Trance Songs!!?

These are some Trance/techno artists you can check out... 2 unlimited Ago Angel City Amber Aqua Arash ATB ATC Basshunter Benna Bennasi Blue Mans Group Cascada D.H.T. Daft punk Diana Dj Alligator Dj Bam Bam Dj Brisk DJ Cammy Dj Cyrus DJ Encore Dj Inphinity Dj Isacc Dj Italiano DJ Lab Rat Dj Mystik Dj Pulse Dj Tiesto Dj sandstorm DJ Sammy Dj Scribble Dj Waxweazle E-Type Eurythmics Fantasy Project Global DeeJays Gunther Haddaway Ian Van Dahl Iio Infernal Ingrid Kelly Llorenna Laava Lasgo Lucas Prada Lucky Twice Madonna Motorcycles Nek Newton Nightcore Novaspace REAL MCCOY Rockelle Sarina Paris scooter SNAP! Special D Stacy Q Starstylers Stunt Telepopmusik Toto Cutugno Ultrasonic Venga Boys... and theres ALOTTTT more! =]

Trance  Songs!!? 1

1. Is there a such thing as a wedding DJ that plays only what's on my playlist?

its your money and if your willing to pay for it he should play what you want, just send a list out and ask for prices etc. only problem is you will have to provide a lot of songs, few hundred prob

2. old songs???

temptations - aint no mountain high enough ben e king - stand by me

Trance  Songs!!? 2

3. What kind of program is good to remix songs?

GarageBand! I use it and I love it! You can add songs from itunes or else where, you can add sound effects, and much much more!

4. Why is the status quou2019s music so good despite them all sounding similar? What is the formula?

This is a very good question, and the definitive answer is in this article:Scientists Just Discovered Why All Pop Music Sounds Exactly the Same"Human beings crave familiarity. Numerous psychological studies show that people choose songs they are familiar with over songs that more closely match their reported music tastes. Our somewhat manipulative music industry, which chooses familiar-sounding music and pushes it to listeners in massive quantities, knows well how to capitalize on those cravings. Genres standardize over time as a way to plug into this psychology. And then we hear the same songs, over and over again".Now this is true for what we might call "low information listeners" who simply tune in to one channel in their car, or one music stream on a streaming service. Placing yourself or being trapped in a "bubble" limits your ability to seek out and discover new things. A few ways you could break out of the bubble and discover new music include:Tuning into college, university or self proclaimed "alternative" radio stations and streams.Physically switching genres from time to time (on my computer, I have alternative, classical, jazz, 70's rock, progressive rock, New Wave...and I program the playlist to "random" (shuffle on other systems) to ensure I am never stuck in any one place. Tuning into shortwave radio and listening to music from different countries.Similarly watching foreign movie also exposes me to foreign soundtracks.So we can read the article and understand why the commercial music industry seeks to spoon vanilla pudding to the listeners. It is up to us to seek out the huge buffets of wonderful offerings that also exist outside the large commercial music industry bubble.Why is the status quo's music so good despite them all sounding similar? What is the formula?

5. Sweet 16 Entrance Songs? Court Songs? Food Songs?

entrance song miss endependence court song fire burning food song you belong with me

6. techno songs or any songs...?

amelia is right. you have not heard techno until you listen to basshunter. vi sitter halli venta och spella lita dota I FEEL YOU MAN

7. What are some gift ideas for my friends for graduation?

At a craft store you could buy a wooden or metal frame, decorate it and put in a picture of you (and your significant other and friends.) A small scrapbook or collage would be great too (if you have the time.) If you download music a CD is always very thoughtful, just choose songs that are meaningful to your relationship. You will think of something great because you obviously are a good friend to give it so much thought!

