Two Different Video Cards in One System?

Two different video cards in one system?

it wont work unless you have a very good system

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What's better, 2 x 512MB video cards or 1 x 1 GB video card?

You look to have AGp Slot ,it could cope with MS Flight Simulator At Low Resoluation. maximum suitable for taking part in this manner of video games Are On recent PCI-E playing cards With Lot Of Ram and efficient Processor

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Compatible video cards for a Dell Inspiron 570?

Dell Inspiron Video Card

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Which of these video cards are fastest/ which is best for for PS CS2? Know a site that will provide proof?

Uhh, thats only one card. Anyway yes this card is an improvement over the FX5200, nothing massive, but you are not a gamer so you do not need a really fancy card. I do not happen to have any benchmarks because these are older cards, but I can tell you the 9600 has a higher core clock and more memory bandwidth, hence it is faster. Okay you added, so now let me add. The last two are basically the same card, just one has more memory, so for $10 more get the extra memory. Although looking at it, as hard to believe as this is the 9600 looks a little better, it has a higher core clock and more memory bandwidth, which is surprising since it is older. I would send back the 9200 and go with the 9600XT, the 9200 will actually perform poorer than your old FX5200. Okay one more edit, I missed the 9800 on there. The 9800 and the 9600XT are close, slower clock on the 9800 but slightly more bandwidth and more pixel pipelines. I would side with the 9800, although either would be good.

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Better to have two video cards or one?

2 cards are better than one it will let it run faster, but if u are gonna get a seconed 512mb than go get that second 512 mb

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what the difference between these two video cards?

There is no significant difference. Go with the one that's cheaper, has a longer warranty, or whose looks you like better

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Why do laptops have fast processors, high memory, but poor video cards?

Three main reasons: 1. Price: I just bought the latest ATI card for my gaming rig for around $400, some laptops are not even that much. 2. Power/Heat: Good video cards require a lot of power. If you were to put my desktop GPU in a laptop, the battery life would drop down to about 20 minutes between charges. Also power hungry GPUs generate a lot of heat, requiring cooling that laptops just do not have the room for. It would basically melt in your lap. or melt your lap. One of the two. 3. Size/Weight: The last video card I bought is over a foot long and weighs around 5 lb. People who buy laptops buy them for their portability. That being said, there are plenty of laptops out there with GREAT graphics cards and gaming performance, but expect to pay $3k for a decent one. Luckily for consumers and gadget lovers, technology is expanding at an exponential rate, and they are finding more and more ways to make all the things we love smaller. I think some time in the not so distant future we will see the day when size is not a limitation on electronics performance. If this era is the Information Age, maybe the next will be called the Nano Age. Time will tell :)

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What video cards would work for my computer? Currently have NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT?

2 8800GT could be perfect approximately on PAR with 9800GX2. The gx2 will in all probability do a better activity of shifting warm air out of the case. you may see some overall performance benefit going to new Wolfdale sequence, yet i think of for gaming it may be extra suitable to cling on on your 6750 (i exploit it with my 3870x2 at inventory speeds and that i am waiting to max out each sport I actual have sans crysis at 1680x1050), and look ahead to Nehalem.

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Processors and Video cards for my Dell XPS?

the 8600 GT from nvidia is likely your better card, i am guessing you are looking for something around the 15.4 inch size for a screen. with that you will be able to do some moderate gaming, like UT3 at medium settings, while the x1950 pro is a old chipset from ATI (current ATI graphics are in the 4000s...), a comparable ATI chipset to the 8600 would likely be something like a Mobility 3650, however if you have the option, a mobility 4670 or geforce 9600 would likely perform much better in the gaming circles. And for the processor, whilst AMD Athlon would have better performance, it will eat your battery life like nobody's business. So choose the intel processor as it's a decent chipset, to get good performance and usability. If you are looking at an AMD turion... ignore what i said about the better performance, and you will be happy with intel for the mobile side.

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