Who Will Protect the Data That KCR Telangana Will Collect on Me?

In my opinion,

Scams in Indiramma Houses, Fee Reimbursements and Arogyasree are the main reasons to collect this data.Telangana Government wants to make sure the benefits of the above social schemes reach the actual beneficiaries.To effectively implement the Government Policies, they need data and it is not available in the needed(meaningful) format.Lot of alternatives are suggested. One of them is.,

Linking up Aadhar Card with Ration Card, White Card, Pan Card and eliminate the duplicates. The main problem here is TIME. It may take about 4 years to properly link up all the data.One day's exercise mooted by KCR will help Government to take important decisions.

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How big is our collection of ancient human remains? How well documented are the different eras in our past?

There aren't a lot of complete human skeletons, but there are many thousands of partial remains. The documentation of eras varies in thoroughness, and we can not expect to fill in all the blanks.There is enough reliable documentation for even non-archeologists to get the sense that most cultures were influenced by other cultures, adopted some things, modified them to suit their own circumstance and influenced their neighbors.

The definitions of eras is more of an attempt to divide or group periods of time that mostly was a continuum of small changes. Progress has been in fits and starts and subject to revision.Answering the question: "How big is our collection of ancient human remains? How well documented are the different eras in our past?".


How does a narcissist wear down the boundaries of an ordinarily strong and collected person?

Yes. Slowly over the years over months over a period of time until you dont remember what your boundaries are you dont remember who you like what you like you were just lost and consumed. Until one day you wake up and you ask who is this Im staring at in the mirror?When you try to reclaim yourself the shit hits the fan you are not that person you changed you are not what they want- a strong kind loving person they want a low self esteem miserable soul that blames others as they do.Run away from them and n ow they are mean bc they are mean to themselves and I get sly feel guilty for all the horrible things they have done.


From where can I download latest collection of HD wallpapers for Christmas?

Hello Everyone. First of all let me wish you all a Merry Christmas 2018. Now, If you are looking for the best Merry Christmas Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos, Pics, Clipart and Pictures then you are on the right website. Merry Christmas is a very beautiful festival which is celebrated all over the world on 25th December. Countdown already begins for the Christmas Day and Merry Christmas 2017 Images.Here we are presenting some HD images of Merry Christmas 2018 For Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. So, you don't need to bother about where to get the stuff as we have collected something best for you that too free of cost which you can easily share and download to send to your friends and special ones.


What is/are your favorite book(s) or novel?

I'm approaching this question differently. I can't possibly stratify books as the best or the most favourite because I usually cherry pick the best from the reviews.I'm going against the tide with a rather obscure book that may not figure in many people's list - Eric Segal's 'Man, Women and Child'. I read this very early in my reading career. This was the first time I was emotionally stirred - my first culture shock. It left a lasting impression on me. The maturity of the young boy, the way the family overcomes the tide, their outlook towards life all made it a fabulous read.

It is the small things that we carry to our graves..pic: google


Is a coin collection Muktzah on Shabbos?

Theres no yes or no answer to this broad halachic question, it depends on the reason & function of this collection. (Many collections are certainly mukza)This will depend on the purpose of the collection. If its intended as a collectors item meant to be eventually sold for a profit & stored away from being touched by people then it would be Muktza machmas chisaron kis, valuable & fragile objects like a camera or precious coins are considered set aside by the ownerIf its simply a collection of coins intended for entertainment & leisure & will not to be used for purchasing items, & you arent too conscerned with the condition they are stored in then there are poskim who permit it to be handled.


Do you plan on keeping your book collection for the rest of your life?

As long as the books dont fade, and they are books I enjoyed reading, I would say yes! However, as my tastes change and I need to make space in my home, I find myself either purchasing e-books more often, or just borrowing from the library. Books I read that were just purchased for a fun read or to pass the time, I share by leaving on the bus or at a lending library drop-off for others to enjoy. I plan on reading some of my favorites again, though after all these years, I still remember many of the characters in each book and what the outcome of the story was! Books are something I definitely enjoy buying for myself and others.


If Capcom released a Resident Evil Legacy Collection, what should be in it?

ZeroRE 1 (and RE remastered maybe?)RE 2RE 3Code VeronicaTo me these would be the bare minimum. I consider them the original RE canon.Now, I understand that people would be upset if the massively overrated RE4 that started all the las plagas nonsense was not included because it is supposedly the best RE game ever eventhough it isnt.So maybe also add 4 to satisfy the angry masses. Arguably to make it make sense story wise you should add some more las plagas nonsense and add RE5 as well though I imagine most people would find this not worth increasing the price of the collection. Honestly Id just leave them both off to keep it tight and consistent


Why does the Dalai Lama, while supposed to be an enlightened being, own a collection of watches worth millions, including a few Rolex?