8. What new songs in hip-hop songs??

Check this no. DJ Khaled - We Takin Over Its a great one featuring T.I., Akon and others

9. What was T-Pains name when he was with the Nappy Heads?

In the winter of 2005, southern soulster T-Pain burst on the rhythmic scene with his debut Rappa Ternt Sanga and things just ai not been the same. As a former microphone fiend who was down with the rap pack known as the Nappy Headz, a five-man group who had moderate success with "Robbery" in the early 2000's, T-Pain was tired of the borders that divides hip-hop and soul, especially since he was excellent at both. "I just got tired of turning on the radio and everything just sounding the same," remarks the Tallahassee, Florida native whose government name is Faheem Najm. "I know it might sound corny, but I wanted to try and make something different." After doing an unofficial remix of Akon's "Locked Up," the African sensation signed T-Pain to his Konvict Music imprint. Incorporating a soaring chorus, soulful handclaps and 808 grooves, his first single "I am Sprung" (2005) detailed the maddening joy of finding a new love. "...with his acoustic guitar and Vocoder-laced vocals suggest a hurt that no exotic dancer can cure," wrote critic Chris Ryan in Spin magazine. While some compared the laidback electro with the best of the late Roger Troutman of the group Zapp, it was obvious that T-Pain was on a different level of creativity than his contemporaries. Followed by the enticing second single "I am N Luv (Wit A Stripper). As T-Pain told MTV.com: "Dancers love [the song]," he professed. "There's finally a song about strippers that ai not degrading. It's not the shake-that-*** song or 'Let's go in the backroom.' It's a song that's appreciating strippers." Well on his way to a brilliant career, T-Pain sold a combined five million ring-tones of "Stripper" and "Sprung." Coming back strong in 2007, T-Pain has been hard at work constructing his sophomore joint Epiphany. "There has been a growth inside of me since I made that first album," states T-Pain, reflecting on the time he spent working on his latest project. "To be blunt, I had to learn to stop being lazy in the studio. On the first album I recorded what I thought people wanted to hear, this time it was about me being an artist." Personal without being pretentious, Epiphany offers the listener a variety of musical styles that ranges from the snappin' first single "Buy U a Drank" (featuring Yung Joc) to the rebel reggae furor of "Shotz" to the deep message of "Suicide." Indeed, with each song we can only marvel at the proficiency that T-Pain has developed, both on the mic and behinds the boards. "I recorded over forty songs in six months," he says. "Of course, all of them were not the hottest, but creatively I felt truly inspired when working on these tracks." Borrowing from four different snap records to create one hot track, "Buy U a Drank" manages to be simultaneously club-centric and romantic without being straight-up nasty. "Basically, these days lots of people begin their relationships in the clubs," explains T-Pain. "Whole conversations begin with some guy buying a young lady a drink. I wanted to make a song for those folks." On the second single, "Bartender" tells the tale of a broken-hearted dude and his crush on a cutie-pie mixologist. "Sometimes, the bartenders are the hottest girls in the club," T-Pain explains. "Guys are always falling in love with those girls, even if it goes no further than that night. 'Bartender' is an anthem for those guys." While T-Pain has no problem making hypnotic dance tracks like the amazing "Church," he can also induce tears with songs like "Suicide." Opening with the sorrowful chords of a Spanish guitar, T-Pain lyrically flashes upon the many ways the youth of today is killing themselves. "Having sex without condoms, driving drunk, selling drugs, all that is 'Suicide.' We do a lot of stupid stuff that only has one ending." Having seen firsthand how drugs can destroy the fiber of family, T-Pain consciously chose to detour from that path. Recently, with his wife and daughter, he recently relocated to Atlanta in hopes of a fresh start. In addition, T-Pain built two studios in his sprawling basement. Traveling throughout the world while on tour with label-mate Chris Brown (and later with Bow Wow), also gave T-Pain a different perspective on life and music. "I loved being in London, because overseas it seemed that people were taking different kinds of risks with their records," T-Pain says. "I was also impressed when I was in Brixton, and the club was filled with Black people and not one fight broke out. Where I come from, folks fighting inside the spot is a regular thing." In addition to Epiphany, T-Pain is also gearing up to start working with various artists on outside projects including R. Kelly, Kanye West, Usher, Chris Brown and Britney Spears. "In the past nineteen days, I've gotten more than twenty-five calls from artists who want to work with me," T-Pain explains. "Right now, it's a very exciting time." While T-Pain embraces both the old-school and current R&B, his complete persona on Epiphany shows us an artist who is unafraid of taking chances. "For me, soul music is about love, and it's that kind of warmth that I want to bring back to the music." Forget about the next level, because T-Pain is taking us places that have yet to be defined

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