MAOZe Electronics Announced to Participate in Ningbo LED Lighting Seminar

April 17, 2015 - mouser electronics, the top engineering design resource and authorized distributor in the semiconductor and electronic components industry, announced to participate in the 4th Huaqiang LED lighting seminar held in Ningbo. The conference attracted well-known experts in LED lighting industry and other experts from the United States, Europe, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to express their views and participate in the event. Mouser showed Multisim blue free PCB simulation tool on site, and how to find suitable new generation products and the latest technology trends through mouser.cn platform.

As the first batch of products in the smart home market, smart LED lighting has attracted extensive attention in the current industry because of its unlimited business opportunities. In today's era of smart phones, IPv6 Internet, big data and cloud, what kind of smart LED lighting products will be the first to land, what is its final development form, and how it will lead the development of the consumer market wave by wave, has aroused heated discussion and attention from elites from all walks of life.

Tian Jiping, director of marketing and business development of mouser Asia, pointed out: "In the early stage of LED promotion and development, the price was too high due to immature technology, which was difficult for ordinary consumers to accept. With the continuous maturity of the technology of the LED industry and the effective control of the cost, it is now the price acceptable to ordinary people. Some indoor LED prices are very competitive. At present, led already has all the necessary conditions for market popularization, but with The resulting market competition also tends to be white hot. "

"The most basic and key to the market competition is to create LED lighting products with high cost performance, high reliability and good design, which are all based on components." Director Tian added: "Mouser.cn supplies high-quality components from front-line original factories to ensure product reliability. It has abundant data manuals, reference designs of specific suppliers, application notes, technical design information and engineering tools, as well as mouser and National Instrument Corporation (Ni) Multisim blue, which is tailored for design engineers, supports schematic diagram, simulation, layout, BOM to purchase functions, so that your LED products can stand out in design. "

Mouser has a rich product line and excellent customer service ability to meet the needs of design engineers and purchasers by providing the latest generation of products with advanced technology. We provide the latest components with the most advanced technology for customers' latest design projects through 20 customer support centers around the world. Mouser website is updated every day. Users can find more than 10 million products and can find To more than 4 million orderable material numbers to facilitate online procurement. Mouser.com has the industry's first interactive catalog, data manual, supplier specific reference design, application notes, technical design information and engineering tools.

About mouser Electronics

Mao Ze is a subsidiary of TTI and a member of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway business family. Mouser is a first-class authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor, dedicated to promoting new products and technologies to electronic design engineers and procurement in the fastest way. Mouser.com has more than 4 million products from more than 500 manufacturers. It publishes multilingual editions every year This product catalog provides designers with the latest component data available for the design of next-generation products. MAOZe is located in the south of Dallas, Texas, USA. It has a 492000 square foot warehouse with the most advanced technology and ships to more than 500000 customers in 170 countries around the world.

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