Master Switch to Turn on and Off Independent Lights

Your description is kind of vague, but I understand it to mean that you want a 3-position master switch: "All Off", "All On" and the third state in which all of the LEDs are controlled individually. You'll need some diodes:simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLab

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What kind of LEDs are typically used in lights?

Most LEDs used for lighting are small surface-mount devices. They are soldered direct to a circuit board, which helps take the heat away. They are also a lot more compact.You can even buy LED modules, with an array of LEDs already mounted on a circuit board and heatsink.


Are underbody LED lights legall in PA and SD?

below-physique lighting fixtures are unlawful to apply on public streets and highways in ALL states. only on the grounds which you have seen human beings use them and smash out with it does no longer mean the law enforcement officials won't end you and supply you a value tag


how can I convert my AC under kitchen cabinet lights to LED lights?

These are currently available:- "Gx53 LED Light Bulb 110 Volts 5 Watts Warm White with Lamp Base for Ceiling Downlight Under Counter Lighting (5 Watts)" and will hardwire directly into your existing 120V wiring.

It also removes the requirement for AC/DC transformers which are just another link for failure.


Where to add a capacitor

You might be able to put an electrolytic capacitor in between one of the LEDs leads and what it connects to, but probably not both leads. I say an electrolytic capacitor because they usually have higher capacitance, thus a good enough dim time (as opposed to a few millisecond dim time)


what are Led lights and what are they made from?

LED Light Emitting Diode They are a type of electrical diode (which is a combination of two semiconducting materials) that produces light when electricity moves through it in one direction. They are used in pretty much every electronic device we use to produce light of various colors and intensities.


2 levels of brightness for led illuminated switch

It would be easiest to start with the dimmed and switch in a parallel resistance with the NO contact for the brighter current. This assumes the 12V supply is also switched on when the key is turned to the on position.simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLab.


Which is the best powerbank for laptop & smartphone?

Since you haven't mentioned any budget I'm just going to state the best one I know -Anker PowerHouseNew Release Anker PowerHouse, Most Compact 400Wh / 120,000mAh Portable Generator Alternative, Silent DC/AC Power Inverter, 12V Car, AC & USB Outputs, Recharges via AC or Solar for Camping or Backup: Amazon.in: Garden & Outdoors


Clean soda out of a keyboard duplicate

Is the USB port replicator and LED lights still working correctly? This could at least help you determine if you will need a new one. Also I have had luck with keyboard on side and air fan on it for the night. Probably wont help with sticky thou


Homeplug networking adaptors cutting out

Powerline adapters are known for overheat. If they all stop working together there could be one inputting noise in the line from the moment it freezes until it gets physically cold again and restart.Try to unplug one of them at a time and check if the network becomes available again.


Schwinn Vestige no longer lights up; why not?

It's about a year later and not sure if you found resolution. What I found is that the capacitor in the power cube often go bad and there's a guy on ebay that repairs them for $50.


Remote Control Program for ATMEGA168P circuit

Here's some popular IR codec code for AVR/Arduino: will need to choose a remote-control, and then program the AVR to do whatever it is you want the car lights to do when you push various remote buttons.


Use a switch to override Arduino program

To literally override the Arduino program, you just have to connect a toggle switch across the contacts of the relay that controls the LED strips.To sense that the switch is closed, you could use a two-pole switch, with the second pole connected to an Arduino digital input


What could cause interrupts from MCP23017 suddenly stop working?

I think I figured out whats wrong: you need to reset the interrupt handling of the MCP in setup() (by reading from both INT pins). Otherwise the MCP may start in a state where it does not generate new interrupts, because it waits for the old ones to be handled


Analogy What is the difference between AC light and DC light or is there such a thing? closed

What BillDOe said. Light always travels as a wave, with a positive frequency. Visible light has a frequency of hundreds of trillions of hertz. You can have very low frequency electromagnetic waves, in the radio part of the spectrum, but the frequency must be greater than zero.


Dell PS/2 Keyboard Stops Working Randomly After Power Disturbance

A precise answer is impossible in this case : who knows what might have gone wrong with your keyboard? And is it worth the trouble to find out?Just continue on using your new keyboard, and remember that some things were not meant to be understood by us mortals


Arduino C, Led > binary alternative all lights

Code review (one possible solution can be found below) Try something along these lines: P.S. When posting a question, please also post what your code is supposed to do. If it were not for a lazy prechristmas workday, I would not have taken the time to reverse engineer your code.


where to buy submersible led deco lights?

As a direct importer, LED Party Light Store brings the very best, highest quality wholesale submersible led lights, led vine lighting and string lights, accent and decorative led floral lights at cheap prices. We have a number of led floral accent lights available and are adding more soon, all at wholesale prices


How many D batteries would be required to power an 150watt/120volt Light for 8 Hours?

150W/120V for 8 hours is 1.25A 10,000mAhEnergizer brand rates its alkaline D cell at approximately 20,000mAh at 25mA draw, but estimates performance closer to about 10,000mAh at 500mA drawSince you need 120V, that's three parallel strips of about 87 in series, factoring in 0.1R terminal resistance.So somethere in the neighborhood of 261


Will LED lights supplant compact fluorescents in home lighting applications?

They probably will, the problem is that a small transformer must be used to convert the household AC current to the low voltage DC current that LED lights require. Miniturization of this circuitry must be put through extensive testing to ensure that there are no potential electrical fire issues with the technology


How do I run a python program as a process in the background?

