The Ultimate Guide to Vanity Stonedges

Yeah put it into your main bag that you are gonna check-in and not into your carry-on bag and you should be fine

The Ultimate Guide to Vanity Stonedges 1

1. What do y'all think of former singer, Vanity (Denise Matthews)?

Yes her & Prince was the sexiest couple ever

2. How much space needed between toilet and sink/vanity?

my vanity is four and one half inches from the side of the toilet

The Ultimate Guide to Vanity Stonedges 2

3. Do you think miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair pictures were bad?


4. What Are Some Vanity/Dresser Ideas ?

For the surface, put pictures of you and your friends/family on the top and put a piece of clear glass over. It will protect the surface from spills and it will be personalized. Tou can also put chalkboard paint on it so you can write reminders or just doodle.

5. NY Yankees vanity license plate ideas?


6. Why don't cops get Vanity plates?

Some do. Most Do not simply because it is seen as a bulls eye for cop haters. Some cop hater spots an FOP tag and wham.......broken glass, or slashed tires etc. Sad, but true. EDIT: BUt then again, most of them lie too, so I guess that does not matter I probably would not want to hold up a neon sign either, knowing nobody likes cops! LMAO Thanks for wasting our time. Nothing better to do?

7. Why are people freaking out over the Miley pics in Vanity Fair?

So You Could Ask On Yahoo Answers Like 1000000000000000000000000 Million People Did. And BTW WE CAN ALL HAVE OUR OPINIONS. You Should Get Over That.

8. Travel to Germany. Can I use my own vanity bag instead of quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag?

As long as it's about quart size or smaller, and you can see everything that's inside it (like it's clear or see-through), then they should let you take it through. I did that with a kind of tight mesh bag that I had, and it was see-through, and they let me take it. However, they do have a supply of quart-size clear plastic zip-top bags at the airport by the place where you take your carry-on through security.

9. Where can I find a bedroom vanity?

Call your local used furniture stores...Look in the used furniture sections locally online and in the paper...Thrift shops... The old Art deco ones are amazing you wo not be able to buy a brand new one... As you are calling around make a list get the managers names. Call again in a week Ask if you can leave your number and have them call you if they get one.. Put an ad in a local paper.

10. Vanity sizing: is it for real or a myth?

"Vanity sizing" -which implies manufacturers are deliberately re-sizing garments to flatter your vanity is a fallacy, it simply does not happen. However, if you mean *sizing inflation* in that measurements of garments are larger when compared to the size tags in them, this is most certainly true. This is no different than serving sizes in restaurants (small drinks are larger than large drinks 20 years ago) or larger/higher doorways or even chairs. They've all gotten bigger to match the average weight of the population. However, no one makes value judgments implying restaurants, furniture makers or home builders are attempting to flatter consumer vanity in making larger products so it is unfair and inaccurate to say clothing manufacturers are. All producers of consumer products have re-sized (re-calibrated) their sizes to match the average. And Matt's point about wedding dress sizes remaining static actually supports this argument because younger women are thinner. The average young bride is thinner (or rather, there are more thinner women who are young) so it only makes sense those sizes would not inflate to the extent that other clothing has.

11. I am decorating my bathroom. I have a white shower surround, off white floor, white vanity and dark brown?

You need a third color. Two colors look too controlled and make a room feel uninviting. Three colors are more pleasing to the eye. Think of a man's suit -- three colors: the suit, the shirt, and the tie. The tie is usually the bold color....it's the "splash of color". Use the suit template to get your proportions. One main color (the suit). One secondary color (the shirt). And then a splash color (the tie). It sounds like you already have the main color -- white. And the secondary color (dark brown). You need to add a bold splash of color in the rugs and wall hangings. Just about anything would go with white and brown, but you do not want a dull tone or the room will look depressing. Go for something in the "jewel" tones. Jewel tones are vibrant, like aqua, bright green, pink, vibrant blue, etc. So, look for a rug and other accessories in the color of your choice. If you pick pink, for example, look for rug that is either solid pink or white, brown, and pink. A rug that is white, brown, and pink would work because the rug would pick up the two colors you already have, but also add the splash color. And solid pink would work, too because it would add the needed color splash. Use this rule of thumb no matter what color you pick for the splash color. If you like aqua, find a rug that is either aqua or white, brown, and aqua. Ditto if you like green, etc. You will end up with an extremely pleasing look in your bathroom with the 3-color, "suit" look.

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