I Want a List of All Patriotic Songs of INDIA?

i want a list of all patriotic songs of INDIA?

I Want a List of All Patriotic Songs of INDIA? 1

The one above me has listed too many, of which many are mainly commercial songs. The main patriotic ones from his list are: - 1)Jana Gana Mana [National Anthem] 2)Vande Mataram 3)Sare Jahaan se acchaa

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Can you list all of the songs you can think of that has Lil' Wayne featured in or that he's made himself?

alot of lil waynes more moderen songs are on his Mixtap that has been leaked far and wide. But one music that has me going loopy cuz it is JUST that robust is " Ice cream Paint process" It's initially from dorrough, however lil wayne took the beat and destroyed it. A record of songs could be off his mixtapes or leaks, seem up lil wayne cd leaks or mixtapes. Also take a look at watching for lil methods cd known as " No Ceilings" All Waynes songs at the radio are rubbish, what does not play at the radio is robust. It's time to do the item and that is phrase for your wristwatch. Hahaaa revel in!

I Want a List of All Patriotic Songs of INDIA? 2

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I love the ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHASTRA I know most there songs is there anywhere I could buy all their songs ?

Their is a boxset out on ELO. Go on e-bay and punch in ELO Boxset....a few should appear

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kidz bop ruined all popular songs. who agrees?

I agree. I hate Kidz Bop, it's stupid!

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can someone give me a list of all the songs in the movie "nick and norah's infinite playlist" and the part....?

Speed of sound by Chris Bell Lover by Devendra Banhart Screw the man by the jerk offs middle management by Bishop allen Ottoman by Vampire weekend Riot Radio by the dead 60s Fever by Takka Takka Xavia by the submarines Negative by project Jenny After hours by we are scientists Trust your stomach by Marching band our Swords by Band of horses Silvery sleds by Army Navy Baby your my light by Richard Hawley- good song Very loud by shout out louds- good song how to say goodbye by Paul Tiernan last words by the real tuesdays Electro-wave by Rogue wave- my fave I have the soundtrack. its good but there you go.

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I'm bored, so list ALL Queen songs you like?

I am sounding like a broken record, are not I? Oh well, I am bored too lol, so I will answer your question XD A list? Okay lol 1. Liar 2. Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had) 3. The March Of The Black Queen 4. Fight From The Inside 5. Another One Bites The Dust Sail Away Sweet Sister has 57 freaking plays on my itunes playlist in the past week. So yeah, I am obsessed with the song :S Okay, an extra lucky six? Lol I am reading this as I am going..xD 6. Somebody To Love Now, I am going to add something different.. (Just cause' I am bored lol) Favorite videos by Queen: 1. I Want To Break Free 2. Keep Yourself Alive 3. Scandal 4. Bohemian Rhapsody 5. It's A Hard Life Favorite Album(s): 1. The Game 2. Queen II 3. The Night At The Opera 4. A Day At The Races 5. Queen Eh...I like all of their songs? Minus a few of course lol *cough* Do not Try Suicide.. *cough* I added another song to the list I like though: Khashoggi's Ship :D BQ: Best song? Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody To Love, We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions, Another One Bites The Dust, and/or Killer Queen. I like them all though :| Okay, I am going to go back to being bored, but thanks for making a question that occupied my time for five minutes. Lol :] Edit: LOL I thought so xD And well, about number 6, I felt like adding it too hahaha. Actually, I might as well ask a question about Queen. I have not for a long time, and well, there's plenty of things to ask about c:

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Does anyone know all the songs on the Never Back Down Movie?

you could probably find the list on the internet. there might be a cd out for it, and it is probably on amazon.com

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