Why LED Light Is Much Expensive Than CFL?

They cost more to produce than CFL's at this point although the prices are coming down

1. HOW to LED light on 2012 Dodge Charger?

Did you mean HID? You can find those online. Just know that they are not legal if you drop them into your existing headlight assembly. HID bulbs run much hotter and have a different focal point. So they do not always focus properly and they can melt the headlight lens

2. Bright red LED light in New Year sky?

The upper left star of Orion is red, and quite bright. I do not think it was Rudolf.

3. when i try to charge my PSP the orange LED light keeps blinking?

The orange light or the green light. The orange light means the memory card is being used or the WiFi is open. If it the green light than it means it's charging

4. My computer mouse LED (Light) glowing even after shutdown.I am using Vista,Pls help?

even if the pc is shut down it still has electricity. disconnect it from the power outlet

5. Do i need to use the LED light my fishtank came with? Taking care of goldfish?

You do not need to it just looks cool

6. Betta fish care for beginners?

You do not mention anything with heating, but I sure hope you are heating the betta in some way. They need it about 78 degrees, much hotter than the average room temp, and there is no heater small enough to heat a tank that size without practically boiling the fish, but they dont do well in just room temp. Another reason to get a larger tank. Anyways, pellets tend to be the better choice for bettas. Bettas should be fed twice a day yeah. With flakes, a small pinch. With pellets, about 2-3 pellets per feeding. With a tank that small, you should be doing partial water changes almost daily and it might even be best to do full water changes weekly. Water conditioner does not clean the tank, and it wont let you skip out on water changes. Conditioner simply removes any harmful things in the water (chlorine, flouride etc.) it doesnt remove fish poop or other things that accumulate in the tank. A small tank is a lot harder to manage and keep clean. Bettas do fine in LED light or any light, and they do fine without light. They wont get 'scared' or anything. light is simply there to display your tank and fish. I would highly recommend you simply get a 5 gallon or 10 gallon tank. I know at my walmart they sell 10 gallon kits for like 20 dollars, and all you would need after that is to buy a heater for that tank size and whatever decor/substrate you want, as the kits already come with a filter, hood, and light. I think it would be in your best interest to get a bigger tank. 1.5 gallons is too small, and you probably dont have any heating, which is necessary, and no heater on the market is small enough for that size tank. Craigslist often has people getting rid of tank setups for a low price, and in general a 10 gallon isnt that expensive, and is much easier to manage. Consider it. holy crap, half a gallon is way way too small. you NEED to get a bigger tank, the betta will be miserable

7. My tv shut off and it has no led light on showing power?

Sceptre is a low-budget brand, so I do not know what their warranty policy is--at Walmart it could be anything. That said, it's normal for a new TV warranty to cover the first year. Check the warranty that came with your set, and if you are still covered, start the repair or replace process. If necessary, take your receipt to the customer service desk at Walmart and ask

8. How do I convert Voltage, Any Help on better Efficiency? (LED Light Bulb)?

Why do not you connect appropriate number of rechargeable DC batteries (that charge themselves from AC Voltage) in series and connect your circuit? Keep your batteries plugged to AC , then use them to supply power to your circuit, too. You wo not even need your full wave rectifier in this case. A capacitor if connected in series to DC supply, wo not make any difference to your circuit. The only thing it will do is act as an impedance(which was earlier the resistance you connected) and keep charging itself, then discharge slightly and then again recharge itself. The only thing that we need to do is reduce the voltage because that would itself, result in a decrease in power rating and current rating. Power and Current would be regulated themselves once you step down the voltage, which is our only issue. You can try Clippers too (or was it clampers?) that clip the voltage down a certain value. Its made up of only a diode and a 1k ohm resistor in series. But, i am not sure i think they clipped down the entire voltage to 0 or 0.7V( google it! ). Another wild thing you can try is the simple fundamental of mutual induction used in Transformers to step down voltage. It is just two magnetically coupled inductors with no of turns as N1 and N2. Then, Voltage V2 induced in second inductor is given by V1/V2 = N1/N2 where V1 is the input AC voltage. But, the setup might cost you a little more. I will update this answer in a few days again if i think of any other idea. Good question btw, Michael.

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