Should I Say Hello to My Professors When I See Them Outside of Class?

I worked as a Research Assistant for a lady professor for about two years. Here is what my experience is about greeting your professor.In my opinion instead of a Hi, Hello works much better. Some might say there is no much difference in Hi and Hello. But try to say"Hi Dr. XYZ" and "Hello Dr.XYZ."Which one sounds more polite? To me the Hello always worked good and my professor reciprocated to it by saying Hello

1. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if a yamaha r6 is an ok bike for a beginner?

No. You would be dead in a week. That is way too much bike for a beginner

2. MOVING TO ATLANTA!!! Hello all...besides the normal careerbuilder, monster, yahoo jobs....?

i am so happy to examine the certainty written for all to confirm. that's no longer something yet propaganda. President Bush threw that word accessible and unlawful supporters have used it to loss of existence. that's no longer authentic, on no account became, on no account would be. human beings made this usa what that's, and while our government removes each and every of the illegals we could make it large as quickly as lower back. If illegals are so useful, and so no longer basic working why are their worldwide places this sort of mess that they are working from as quickly as they could. And in the event that they are so useful why is it unlawful for them to artwork, stay and bypass our borders

3. Should a husband and wife always call to say hello on their breaks at work?

Sue, if they both want to do that. Its not an immutable law of marriage though. Personally, I would find a bit intrusive and smothering. My wife and like to spend time together but also to do our own things. Otherwise we catch up afer work

4. Is hello kitty still in style 14yr old?

Hello Kitty is For Basic Bitches, That's what everybody tells me

5. What programming language has the shortest 'Hello World' program?

Python - print 'Hello World'MATLAB - 'Hello World'

6. Hello! I love you. Wont you tell me your name?

no i dont think so. RALIQ. lol

7. Hello everyone, I have 500,000 Eucalyptus trees on 657 Acres will be ready for harvest in 2011 .?

It sounds like you will be rich soon. All businesses have pitfalls

8. Hello, I'm a bit worried about my friend!?

Uh, yea, 14 and doing THAT? talk to htat guy(and i use the term lightly)...maybe it's a coping mechanism, or maybe he's just hypere

9. What episode of Hello Counselor (Korean Variety Show)?

extremely tough subject browse into yahoo or google it can assist

10. Everyone type "Hello, How are you doing today! I'm great." with their EYES CLOSED?

Hello, How are you today, I am great. I am a good typer....and can type without my eyes on the screen..

11. Hello people what do you think about my outfit? Pics included?

you've got some nice nostrils

12. Polls & Serveys Rehab With Dr. Paige: Hello my name is _______ and i'm addicted to______?

greenguy, sex. lets get Tiger in this program as well

13. hello yahoo .i need to fix up my comp?

Hello, Are you the owner of that computer? You need to log into the computer with the administrator account.

14. How can I avoid saying hello all the time?

Not enough details. Usually, in the UK, one hello per person is the norm. One would not say hello to everyone while walking along the pavement of a busy street. One could easily say hello when walking in the countryside, as meeting people is more strung out! A second meeting with the same person, may only warrant a smile and a nod! My stock greetings are: "How do" (it is not a question so no question mark). The other is simply "Hi" again I do not expect a reply except another "Hi". More commonly it is "all right" often shortened to "right" again not a question, as neither party expects an answer and do not actually care if you are alright or not - just keep walking! Lol

15. Hello Fellow P&S People... What are you up to, loves?

oh thats awesome! How old are you? Can you just get a regular job somewhere? Mowing lawns I guess, baking & selling cookies, church

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