Hello Friends and Yahoo Readers!Is This a Scam?

They want you to spend your own real money to buy cartons of mystery solution from a stranger at $2,500/carton. Then you will wait to sell this mystery solution to someone (who never arrives) for $4,000/carton. You know that you can trust them because it stands to reason that they are more honest with you, a total stranger, than their own supposed fellow purchasing agent within their own company. Will there be any cartons of mystery solution to pick up? Will there be an actual person to meet you to collect your money? If the local police are corrupt enough, they might do that and rob you without worrying about getting caught. My guess is that they will have some dialog to learn more about you than you want them to know, and offer to save you the risk of carrying all that cash with some kind of transfer from your bank account.

1. Hello! A question about gifts!!?

Depends on how you celebrate. Christians give gifts to repersent the 3 gifts the wisemen brought baby jesus. Others just celebrate the joy of giving and the friendships they have with family and friends.

2. Hello, can someone please help me with figuring out whats wrong with my heart/chest ?

Go to the Doctor. And, if you've been smoking Pot...Stop...it causes heart Palpitations

3. How did Hello World come to be?

AppleScript:display dialog "Hello, World !"Assembly:variable: .message db "Hello, World !$" code: mov ah, 9 mov dx, offset .message int 0x21 retBash:echo "Hello, World !"Basic:PRINT "Hello, World !"C#include using namespace std; int main() cout

4. print "Hello, World!”

Only tested on an Atari ST emulator with the parallel port redirected to a file. It should work on the Windows version of GFA-Basic (which is free), but this is untested.Note: This turns out to be identical to the QBasic syntax.

5. Hello. this my plan to be the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus, read and then tell me what you think?

HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH DO U EVEN KNOW HER ADDRESS? how can u send her a gift without knowing her address plus she's too famous so your "expensive" gifts wo not matter to her she probably changes her mobile every day she's that stinkin rich!

6. Hello Anime people! Will you pleez answer my Q?

American 5'11 Muscular A black leather duster that's bullet proof, and works as armor. A sword hidden underneath said duster. Name: The Knight Age: 20 Rather calm. Usually hidden in the crowd with a baseball cap and looks rather normal, once a monster appears, he dives into action, luring the demon to it's own demise. Food: Whatever he wants.

7. Is Hello a good cell phone company?

Is Hello a good cell phone company? #EANF#

8. hello all Some english essay help plsss !?

start with the heading "how to wash a car" then give the tools you will need to wash it: eg a car; water; bucket; drop of washing liquid; sponge, etc then give the points of what to do eg make sure car is turned off and handbrake is on, if very dusty then maybe brush it first with a hand broom then put drop of washing liquid into a bucket of water, wet sponge and wipe it over the car in circular movements, etc............rinse it with clean water. smile into the side mirror.... end it with something like, then go driving to show off the clean car Or take a photo of the good job Or remember to get paid for doing a good job.....

9. new hello beautiful??

Wow, a new Hello Beautiful?? What ever they are going to do they shouldent change it! Its just so cute! But they could possibly mean that they are going to change it so it isent just acoustic. But I dont know I havent heard anything about that. It could be a rumor as well.

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