Can I Start a Programming Tutorial Blog?

Yes, you can !There are different blogging platform such Blogger, wordpress, etc.Since are new to blogging then go for Blogger, it has simple UI and easy to set up and there are also a wide variety of custom template for blogger that you can download it from internet.

And best of luck for your blogging !

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What are Serbian men like?

Some are stubborn, some are traditional, some are very modern, most love sports and so on.

Serbian men accounts for a large group and are not defined by one trait or even a set of common traits. Sure, the traditional part that some mentioned can be found in older generations, but rarely in the younger. Like it is the case for most Serbs, they are very connected to their family and the worst thing one can do is to insult a family member.

But really as it is the case with many groups, it is hard to generalize


How do you say u201cyou're welcomeu201d in Native American?

You dont. Theres no such thing as Native American, because thats a racial designation put on indigenous peoples of North America by the government, not a specific, nor a homogeneous group.

Therefore, they have no corresponding language.So reassess who it is who you wish to speak to, and - first rule of sociolinguistics- ask THEM. North America was very linguistically diverse before European settlement, so it could be anything.

Good luck


What's better, to say:"hi all" or "hi to all"?

The proper way to say it u201c. Hi to all,u201d but the best way to say it u201cHi allu201d depending on who you are addressing it can matter what you say to all.

It makes sense to use the u201c Hi to allu201d when addressing the group or crowd, u201cHi allu201d when addressing a group of people you know


What's a polite way of asking u201cwho are you?u201d on the phone?

u201cIu2019m sorry, but I didnu2019t quite catch your name.

Must have been noise on the line.u201dThat, or you can go with u201cWho are you?u201d because that also works.

As does u201cPolice Department, Fraud Squad, Detective Benson speaking, is this about an existing police enquiry?u201d and the old standby, u201cThis is a secure line. How did you get this number?

Identify yourself.u201dThough that last one is best used for cold callers, because it is so much fun to hear the line go dead before you finish the sentence


What does Hoyt mean in Native American?

Thereu2019s no such language as native American.

And the name u201cHoytu201d doesnu2019t come from any of them. u201cHoytu201d comes from the Middle English word hoit, which means "stick". Are you asking how to say u201csticku201d in a native American language?

If so, youu2019ll need to specify which one


How do I check my boyfriend's location, text messages, and call log from my phone without him knowing and free?

Dont. Not only would such a thing be illegal and also a sign of an abusive relationship, but it is also highly indicative of trust issues in the relationship.

Thats not healthy. He has a right to privacy. You both should have a healthy relationship.

If this is a legitimate concern of yours you should either have an honest talk with him, or break it up and take some time to reflect on yourself.


How did you say hello to your old friend?

I have recently reconnected with some of my old classmates from a few years ago, I literally just started with:Hi, we havenu2019t talked in like 2 years, howu2019s life been?

If they didnu2019t know who I was, I told them after, but whatever.It depends on how bold you are and the specific relationship with the person before you stopped talking. WHOOPS I reread the question and I realized you couldu2019ve meant your friend youu2019ve had for yearsu2026Just say hi?

Hope this helps,Audrey.


How do you say ''Hello'' in the Shona language?

Well iu2019m sure just like many languages, there is no one specific way to say Hello in Shona and the one you use depends on the context or setting.

Mhoro or Mhoroi - If greeting a young person one would use u201cMhorou201d and u201cMhoroiu201d for an elderly person.Kwaziwai is another word usually used to greet a group of elderly people. Ndeip - is colloquial for Hello.

used among young people, i think its English equivalent is whats up?


What is the full form of u201cOKu201d?

It is often thought of as Zero (O) Killed (K) meaning all went well, no casualties.

But evidence points to it being a vestige of a fad from the 1830s where some phrases were commonly misspelled as a joke such as Know Go N.G. (No Go), Nuff Ced N.

C. (Enough Said) and this one Oll Korrect O. K (All Correct).

Since only the latter had some relevance in the moment being coincidental with a politicians initials the misspelled acronym stuck around in the papers gaining more notoriety than the others and eventually became more commonplace than the correct All Correct.Other possible origins are alsosource: The Basic Derivation of 'O. K.

''O. K.' and Its Incorrect Etymology


What are some fun ways to answer a phone call from someone you know?

a typical phone call with my brother;Me Hello. Who is this?Him; What do you mean, who is this?

You called me.Me; Im not saying another word until I know who Im talking to. Him; Okay.

Ill check my mail. Seems my name is occupant. Me; Okay.

Good to hear from you. Him; bye.


Is it rude to see your former lecturer and smile only without saying hello?

Kinda awkward. But i do this frequently. When I was in school, i always greet my teacher and shook their hands.

But when iu2019m in university, the lectures dont know you or even you take their class, it wont guarantee that they remember your name. so i just smile when we are passed by (some or even dont look at me).


What is best website to learn cybersecurity free?

