What Is a Feasible Way to Make Homemade Pasta with Basic Kitchen Implements?

There are two implements that you absolutely need to make pasta. The first is the wooden board, the other is a rolling pin only for northern-style egg pasta. Let's see them in some detail.There are two types of wooden board: with and without edges. Four sizes of edged pasta boardPasta board without edges (again, 4 sizes)You want your board to be quite wide, for the edgeless type some 10060 cm at least, the edged style can be somewhat smaller, and you want it to be made of solid wood, not laminated wood, assembled without using any chemicals (which can be absorbed by the pasta) or nails (which may hurt you).Some knead their pasta on metal, marble, or plastic surfaces, but these don't have the porous surface that grants the best restults and pasta tendes to get sticky and impossible to knead.Pasta rolling pinThe other tool you need is a pasta rolling pin (which is different from the pastry rolling pin), which is used to roll the egg dough pasta. You may consider substituting it with a pasta rolling machine such as this.The other tools you absolutely need is a knife, but I bet you already have some. Just a humble table knife, but absolutely not a steak knife (which has a pointed end). With these tools you can make orecchiette, cavatelli, trofie etc. (these require no rolling of the dough ans can be made on the board with edges). For these you use a dough made simply with durum wheat semolina and water. For tagliatelle, fettuccine, pappardelle, and lasagne, instead, you will use an egg dough, made with regular flour or with 3/4 regular flour and 1/4 semolina, plus one medium egg every 100 grams of flour (but the amount may vary). These require rolling the dough.You aso use the same dough for filled pasta like ravioli, cappelletti, anolini, tortelli, etc.Now, all of these pastas are not what you eat on a daily basis. They are traditional recipes that used to be made when families could not afford to buy dried pasta, and are still made on occasion at home just for tradition and variety (and they are honestly good too). Dried pasta, though, is usually considered a superior product and can only be made industrially because it uses an extremely tough dough that must be kneaded by machine and then gets shaped by pressing it through dies (bronze dies for the best results)..

1. I have a choice to buy a guitar and one is a Washburn acoustic or a Dakota acoustic ??? Which one should i get?

I've played Washburn guitars and they are ok. I was not very impressed with their bottom of the line models, but they were playable anyway and some of their more expensive guitars were pretty good. I've heard of Dakota guitars and they are supposed to be ok too, but I've never played one. The best thing to do, since they are on Craigslist, would be to find a friend who plays guitar and take them with you to go look at them. Acoustic guitars really have to be played and looked over good before you buy them. Here's some things to look for in an acoustic guitar: 1. a solid wood top will sound better than laminate. Laminate tops just do not vibrate like solid wood and have a dull tone. 2. Check the bridge (where the strings attach to the body) and make sure it's not pulling up from the top of the guitar. An acoustic guitar needs to be kept humidified so the wood and glue do not dry out and start cracking. 3. Look down the neck from the headstock. The frets should look parallel to each other like the ties on a railroad track. You should not see any twisting of the neck. 4. Play all of the strings open (no fingers on the fret). There should be no buzzing of the strings against the frets. Strum kind of hard and make sure all 6 strings ring out clearly with no buzz. 5. Play each string with your finger pushing down on the first fret (not on the fret wire, but in the open space before it). You should be able to produce a good clean tone with no buzzing. Feel how difficult it is to push the string down. If the string pushes down too hard, it could be that the slots in the nut are not cut deep enough and you would have to pay to get a good setup done. 6. Play each string at the 7th and 12th frets and again check for buzzing or high action (strings hard to press down). 7. Look the hole guitar over for any cracks or chips, especially at joints like where the neck attaches to the body, at the bridge, at the headstock and along the neck. As a beginner, the most important thing is to get a guitar that plays well and will last you a couple years. You can worry more about great tone on your next guitar.

2. Which bed would be better, the bed with the primary material as engineered wood or the solid wood for Indian homes?

I would suggest you to go with solid wood bed as they will enhance beauty of your bedroom,yes it would be costlier but ya they are worth to money invested,go through these images of solid wood bed

3. Can I sand furniture after it's been primed?

One thing you really need to be careful of is sanding too much. Too many times a piece of solid wood furniture gets sanded only to find out it was not solid wood after all. The solid wood ends up to be wood veneered and get sanded right through the veneer. Once that happens you really have a mess on your hands. Sanding is required before re-painting for the purpose of roughing up the surface of the piece to be painted. New paint wo not stick to a surface that is slick, whether an oil based or water based is used. It would just be like trying to paint a piece of glass. The grit of sandpaper used should never be above a 240. Anything higher will sand the item too smooth creating just another slick surface. If the previous type of paint used is unknown, then sanding is a must. The sanded surface then will accept an oil base, or a water based paint, but priming is also recommended to achieve a consistent coverage. If you choose to prime your piece, either an oil based or a water based primer can be used and will accept either a oil based or water based paint. You can use a water based or a oil based paint over a oil base or a water based primer. You just can not paint over an oil based paint using a water based paint. I would just one more time re-sand the surface using a 240 grit sandpaper to ensure the paint you choose has the proper surface to adhere to. By the way. ..I am the Paint Store!!!! Lol, I saved you the trip

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