What Is a Countable Collection?

"Countable" is a term in mathematics, referring to the size of an infinite set.The Natural Numbers (1,2,3,...) are sometimes called "counting numbers", and we describe a set as "countable" if it can be put into a 1:1 correspondence with the natural numbers.It is a strange feature of infinite sets that they can be put into a 1:1 correspondence with a subset of themselves, which is never possible with a finite set. An example of this is the subset of even numbers 2,4,6,8,.... The obvious correspondence in that case is to map the natural number n to the even number 2n.This is 1:1 because each 2n corresponds to precisely one n. And it is "onto" because every even number can be expressed in that form.The rational numbers (expressible in the form m/n where m and n are integers, with n not equal to zero are also a countable set.The real numbers, however are not countable, and in that sense the cardinality of the set of real numbers is greater than the cardinality of the natural numbers. Not all infinities are equal!.

1. Do you have an anime collection?

I have a (lame) manga collection of 8,9,14,15 of Fruits Basket, 1,2 of MAR, all the Warriors manga, 1,2,3 of Chibi Vampire the Novel, 5 Vampire Knight, 4 Ouran Highschool Host Club, 5 The Gentleman's Alliance Cross, 1 RosarioVampire, 1 .hack//G.U. and the whole series of The Demon Ororon

2. What is your dream guitar collection?

Well, I am destined to be frustrated in my quest for my dream guitars. But here is the list: 1) the most astounding thing I ever heard in my life was the Ric 12 string electric on Mr. Tambourine Man. Afterwards, I started to notice that distinctive sound on recordings by the Beatles and many other 'British Invasion' bands. I could not afford one as a teenager ( or an adult, for that matter). Recently,when I felt that I could afford one, I discovered that I was unable to play one.!i have large hands and Ric necks feel like they too a 6 string guitar neck and crammed 6 more strings on it. I tried to play several and they always sounded like it was the first time I ever tried to play a guitar.Now I am retired and do not have the discretionary income to buy one. 2)!a Mosrite Ventures model, but I would want a real one, not a reproduction, a licensed reissue, an Eastwood or Danelectro that looks like one, and certainly not an imported counterfeit. And again, I am retired so that's b never gonna happen. 3) a nice ES335 - I have an ES333 that I picked up cheap a couple of years ago, but it's just 'ok', it's certainly not the same. 4) a Gretsch double cutaway Country Gentleman, because George Harrison on the Ed Sullivan show. I have a couple of Les Pauls, a Strat, and a PRS. They are all wonderful.'So maybe I need a Tele, just so that most major guitars are represented

3. Debt problems ? collection agencies ?

Have you truly exhausted all other options? If your plans change in the future and you want to return to Canada, you would face major issues. Also, if you have family still living in Canada, you could risk debt collectors harassing them as well. If the interest rates are exorbitant, you can try calling them and asking for lower rates. You can explain that you wo not be able to pay them if they do not drastically lower the interest rates. They are usually somewhat flexible because they would rather get something over nothing. I've even heard of some places going online to track down details. If you do not want them harassing you then do not get a landline phone, do not have any specific references to your prior life in Canada on any online profiles, and hopefully you have not left a forwarding mail address when you left Canada.

4. I am starting a collection of wines?

I might be alone in this (I tend to have a deviant taste) but I find Dragani to be an excellent red. It's not very powerful or sharp at all, despite having a high proof for a wine, but the flavour is about as smooth as wine can possibly get. It's a very "juicy" tasting red wine and comes at less than $10 a bottle! For collections, the bottle is also one of the prettiest out there, with a dark red label featuring a dragon.

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