daid, Hen meaning old and Taid meaning grandfather, so it therefore translates as old grandfather.This is also what they would say in the Welsh-speaking communities of Argentina, since Argentine Welsh is essentially North Wales Welsh transplanted to Argentina.In South Wales, people will say Tad-Cu for Grandad but Im not sure what they would have said for Great Grandad.


What is an empty line in Python if I use an input function?

Aloha!!Empty line is the line which does not contains any characters (number,string,special characters ) or the line that consists entirely of whitespaces.The data type of data taken as input is str , when u take blank line as input and print it , a empty line or a blank line will be obtained.JD


What is a good first program to write (besides "hello world")?

Create a game.Developing Your First Game with Unity and C#Tutorial 4: Make a Game in 60 MinutesLearn C# by Building a Simple RPG - IndexThat is what Java easy to learn for me and got me excited about computer science in general.I ended my first class with a 101% because I got excited about creating a game. The time I spent on that class alone is greater than the other classes I took that semester combined.


How do you say good morning in Nigerian?

My brothers and sisters have responded to you better. Nigeria is a diverse country with over 300 ethnic groups. English language is our official language. So we say Good morning ma or sir to an elderly person. If you want to say it in their native dialectsYoruba will say Ekaaro Ma/SirHausa will say NnakwanaI don't know that of igbo


How do you know if your narcissist won't do you the same way again after he asks for you back?

You dont. With people like that its almost a guarantee that they will. I dont even understand why people like you go back with people like that. They hurt you once. They havent changed. They are exactly the same person as before. Eventually theyll hurt you again. Its like certain people have a masochistic streak that wants to be hurt over and over so they just go repeat their same mistakes over and over


What does "ATGATT" mean to bikers?

All The Gear All The Time. That includes riding gloves.A riding jacket.And proper riding pants. (at least his hands and head are ok)Its not just for people who ride sport bikes.The pavement you skid across doesnt care whether you fell off a sport bike, cruiser, bicycle, or a skateboard


Would it be possible to have a common syntax targeting different language compilers/runtimes under the hood, since most current programming languages look very similar in syntax?

There already is. Its symbolic logic, a subset of mathematics that is taught in the philosophy curriculum. What you see in computer languages today is mostly just an attempt to optimize the programming experience around different goals. Interact with the hardware? Use C. Script and call fast libraries? Use Python. LISP is its own issue because it is designed for easy manipulation of data strings. See Wikipedia


Is Windows 10 now available for the Lumia 640 & Lumia 640XL?

I don't know if you are referring to windows 10 mobile or windows 10(desktop os), if you are referring to windows 10 mobile, then definitely you can upgrade to windows 10. However windows 10 mobile for consumers is not yet available but you can upgrade once it is released. Still if you are very eager to get your hands on then sign up for windows insider program and can download windows 10 mobile for free(build 10586-RTM build).


Does my ex still like me? When she sees me drive by, she always looks away and pretends she is on her phone. If she didn't care, she would not act like that.

Maybe it just makes her uncomfortable. In any event you shouldn't dwell on how your ex feels. You are not with her naymore focusing on why does or doesn't do something will just rent space in your head. You need to work on getting her out of your head. I don't know why you split up but since you are focus on things that don't involve her


In The Godfather, would Michael Corleone have said yes to Sollozo and the drug trade if he was Don?

I think so, Michael like Vito seemed to have an aversion to the drug trade, in part 3, even though Vito had been dead for 30 years he says to the commission if every drug dealer at this table were to drop dead , I would be the only one standing so I assume when he had control of the family he still stayed away from narcotics


How do you say "mom" in Hebrew?

The translation to mother is ima, as mentioned before. It is quite short already so there is no need to shorten it.I think most Israelis use the term as it is, but I'm sure there are some cuter versions. I can only think about imush, where -ush is used in general to make things sound cute


Why are Thais and Cambodians mostly polite?

In Thai society, we have the cultures that we honor and respect to elders, such as in family, children respect for parents, grandparents. Whether it is the act of speak we use "krab" "kha" at the end of the conversation sentence, or for example the younger walking through an adult the younger must bend...etc.Thereby, we treat others resemble as we treat our family members.


How do cats say sorry to humans?

I have had cats who, after accidentally hurting me, would come to me and nuzzle me in a way that seemed to say they were sorry. They would snuggle against me when I told them I knew it was an accident and I wasnt mad at them. Ive never had a cat who showed any remorseful about property damage or slapping the snot out of a (feline) housemate for no apparent reason.


How can I introduce myself as a student?

According to me .....everybody is a student . We don't need to express it is naturally......because a student is one who learn new thing ........and try that itself.So show your reality .......and love to learn . Trust me you will be the best student ...... ud83dude0d


How should I address an email if I don't know the name of the person receiving it?

If you are sending an email to a group or generic email ids like info, hello etc you can address Hi Team or Hello Team or Hello there etc. For an Email which you think it is a persons name and you don't know what exactly it is, you can use Hi or Hello rather guessing the name and writing it on your own


In which language is the Windows operating system written?

Mostly Object C which has been refined and optimised over many years of development. Not much of the original source code would still be in use having been revised and rewritten probably several times over the years. Certain performance critical components would be written in pure assembly language making Windows less portable which is why Microsoft would stick to the one processor architecture.


What is the output? int I 0; int limit 6; while (I

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