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Solid wood, especially hardwood, is becoming more and more expensive. As it is also becoming much more of a precious commodity, you may want to consider other options for achieving the same beautiful look of expensive wood. One of the ways is through the use of veneer for stylish, contemporary, yet affordable furniture.

Veneer furniture is furniture made of a solid substance such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or plywood of various types, and then overlaid with a thin layer, or outer covering, of a higher grade wood veneer. The practice of applying wood veneer to furniture is a centuries old one, and has been practiced by generations of carpenters and cabinet-makers.

Veneers may be made from any number of materials, but among the most common and widely available are wood veneers. Maple, mahogany and exotic hardwoods are among some of the materials used to craft thin wooden veneers. But veneers are limited to wood; some furniture will even be designed with veneers of plastic, concrete, or melamine. Same with wood, these veneers are applied in a thin layer over a solid surface furniture base or form.

Applied by skilled craftsmen, veneers are applied with wood glues and other strong adhesives for a present a uniform and long-lasting final product. Availability of veneer furniture is widespread and some of the furniture designs available in are truly unique and absolutely as beautiful as they solid wood counterparts.

Typically you'll find that veneer furniture is much friendlier to your household budget, being a more affordable option for furnishing your living room, dining room, bedroom, office study, family room, children's play room, and even storage area in a utility area or in your garage. If you are looking for 'green' solutions, you can also take pride in doing your part for trees as a diminishing commodity.

Many people do associate veneer furniture with discount pieces that come in kits, to be assembled at home by the consumer, and don't last long. Although this may be true to many products and suppliers, there are equally as many examples of veneer furniture in higher quality and designed for lasting longer periods of time. Instead of pressboard, some quality manufacturers choose to use solid wood sections for durability coupled with less expensive composites covered with veneer to achieve extremely stylish, yet affordable high-end designs.

A wonderful example of combining a variety of materials to produce a highly stylized and appealing collection would be to consider the Atlantis Furniture Collection by Bentley Designs. With a character all of its own, the Atlantis Dining range features highly polished reflective granite set into laminated solid wood frames with oak veneered panels in a 'natural' finish, creating a stylish look.

The Atlantis Dining Collection is an 'earthy feel' and designed to offer lasting appeal. With a selection of sizes, the Atlantis table can be combined with a choice of slatted back or fully upholstered black leather chairs. Highly polished granite slabs are set into laminated solid wood frames with oak veneer panels in a natural color finish that make the Atlantis table a lovely option for your contemporary home.

Because so many modern homes are designed with open space or a 'great room' you might consider these useful pieces in the Atlantis Dining Collection to complement your dining table and chairs:

• Landscape Mirror • 2 door Sideboard • Coffee Table • Corner TV Unit • Entertainment Unit • Hi-Fi Cabinet • Lamp Table If dark rich colors are more to your liking, you'll find the excitingly stylish lines of the Bentley Designs, Tokyo Collection truly beautiful. Celebrated as the 'king of woods,' the Tokyo dining table and complementary dining room pieces uses walnut. The collection is crafted from veneers and solids of American Black Walnut, noted for the beautiful character of the grain, producing more figure variation than any other wood. Walnut offers a wonderfully lustrous patina over the years.

To assist with the overall cost of furniture, many manufacturers take advantage of minimizing shipping costs. This cost savings is reflected in the price you pay for furniture with component materials as shipping usually means less weight and space. Since many suppliers do not offer fancy showrooms, you are also afforded savings because your selection is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Furniture shipped directly to you in boxed units may require some assembly at the end destination. When considering purchasing your furniture from an online supplier, be sure to investigate the shipping and delivery options. A number of suppliers will provide services to ensure the complete assembly and placement of your furniture.

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