Can I Run Two Video Cards?

Can I run two video cards?

Can I Run Two Video Cards? 1

yea, if you use a hair dryer, a car battery, and 2 light bulbs, you can double your speed IF there is enough static

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what are 2 video cards for and do i need 2?

Unless you use multiple monitors, or play games on extremely high resolutions, one high end single card will be plenty OR, if you have a single card that is starting to get a bit dated, and you buy another to crossfire or SLI instead of spending more money on a high end single card

Can I Run Two Video Cards? 2

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Whats better RAM or video cards?

Quick Answer. Video Card first.then the RAM. But you will need to upgrade both really to allow the system/games run smoothly. So you need the whole system to be good all-round, this means that the CPU,RAM,Graphics Card all need to be good to work together and give you the ability to run the games better. I would recommend upgrading your graphics car for the time being though. In my computer i use the Radeon X1950pro and 2 GB of RAM, with a Intel Core 2 Duo processor (e6400)

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It is better to install a motherboard with built-in sound and video cards than to install the cards separately?

For general use? Maybe. If you are watching video/playing games a lot, get an external video card. If you are an audiophile or work with music, get an external sound card. Onboard video sucks, IMO.

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Video cards that support geometry instancing

GeForce 6000 and up (NV40 GPU or later) ATI Radeon 9500 and up (R300 GPU or later). PowerVR SGX535 and up (found in Apple iPhone 3GS and later)

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Is my video card a goner?

No, there's nothing wrong. This must be due to the hardware problem. Report this problem to the hardware service to get things fixed.

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Does Skyrim take advantage of 2GB video cards?

I think if you are getting 60 fps, its good. I have read that skyrim gets buggy above 60 fps, mostly physics, giving rise to spinning stuffs n unrealistic physics on certain objects (no personal experiences on this one). I have a 2gb vram and 8gb ram too. And the textures are usually loaded in ram. There is mod called Enbboost in nexus which can give better frame rates, it reduces ram usage. I have seen people arguing about it but my personal experience was good. And if you are finding physics problems you can try capping your fps at 60. And there is also a mod to see ram and vram usage inside skyrim - skyrim performance monitor.Also if you are not playing in a 1080p monitor, I do not think 2k textures will give any better visual quality

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Windows 7 64 freezes on simple file operations like starting Firefox or emptying trashbin

I would not expect it to be a faulty memory module. I believe that bad memory would be more likely to produce a blue screen of death. You can run memtest overnight to see if it produces any errors just to make sure. I think it is more likely an issue with the SSD. You can check the health of the drive with crystalDiskInfo or HdTune. Sometimes doing a benchmark with HdTune can provide hints about the problem too. The fact that it happens when your computer tries to access files on the hard drive seems like a hint at it being a hard drive (ssd) issue.You might find this CodingHorror blog about ssd's interesting.Crashes and hangs do also happen from bad video cards. I've fixed several computer issues by blowing the dust out of video cards or replacing bad fans. This would become more apparent when you try to run something graphics intensive. This is probably not the issue with your computer.

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question about Physx support and video cards?

Jim has summed it up. People were doing hybrid Physx for months, then with their latest drivers Nvidia decided to disable PhysX if non-Nvidia cards were detected. I had not heard about a workaround to re-enable it

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Multi monitor solutions. Will these two video cards work on Linux?

If that does not work an alternative is to use a Pluggable USB video adapter, it seems to work under Linux with kernel 2.6.31, and it is relatively cheap (less than $50).I use this one

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