What Kind of Energy Efficient Bulb Works Best in a Bathroom Vanity?

the new low wattage florescent bulb work very well...get the kind that have yellow light

1. Why do people keep saying Miley Cryus was topless in Vanity Fair magazine?

give her a couple of years.... she will be topless before you know it.

2. Installing P-trap on vanity going from 1 1/4 to 2 inch drain pipe

A 2" to 1-1/4" reducer like this should work. This was the first one I found but they are out there. Home stores should stock them also

3. Vanity sizing - nice or confusing?

I hate it. Some pants I am one size, in other pants I am another size. Ca not clothes companies just get their crap together and make it easy on me??!?! ADD: I know what you mean :( I just go shopping like once a year and suffer through the day and buy tons of clothes to last me forever lol. Bra shopping is the absolute worst!

4. how to replace drawer on vanity?

Take an existing drawer to a custom cabinet maker, or similar carpenter, and ask them to duplicate it

5. Is it possible to paint a laminate bathroom vanity top?

yes, go to home and garden website and look it up, it takes sanding, priming and then it will take paint, then you need to seal it

6. Any good songs about vanity/beauty/perfection?

Good question. "You are So Vain" by Carly Simon

7. What excuse can I tell my mom for buying a vanity mirror that cost me $300?

You are a child so its not your money. You can not own money, pets or property by law and since you have enough money to spend on trash you do not need she needs to start taking the money away

8. What are some cute ideas for a vanity for a teenager? I am going to make it myself (i am 16)...?

I have seen a wooden shipping boxes turned into a vanity. It is an inexpensive idea. Use the boxes on each end and put a flat piece of plywood across to connect them and leave a place for the teenager's legs and feet. You make a gathered skirt and staple or thumbtack it around the top. Also, you can use two 2-drawer filing cabinets with a plywood top across them (again with enough space for her to put her feet and legs)

9. what should I use to stablize glass tops on my vanity so they won't slide off and break?

Any hardware store or building supply place sells little clear plastic thingies to go under the glass so it wo not slide

10. Would a vanity light look tacky over a kitchen sink?

as quickly as I commute in one day everywhere, I consistently sense as though i am packing the bare minimum yet my husband or whomever i am traveling with consistently say i am taking the entire residing house. i do no longer know it as i think of i am packing "easy". :o)

11. My sister wants to name her daughter Vanity?

Vanity Name

12. Would it be a sin of vanity if I rented one of those Freeway Advertisement boards...?

A closeup with you kissing the cherry would be much more effective

13. Where can I locate a bathroom vanity light with an outlet?

It's hard to find them anymore since (as one answer already pointed out) all outlets within reach of a water tap have to be GFI protected by Code. You should be able to take down the old wall fixture and fish a cable down the wall to cut in a box to add a GFI outlet. If you have a recessed medicine cabinet, often you can remove it to gain access inside the wall to make installing an adjacent outlet easier. Just empty the cabinet and look for the screws inside around the top, bottom or sides. Unscrew them and it should slide out. You could also look for an old light fixture at a construction salvage store, antique shop or on Craigslist that has the built-in outlet. However, it will be a code violation and also a safety hazard that you would likely have to remove if you tried to sell the house or had an insurance inspection.

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