A quite messy way of doing this is to first start the .py in the command line before starting LXDE, then use Ctrl-Z. Type "bg && startx". The .py will run in the command line while LXDE can be used.

Credit to Gerben for the "Ctrl-Z" and "bg" idea.


LED circuit with epoxy and (broken?) transistor

It's probably a chip under the epoxy blob. It's a technique used a lot in high volume products, called "chip-on-board". The chip will control the flashing of the LED and any other low-power modes you may have. There's not much chance of being able to replace or repair that


Sample Application with LHI 778 PIR Sensor

There is this page describing usage of PIR sensor.Here is a sample circuit from that page:

If you connect a LED and a 1K resistor to the collector of 2N2222 in series instead of the relay in the picture, the LED will light as you asked in your question.


How to connect an LED indicator to a circuit?

Not knowing anything about your voltage source or load current, it's hard to suggest an accurate design...But yes, you have the general idea correct.Of course, you must Size the led resistor for your voltage and led current, size the switches to the voltage and load current.


As we descend into the whirlpool, we have to wonder..?

I like how you have questioned both sides. Many scientists are honest enough to admit that science always changes. Although you can't tell from the Religion and Spirituality forum of Yahoo Answers, not all religious people are fundamentalists who think that those with beliefs other than their own are wrong.


How do you know the PS Vita is charging?

Try flipping the power cable around. I read this article that said you could plug it in backwards, and the only way to tell would be that it wasn't charging. I don't have one, so I have no idea why, but you can thank Sony for that design decision


led lights on car illegal?

maximum states will evaluate blue lighting fixtures furnishings of any type unlawful. LED lighting fixtures furnishings that are ordinary from the production facility (for example, some autos now comprise LED tail lighting fixtures furnishings, turn indicators and so on.) are actually not as long as they are the suitable colour.


What wire to use to extend omlopp ikea lights

In order to keep within CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) rules the smallest wire for use in wiring fixtures is #16. From the 120VAC source (panel) to the fixture that wire must be a minimum #14 AWG wire....usually NMD copper if wiring is to be completed in dwelling units.


how does this occupancy-sensor switch not need neutral?

Dimmers and sensors that do not require neutral use the load to power themselves.

This is a problem when the load lights up at the slightest current, such as LED lights.Which is why they have a minimum load and are often not capable of switching LED lights.


Clarification on LM3914 dividers

Close, but not exactly. You will need a couple of resistors to set the full voltage range. Take a look at the section on Internal Voltage Reference on page 9 for the explanation. There is also an example for 5V on Fig 1.


What can you tell me about puttin LED lights in my car?

as long because of the fact the lighting fixtures below the vehicle are actually not on collectively as your making use of it quite is totally criminal, in the event that they're on collectively as your making use of assume a heavy large and danger of your automobile being towed


Why did my pushbutton LED circuit work when my wiring was wrong?

The circuit you are describing seems to just have the button control whether the LED got the supply or not. Unless pin2 was grounded, you effectively supplied 5V to the resistor-LED as well as pin2 through the button.

This essentially gives you the standard LED circuit.

Have a great day!


Why does NASA drop satellites out of orbit into Earth's gravitational pull when it could hit cities that could lead to serious consequences?

Any objects that go through the earth's atmosphere will disintegrate. This meaning that either the satellites will burn up completely before coming anywhere near the earth's surface, or if the objects are bigger, NASA always calculates it so that the parts hit the ocean (which is a big target)


How do LED lights work?

it is a diode that has a special "doping" at the junction that produces light when current passes through it. you had better look this up in wikipedia or on google/yahoo as the process to make the device is rather complex and involves hole therory (which no one understands) good luck!


How to create lighting for an LED strip?

Using Cycles you can do an array of lights like the one outlined in this answer:

How to control many tiny lights

Where you have a texture controlling the intensity of the lights in the array, and you just add a different texture to control the color of the lights.


would it be illegal to install led lights to light up my rims and wheel well of my car in California?

maximum states will evaluate blue lighting fixtures fixtures of any variety unlawful. LED lighting fixtures fixtures that are familiar from the manufacturing unit (as an occasion, some vehicles now incorporate LED tail lighting fixtures fixtures, turn indicators and so on.) are no longer as long as they're the ideal colour.


My External Hard Drive is not Working

@matterny The light on my drive is not turning on but you can hear it spinning. When I took it to Bestbuy they tried a different cord and that did not work either. When I plugged it into a usb charger, it did light up but it pulsed fast.


What kind of battery would work best with 3mm LED lights in a very compact space?

Careful, using AAA batteries you will need a resistor in series with the LED to limit the current. Coin-size batteries work directly connected to an LED because of high internal resistance. Alkaline batteries have much less internal resistance, so you need to compensate with a resistor, or risk frying your LED.


Why do consumer battery powered LED lights fail mid ride

How about getting a light with a position switch rather than a push to on/off type? At least in the position switch type when the batteries got disconnected in a shock and recovered shortly, the light will still be on since the switch is still in the on position


Light reflecting off rain from bike light

Yes.LED lights are often fed from a circuit that causes them to flash so quickly they look continuous.What you are seeing is the stroboscopic effect.Cheaper lights use a resistor to control the current through the diode, but this wastes energy. The pulsing circuit increases battery life

Master Switch to Turn on and Off Independent Lights 1

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