Led Table Lamp Design Collection

Degradable recycling led table lamp

With the rapid development of photoelectric technology, LED lamps have become a veritable cold light source, and the temperature is much lower than that of traditional lamps. The design of LED lamps can use materials and designs that can not be used before, bid farewell to plastics that are troublesome and difficult to degrade, and use waste paper that can be completely recycled. Through a simple pulp mold, it is easy to produce table lamps with various shapes. For example, this triangular conical lampshade is like carefully designed flowers with petals. If you like this style of design, you can consider matching Philips LED bulbs to make your table lamp more uniform inside and outside.

Versatile playful led table lamp

This is a playful table lamp tr17 with great personality among many table lamps. It comes from the creative table lamp designed by Danish designer Tom Rossau. The whole design style is simple and neat, and the lamp holder, lamp pole and lampshade can be adjusted separately. The whole table lamp is 680mm high. The table lamp is made of wood and metal. There is a strong contrast between the two materials. The solid wood base of birch supports the metal lamp frame. The two ends of the lamp frame are spheres of different sizes. Standing up like a tumbler, it feels playful and interesting. It is also convenient for users to adjust the appropriate lighting angle of the table lamp. Another highlight is the translucent birch lampshade, It is light and beautiful under the light of the built-in LED bulb, and it is adsorbed on the small ball through the magnet, which can be rotated and adjusted arbitrarily. It has a strong hands-on style, which is very suitable for the lighting decoration of the living room, bedroom and study.

Dual purpose led table lamp with mirror

Ladies who love beauty should like this led lamp with a mirror. The shape of the table lamp is a table lamp on the front and a mirror on the back. It is placed on the bedside table. It is usually lit as an LED table lamp and turned over to be a makeup mirror. The soft light from the LED lamp is very suitable for beauty and makeup lighting. Even if you are eager to go out and take a quick glance at the mirror, the performance of the mirror lamp will make you full of confidence. This is a multifunctional decorative lamp. In addition to helping beauties dress up, it can also better decorate your bedroom and living room.

Practical LED desk lamp for green plants

More and more plant shapes appear in the design of LED table lamps. The following green table lamps called dinosaurs were displayed at the New York international design week. The LED lamps at the top are like sprouting leaves. Unique reflective materials are used around them, which can effectively increase the brightness of light. The neck of the lamps can also be bent freely to meet the lighting angles of different needs. Using recycled materials similar to felt texture, the whole lamp has a simple appearance and fresh style. The cylinder design on the base is very practical. It can also be used to place pens and small office objects. If you like, you can also put small potted plants in it to bring a green symbol of health and vitality to the desk. It is not only convenient and practical, but also has a great decorative effect.

LED desk lamp for bringing sunshine to indoor plants

Do you often ignore your potted plants, forget to water them, and forget to take them out in the sun. Sunlight is very important for plants, especially for plants that like sunshine, photosynthesis should be carried out regularly. If it's OK to keep it on the balcony, if it's dark in the room, I suggest you consider lighting an LED table lamp for them. It's a very friendly pure white modeling design. It adopts LED photoelectric technology, and the spectral composition is close to the sun, which is different from ordinary energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps. Kill two birds with one stone is also very energy-saving. While lighting the desktop, help the plants have enough light, so that your lovely green plants can grow healthily.

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