How Should I Wire Toe Kick Lighting for Bathroom Vanity?

There's not a standard for this.What I would do is:You could skip the junction box for low-voltage, but then you would have to deal with the transformer being connected during construction, and think about how the transformer could be replaced if it ever broke (without having to tear out the cabinets).The receptacle would also have to be GFCI-protected: so either it is a GFCI receptacle, or it is powered from the load side of another GFCI already in the bathroom. If you do this using an upstream GFCI, you could also run a 14/3 and wire the receptacle as split (so you have both constant and switched power).

1. dome light windows dont work vanity mirrors?

blown fuse... check owners manuel for fuse diagram

2. I'm looking for a high quality make-up vanity table?

Why is that going to make it work better ? high quialty, go to a furniture store,

3. What is the best way to sand a desk or vanity dresser so that I can paint it? I'm not too crafty...?

Your best bet is to strip the furniture and then sand it with a very fine sandpaper. You can get into the nooks and crannies with an old toothbrush. You can use a hand sander for the flat areas but for the nooks and crannies you will have to use your hands I am afraid. Good luck on your project.

4. Can I install a 4 light vanity/bathroom wall fixture vertically instead of horizontally?

Sure you can! You can install it in any position you want. the electricity does not know the difference. Just make sure it gives you the lighting quality you want before you in stall it. Go for it. That's being efficient AND creative. Papaw

5. Vanity Fair photos of Miley Cyrus?

I was afraid this would happen. The sweet little innocent girl next door who our kids look to for a role model has crossed the line. We buy her overpriced concert tickets, CDs, and novelty items, and then she makes a stupid decision with whomever helped her. I wonder what her parents are saying now? That will be interesting. Just like Jamie Lynn Spears and her mentally messed up sister, Britney. With my 8 year old, I will hide her from it. With my 13 year old, I use these examples of "what not to do" and "what bad decisions can lead to". We talk about it and use it as a learning tool. Like Hannah Montana sings "NOBODY'S PERFECT...." You could see it coming after that "Idol Gives Back" performance, (which my 8 yr. old did not see). Miley sang her newer song and, in my opinion, danced way too provacatively for being 15 and a preschool to pre teen focused disney star. Time to change away from the disney channel

6. What does"Louisville was a Velveeta town"mean?

Velveeta is a cheese-like snack, kind of bland. It is a 'fake' cheese, so perhaps they are saying that Louisville was a 'fake' town-- The 'clan' may refer to the Ku Klux Klan (??) or that the people were 'clique-ish'-- And that the towns were rules by certain (wealthy, powerful) families--such as Bingham. But I looked up the author of this article, and found this out; Her explosive 1996 article for Vanity Fair on Jeffrey Wigand and the tobacco wars, titled "The Man Who Knew Too Much" was made into the 1999 feature film "The Insider", starring Russell Crowe and Al Pacino, and directed by Michael Mann. Maybe reading up on the movie may shed some light.

7. Mold problems with a wet bathroom vanity?

duh! mold is like a disease! replace everything now if youre smart

8. How to use a vanity URL with Sharepoint 2010

Make sure to also add the URLs into:Central Administration > System Settings > Configure alternate access mappings

9. Does Vanity Fair photo of Miley Cyrus look more like a 15yr-old & less like made-up sexy singer/actress?

It's child porn and someone should be busted and sent to federal prison

10. Unhappy with new homebuilder finished marble vanity countertops?

the first thing to do is check with whoever made the tops. many times they can come and polish the top to a higher gloss. however if its the color you do not like, that's a different story. if the tops were custom made then usually the colors will be a little different than the sample. if you are not happy do not waite, do something about it now

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