Anyone Who Knows About Video Cards for Vista Please Help Me Out.?

Anyone Who Knows About Video cards for Vista please help me out.?

Anyone Who Knows About Video Cards for Vista Please Help Me Out.? 1

Should be because the recomended memory is 128MB and direct X9 check you edition with the recomendations below on the link

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Which video card is better?

CrossfireX 1GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5870 Processor: Intel® Core i7 940XM Quad Core Processor, 2.13GHz (3

Anyone Who Knows About Video Cards for Vista Please Help Me Out.? 2

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better choice of video cards?

Gigabyte GeForce 8500GT 256mb purely on account which you have a sli motherboard does not propose you are able to desire to apply sli. the recent 9600 GT for $one hundred eighty is an significant card for an extremely less costly, evaluate that in case you have adequate money

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Is it better to buy 2 512mb Video cards or one 1gb card? or is it the same?

To use 2 video cards you would need to use crossfire (or the Nvidia equivalent). You can not just plaug them both in. I would go with the 1gb card

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How do I know that the computer I am ordering online has DirectX 8.1 or better?

DirectX is software, not hardware and almost all newer computers come with video cards that are compatible with that version

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Why do the new iMacs have mobile video cards?

Four factors are in play for choosing how to design a system:I certainly wo not speak for Apple's engineers, but buying in volume lets a video chip manufacturer pack more performance in a lesser cost package. Any performance that is not balanced with the rest of the system is wasted performance. One would presume this was the optimal choice for the new iMacs given the state of components available. Performance is also about efficiency - so if the raw benchmark is big enough to drive three huge monitors on the 27 inch model, why not choose a smaller mobile chipset, manage less drivers in the OS, reuse the same chip on the mobile line and free sourcing, engineering, testing and repair inventory assets for other more pressing problems to solve?We will soon have benchmarks to see whether the designers did their jobs well this revision. My limited testing shows the new iMacs to scream compared to old MacPro and iMacs which were no slouch in the graphics department by my standards

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Do these video cards work with my computer?

The 9800 gt pro is the best option. I say go with that since it doesnt seem to require any power cables like newer cards do. Its power efficient, so your power supply may not be an issue. And for only 20 bucks more- u get double the performance than that 9600gso pos. Which does need a power cable. I built my own pc and between those 2 the obvious buy is the 9800gt. I have an ati 4870, but ati cards may conflict with your motherboard being nvidia chipset. Go with the 9800 gt!

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is it possible to change video cards on an all in one computer?

Typically, these systems are manufactured with laptop motherboards. Changing the video card is not able to be done. They normally build the graphics in to the motherboard, or there is a custom card for the video made by ATI or Nvidia. Sorry, you might be stuck. I think that ATI is coming out with an external video card solution that will be available shortly. Look at the PC Perspectives website.

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Video Card Questions (compatibility with Vista)?

Vista sucks whilst it includes image card drivers, so i think it may not harm to attempt. nevertheless you may wanna call ati and ask your question considering the fact that im particular they have gotten them till now

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Computer desktop video card problem?

apny computer ko utha k bahir phenk do aur new le aao markeet se heheheheh

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Which video card is better for gaming?

Depends on the resolution you are playing at. If under 1080p, then the Gigabyte version is better. If 1080p or higher, then you would want the HIS, but only because it has 2GB of memory. Regardless of the clock speed, only 1GB of video memory will slow a card of that speed down at higher resolutions

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Can I run 4 computer monitors on a pair of CrossFire'd AMD video cards?

twin-enjoying cards purely for 2 demonstrate screen instruments seems somewhat stupid. A unmarried greater perfect card will carry out greater perfect, be greater low-value and use much less ability than 2 enjoying cards. fantastically lots all modern photographs enjoying cards have 2 computer screen outputs on them besides as a television-out. without understanding what spec starcraft 2 demands this is not elementary to signify a card for it, yet the two an ATI 3850 or 3870 could be adequate, decide on the only that fits your budget perfect, you are able to continuously upload yet another one later in case you pick. If money is a situation, you are able to have the flexibility to flee with a extremely decrease sort, however the reductions are not that huge

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