Could I Sue Walmart for This....?

Could i sue walmart for this....?

Could I Sue Walmart for This....? 1

A missing lug nut could not cause a tire blow out

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The 235's are two inches taller. Sell them on Craigslist or trade them into the tire shop for credit on a correct size tire.

Could I Sue Walmart for This....? 2

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I got my car stuck in the mud,now it shakes .What might cause this?

You always replace tires in sets of 2 or 4 (or 6 or 8, ect). This will help the alignment of the vehicle, and also will keep the tires even. A pull can be dangerious, even after an alignment, the vehicle will still have a pull to the side with the older tire as is it acting like a cone. (Think of a toilet paper tube, and roll it, it will roll straight, this represents, 2 new tires, now compair it to rolling an ice cream cone, it will roll to the side with the point, this represents one old and one new tire, they will be different diameters.) A tire does not come with a rim, you can buy just the tire, but good luck getting it on by yourself, or with a friend. There are machines designed to get the tire on the rim, and they designed to deliver a large amount of strength to stretch the bead over the lip of the rim. I work in a garage, and we have just started getting into tires, more then we were before. I have taken a few courses on this in the last few months, and all have told to change the tires in pairs, doing all at the same time, and proper rotating is the best way however. Also, if only one tire is bought, we do not offer any warranty as the proper maintance has not been preformed, we will take any warranty the manufacture has to offer and offer that to the customer, but the labour then depends on the customer, and we will only warranty tires that have been bought in a set of 4 (or 6 if it is a duel real wheeled vehicle) and rotations are preformed, if a set of 4(6) has been purcased, we offer free tire rotations for the life of the tires. (warranty on tires are a gray area, many time warranty voids easily, ask dealer about their warranty and what you have to do to protect it). To maximize tire life, have a tire rotation preformed ever 2nd oil change. Also, if you go for getting 2 tires, make sure the 2 new ones go on the back, as this will aid in better traction. Michelin has preformed a study on this, and it has been proved that a vehicle with the better tires in the back will preform better then a vehicle with the better tires in the front. If it was me, I would go for a set of 2 (or 4 depending the condition of the others), get a set of quality brand names (ie, Michelin, Toyo, Yokohama, Hankook, Goodyear, Uniroyal, Perrelli) and then have an alignment preformed as soon as possible, then if possible

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Firestone put the wrong tire size. Should I be concerned?

You are wrong, Firestone is correct. You would need to have 14" diameter wheels to use a tire sized 185/60R14 82H. You clearly have the optional 15" diameter wheels or they could not have installed the tires they did. 14 inch peg, 15 inch hole - you do the math.

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If the wheel is 16 inch, it will mount. If it's a different tire size than the rest, make sure it's on the front and not the back so it does not mess up your gearing.

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Commercial Tire

Commercial Tire is a chain of tire stores located in the United States, providing tires and related services to owners of passenger, commercial, and agricultural vehicles

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Is there any way to prevent someone from letting the air out of your bike tires?

you should get a tire that is solid rubber you can get it at walmart

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What minimum specs do I need to choose a bicycle tire?

The make of the bike makes NO difference when choosing a tire . All you need is the info found on the existing tire and a close match in width will do it for you.

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