Dilated Left Heart and Reduced LV Function. Generalized LV Hypokinesia Diastolic Dysfunction?

The rhythmic pumping and pausing between heart beats are the systolic and diastolic functions. If it is normal, it means it is good,but the dysfuntion of the diastolic function means that his blood pressure is not resetting or going down between beats. The heart needs to rest between beats, but can not if the pressure does not lower against the muscle between the beats. It probably is not too serious, but he needs to see a cardiologist immediately and see what the treatment for this is, as after a long time, of this, the heart will begin to swell, tire and eventually he may suffer heart failure, wherein the lungs begin to fill with the fluids squeezed out of the blood. It can be treated in most, if not all cases, but he needs to move early if he wishes to remain healthy

1. What should my tire pressure be?

i own a shop,and look on the tire its self,put what the tire says to have in it not what the vehicle calls for,each tire will be different from the original tires that was on it,and the sticker only applies to the original tires in most cases,good luck i hope this helps

2. Flat tire or just needs air?

Tires go flat for only one reason, a leak. The longer you ignore it, the worse it will get. If the tire has 75% of the wear gone, you should replace that tire and the one across from it. Otherwise it would be worth the time to take the vehicle in and have the tire repaired. Should be around $15 or less. If you drive on a low tire you will wreck the sidewall, and if it has most of the tread left, you will have destroyed a good tire, there is no repair to the sidewall. Good luck!

3. uneven rear tire wear?

This normal when tires are rotated - The front tires are moved to the rear and it takes many miles driving for them to even out. Only time I have seen it on a rear fixed axle is - low tire pressure and then BOTH inside and outside wear uneven.

4. How to Remove Tire Shine.?

You could try some alcohol. Not beer, rubbing alcohol. The problem is that Tire Shine, Armor All, etc. will soak into the rubber to a certain extent. I would try pouring on the alcohol and going after it with a scrub brush while keeping it soaked. Then just take it easy for a couple of hundred miles until you've worn it off. And hey, do not feel like an idiot. We've all done goofy stuff like that without thinking. Ride safe!

5. Lugs Too Tight on Tire?

This is common when shops use large impact guns with no torque sticks. They put them on so tight that you cant get them off with hand tools. You are going to need a large breaker bar or someone with a 1/2" impact gun.

6. My tire went flat, but doesn't have a hole. How?

most likely the valve stem. or it really could be a tiny whole like he said. Tire could need to be ballanced. You could just go to a tire warehouse it cost like 40-50 bucks per tire to get a new (well) Their used be their very newish. tires put on with new valvstem and all. and if they fail within 30 days they have to keep trying untill they get it right. good luck.

7. Plugged tire and road trip?

The odds are in your favor. I have rarely had plugs leak. As long as you check the tire pressure or temperature (on high speed drives the two are both good indicators) in comparison to the other tire on that side you should be good to go. Just do not let your guard down

8. What causes inner tire wear?

Overinflated tires is another possibility

9. Why is my tire losing air?

check if there is a nail or something by wiping the tire clean and observing it all around. If there is no nail it could be the valve . Aluminum rims have a reputation for leaks. Finally if you get too many flats you need a new set of tires

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