There are a lot of good ones. Try Cybrary (www.cybrary.

it) for free cybersecurity courses. You can also go to Udemy (www.udemy.

com/cyber-security). Finally the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security has several agencies offering free cybersecurity courses including US-CERT. My favorite is an entire program of training provided by Texas A&M Engineering Extension (TEEX) Service with three distinct tracks aimed at the business professional, the IT professional or for the non-technical practitioner. The link to the TEEX curriculum is https://TEEX.

org/Pages/Program. aspx?catID231.


What is signed char and unsigned char exactly?

char: is a data type in C programming language which can store value from -128 to 127. It generally used to store character values.

unsigned is a qualifier which is used to increase the values to be written in the memory blocks. For example - char can store values between -128 to 127, while an unsigned char can store value from 0 to 255 only.unsigned store only positive values, its range starts from 0 to (MAX_VALUE*2)1.

unsigned char: is a character data type with larger range of the value than signed char.


What is the meaning of lyrics in Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" song?

If you have to ask that question then youre probably unfamiliar with many of the passages in the Bible.

In the New Testament Jesus talks about the end time and sinners running from the judgment of God, they run to the mountains but theres no hiding place, because there would be desolation and destruction all around you, wars and rumors of war and earthquakes in various places throughout the earth but theres no where to run. Ms Simone got that song from a spiritual.


The most polite way to end a text message conversation?

I used to struggle with this, because I tend to worry about hurting other peoples feelings. Now though, depending on how well I know the person, I write something like, Gotta run or At the doctor, gotta go or if its a reasonable time of night or later, just, gotta get some sleep now, with a sleeping emoji. With people I know better I can just say talk to you later, or see you later.

None of these should hurt any feelings, and if I do get a reply back, I just ignore it


How do you write and pronounce the word "hello" in Malay?

Speaking as a malay speakers myself, if you want a direct translation of the word u201chellou201d, it can be translated to u201chelou201d with the same pronunciation. Alternatively, you can use other form of greetings for example u201chiu201d which directly translated to u201chaiu201d with the same pronunciation.

Bear in mind Malay words contains so many u2018adoptedu2019 words from other language such as english and arabic etc.


How do you say kiss in a Native Americanu2019s language?

Ojiim means kiss in the language of the Ojibwe people.

Also known as the Ojibwa and Chippewa, they are closely related to the Odawa and Algonquins. They share many traditions with the Cree people. They are some of our Indigenous people of Canada and of the U.

S. They are members ot the First Nations of Canada


#include int main() if (10 && 8) printf ("Hacker"); if ((5 & 0x000b) 10); printf ("earth n"); return 0;.

What is the logic of this code?

In the first if condition.nexpression is 10&&8 which is true, because in c everything except 0 is true.

nIn the second if condition .nexpression is (5& 0x000b)10 which is bitwise and of 5 and 0x000b. binary of 5 is 010 and binary of 0x000b is 1011 which is written in hexadecimal form.

so now bitwise and of 010 and 1011 will be 1010 which is 10 in decimal so condition gets true here also.nThat's why output is hacker earth#include int main() if (10 && 8) printf ("Hacker"); if ((5 & 0x000b) 10); printf ("earth n"); return 0; I run this code and got hacker earth as output, what is the logic of this code can you explain?



What simple phrases are good for polite flirting in Serbian (female to male)?

I dont know - thats a great question actually and I havent seen it answered to my satisfaction yet ither.

I think this is mostly because I dont really see women initiatate contact there just like here in Toronto.However, I have seen my girl friends give off little signals like smiling a lot at the guy and not breaking contact until he approaches and starts conversing with them. If that happens, you can drop all pretensions and just act be yourself


Is a "const char array " considered a string?

It could be if that was the programmers intent. There would need to be a zero within the array for the string to be correctly null terminated. This could be achieved by initialization with a string constant.

It could also be used for an array of chars. For example you might use this type for a lookup table to convert ASCII to EBCDIC in which case it would only be accessed one char at a time using the array subscript and it wouldn't need to be null terminated. In this case it wouldn't be considered a string.

This could be achieved with initialization using a list in braces


Is it worth doing cybersecurity degree?

Here's my opinion. I met a guy who made 80-90k right out of school.

I know another guy that never got a job in cyber security. He settled and took what he could get. I got an okay job using my degree right out of school got my masters and then I got the job I wanted right out of of school.

It may not happen overnight. It can be worth it but you have to put effort in. A degree !

a good high paying job


How does the "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed make you feel when you listen to it?

It makes me feel tired, tired and repulsed. I really like Disturbed, mostly their older stuff, but by far I would have to say that this song was not one of their best.

They should stick to the heavy stuff, fast and loud. Not this whiney sound of silence s**t. I mean it might be ok if it was played around the end of the year, during the holidays, but any other time, no.

Keep it heavy. That's metal


Is u201chellou201d a more proper way of saying u201chiu201d?


And easier to vary emphasis to alter the meaning.u201cHello?u201d I see you, greet you, and wonder what you want.

u201cHellllooo" Welcome, I'm pleased to see you, Iu2019ve been waiting. u201cHellllo" Aren't you a pleasant surprise?u201cHello!

u201d Wtf do you want now?Can't do THAT with just u201chi.u201d

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