My Car Shows "Low Tire Pressure Warning Light". What Does It Mean? This Means My Tire's Air Is Low?

Yes, you have a low tire brainiac. btw, You now qualify for the nobel peace prize!

1. Airbag Warning Light Won't Turn Off?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Airbag Warning Light Won't Turn Off? 2005 Volvo s80 T6 Premier I Just got Subwoofers hooked up into my car and they had to undo the battery and what not for the wiring and now my car gives me a message saying "SRS Airbag Service Urgent" the guys told me it was because they had unplugged the battery and it should go away...

2. Theft Warning Light Came on 2001 Ford Ranger?

You will need a wiring diagram print out, do some reading and by visual checking and comparing the wire's color; you will find out what you have done. Nobody will be able to tell you what to do other than putting themselves into you shoes.. Want to know why? Because we can not see and testing nothing! Buy a repair manual from Auto part store or get online for one, if you lucky.. Good luck!

3. My break warning light is on, what should I do?

check your brake fluid level on the master cyclinder, if the level is low have your brakes inspected for wear or leaks in the brake system,, if its okay then the float sensor on the master cylinder reservoir cap might be defective, you need to replace the cap and the sensor

4. My Nissan Maxima 2007 tire pressure warning light?

Believe it or not, check your spare tire too. Toyota has a reset button hidden in the glove box...do not know about Nissan. Check your car manual

5. Hyundai Sonata 2011 - How to reset warning light?

It should be covered under warranty. Take it to the dealer and have them check it. It could be a number of things

6. i have an orange warning light on my vectra that is a circle with 3 dashes either side of it. any ideas ?

Have a look in your hand book it will tell you what light it is ,but i think you may have left your air conditioner on

7. What does a warning light mean?

to warn u

8. What is the problem if the low coolant level dashboard warning light keeps coming on and then going off?

You do not , take it to a volvo dealer and tell them the problem or a mechanic will flush the coolant and replace it. It can also mean that your transmission may soon go, so get the coolant problem fixed first

9. Mercury Grand Marquis brake warning light?

if the light does not illuminate when the park brake pedal is fully depressed,, then you should have it checked. a good mechanic can check the light by checking fuses, yes, but can also check the master cylinder reservoir for a level sensor, if equipped, can be unplugged to make light illuminate. there is also a switch on the park brake assy that when closed by the pedal arm moving it, also illuminates the brake light on the dash. . either way, should only take roughly an hour to determine the problem.. and it could also be a bad bulb itself

10. Besides the gas warning light, what does your car engine do to let you know you should pull over now?

I ran out of gas...The car began to shake like it was having a seizure. After that, the engine just turns off. It might come back on for a split second, but it will eventually just die on you. That's why I do not use the guage to see if I need gas. ..I use Miles per gallon. If I put in 5 gallons in my car, I know I have at least 125 miles of gas left. I use the miles the car runs instead of a gage

11. hi is there any way to reset engine warning light on my Choverlet Trail Blazer with out code reader tool help?

I checked with Auto zone and they will NOT reset the code. Any other suggestions?

12. Dashboard warning light is on. Looks like exclamation point inside a horseshoe shape.?

It sounds like that could also possibly be the tire pressure indicator (another guess, having not personally seen the light). Take it back to the dealer and have whatever the light is resolved - it should not cause you any problems, or cost you anything to have fixed. Also, tell your salesperson that there was no manual. The manual is something you are entitled to when you purchase the car, and any normal, non-shady dealer will have no problem providing you with one. It's a small cost that they will have to eat, but it's a small price to pay, especially to keep a customer that can come back for future service and sales happy

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