The Auto Service Broke a Sensor in My Valve Stem Tire and Said I Have to Go Get One Said It Would Co

The auto service broke a sensor in my valve stem tire and said I have to go get one said it would cost about $3. It was $50, why should I have to pay for it when they broke it?

The Auto Service Broke a Sensor in My Valve Stem Tire and Said I Have to Go Get One Said It Would Co 1

The question is why did you have to go buy it? They should have picked up the phone and called either their parts house or the stealership and ordered one. TPMS are very fragile especially when your mounting and dismounting tires on an older type tire machine. Usually the guy doing the tire mounting is the least experienced at a auto repair facility so chances are you had a rookie do what I call learning the best way. Good luck and hope this helps

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how to replace valve stem seals without removing head?

Shop use compressed air through sparkplug hole to hold valves closed when doing valve stem seals without taking off heads. Small engine shops sometimes use a hand pump, check valve, small air bottle rig to work on some engines out of shop. A propane bottle and check valve also used on trouble calls. Overhead cam engines may be a bit more trouble- the compressed air procedure I mentioned was used mainly on OHV engines or a single cylinder- but a multicylinder would not be much of a problem doing 1 cylinder at a time after removing camshaft unless for some reason you could not get the big tweezers valve spring compressor to work. ***BikinKawboy clarified my concern about valve spring compressor, head design precludes use so stuck with remove head and use big C/ U compressors***- Are you going to use new tophat seals or O rings?

The Auto Service Broke a Sensor in My Valve Stem Tire and Said I Have to Go Get One Said It Would Co 2

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The ends of my valve stem covers are gone, look to be cut off, just the ends.... Why???? How?

Are you talking about missing valve stem caps or are the valves themselves cut/damaged? If the caps are missing, someone may have just been messing with the car and let some of the air out. If that is the case, just fill up the tires and replace the valve caps at your convenience ( they are not essential to hold the pressure inside the tire, only to keep dirt out of the valve ). If the valves are cut, the tires would be completely flat as they would no longer be able to hold any pressure. If that is the case, you will need to tow the vehicle ( you should not attempt to drive on the flat tires as the rims will chew up the tires and render them useless and it could damage the rims also ) to a garage to have the valves replaced.

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Anyone can give me detailed instruction how to change valve stem seal for Toyota Solara 1999 please???

go with damaged 110 answer.big job. should have proper valve spring compressor,lots of other troubles to run into. go to a engine repair shop that specializes in rebuilding heads

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Xterra will not start after replacement of valve stem seals.

Hmmm. Sorry to hear that. Forgive me if this is too elementary of a question, but how exactly did you find TDC? I only ask because (as you probably know) you have a 50% chance of hitting TDC using the timing mark on the crank. Sometimes people just line up the mark, and it's the exact opposite of TDC. Do you have a compression tester?

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where can i find a fuel shut off valve for a 1975 mercedes 230?

Globe valve are linear motion valves with rounded bodies, from which their name is derived. They are widely used in industry to regulate fluid flow in both on/off and throttling service. Globe valves consist of the following moving parts - the disk, the valve stem, and the handwheel. The stem connects the handwheel and the disk. It is threaded and fits into the threads in the valve bonnet. The location of the valve disk in relation to the valve seat allows or restricts flow. The direction of fluid flow through the valve changes several times, which increases the pressure drop across the valve. In most cases, globe valves are installed with the stem vertical and the higher-pressure fluid stream connected to the pipe side above the disk, which helps to maintain a tight seal when the valve is fully closed

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