Why does the Dalai Lama, while supposed to be an enlightened being, own a collection of watches worth millions, including a few Rolex?Ive seen reports that he has two high-end watches, a Rolex and a Patek Philippe. Perhaps he has a collection, but you didnt point out where that is reported.I am an engineer, which HRG DL has said he might have been, and I appreciate mechanical watch mechanisms, as he says he does. Im sure both watches were given to him, and I dont tend to sell things given by friends.Where did millions come from? Both watch brands can be had for well under $10,000, though some versions of each can cost well over 10x that much.Why do you ask?


What is the collective term for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and moved reality?

The word youre looking for is X Reality (XR). I know, I know, a silly, cop out of a word. The terminology for Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) is still developing. While AR and VR have been around for at least half a century, Mixed Reality wasnt officially coined until Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino published this paper on it:technologies have just recently begun to reach mainstream popularity, so feel free to introduce a new word into the English lexicon. If you think of something better than XR, let me know, Ill use it!.


What do you think of the Junji Ito Collection (2018 anime series adaptation) so far?

Did not work as an anime. Its format could not retain the original's essence. There are certain manga which can't retain the essence when adapted, examples are :- Kokou no Hito, Oyasumi Punpun, Eden its an The Endless World, Kokkoku, Vagabond, Dorohedoro etc. The reason is the timing of each frame, theme rendering the adaptation useless, art style which could not be recreated for anime as it would be time consuming and expensive, sometimes its the demographic responsible as seinen goes unnoticed that is why Shiguri never got a second season.

For Ito Junji it was both demographic and format responsible for its failure. Too bad but atleast we have the manga of the great author


What makes a book collectible?

Original first editions, especially of well know books or authors can be collectables. It can be more difficult for modern day books to become true collectables due to large print runs. However, for new authors the initial print run is usually quite small and when they make it big those books become collectable. I have an excellent copy of the first edition of Fight Club that i picked up for $5 which, the last time i checked was fetching around $100 on Ebay. Another example is on the initial print of Alice and Wonderland there were certain drawings which were excluded in the subsequent prints. That initial print is worth a very tidy sum.

The reason people pay for collectable is because it is rare and the chances of getting some like it again are slim. Well done on your find


As a collector, do you like to show off your collection?

Yes! Theres two ways of doing this:I take my collection (or a part of it anyway) to a local stamp club meeting and show it as part of a show & tell session or even make it a part of a longer program.I create an exhibit. Thats not the same as a collection. For example, I collect airports on stamps. Thats a collection, but doesnt really lend itself to the requirements of an exhibit, which has to tell a story. So, I would have to develop this collection of stamps that feature airports into a storyline about the evolution of airports (or something similar).To find stamp exhibitions (either at a local or national level here in the USA), visit the American Philatelic Society website at American Philatelic Society


Why is collecting rainwater illegal in California?

Not absolutely but generally yes.Any water that lands on your roof or land that is not in a runoff channel can usually be collected and stored legally.Barrels, an otherwise isolated small pond, an underground storage system...those are all generally okay (unless otherwise not permitted by codes) as long as the water that you put in them came only from your roof or fell on your land.But if a creek or drainage that flows water that did not fall on your property runs through your property, you cannot dam it and hold it, even if it also inevitable flows water that fell on your land.

Is it legal to collect rainwater in California?


What is that one thing Indians collectively lack?

Theres honestly nothing that we indians collectively lack. We do lack a lot of things, but that is someone lacking something specific or the majority of people lacking some basic qualities.The educated new generation is aware of our flaws and most of us want to change and change India along with us. We will succeed too, it will take time but we will do it. Isnt being aware of the flaws, the first step?So weve taken the first step. Being open to change is the second step. We have taken that too.Its only a matter of time before India becomes much better than most places in the world. Our generation will do it. Give it time.


Can collection agencies keep changing the date of the open collections attempt on your report each time they sell the account to another collection agency?

There are two dates to consider when looking at a collections account: The date of first delinquency, and the date the collection was opened. The date of first delinquency refers to when you first stopped making payments on the debt (eventually leading to the debt being charged off, usually after 120 or 180 days). The date of first delinquency is fixed, and cannot be changed. Doing so is illegal.

Collections can stay on credit reports for 7 to 7.5 years after the date of first delinquency.The other date is the date when a collector gained control of and opened the account. That date can vary over time, as one collection agency is fired, and another hired. However, the date of first delinquency cannot be changed. Doing so is often grounds for a lawsuit

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