Korean Or English Songs That Show Off Singing Ability?

Korean or English songs that show off singing ability?

Korean Or English Songs That Show Off Singing Ability? 1

I do not know any Korean songs but i am an english singer so i know a few songs. To show off your range, somewhere over the rainbow is great because of the octave jumps. Another quite impressive song is called "i attempt from love's sickness" by handel there are lots of runs and it sounds very impressive. Also, anything from phantom of the opera, especially "think of me" and "wishing you were somehow here again". The most impressive song i know, however, is in italian, it is called "sebben crudele". These (apart from the first) are all classical songs, i am not sure if that is what you are looking for but they all sound great. Hope you like them :).

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This is one of the few songs I've written. Do you think its good? 1-10?

I really like it I give it a 9

Korean Or English Songs That Show Off Singing Ability? 2

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is there any way to upload a selected few songs onto ur ipod instead of the whole list?

Delete all the songs on it, and do not press "sync" anymore, and then go to libary and just drag and drop whatever song to the iPod icon, if it does not let you delete anything push restore on the iPod window on itunes(if none of this is on there you might need the new itunes, you can tell if it's the new one if the music note is blue instead of green)

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Im getting a PSP and was wondering how much memory i need for it?How much memory does downloading a few songs?

First of all, you will need a memory card if you want to save anything. If you want to have a lot of songs, videos, games, photos, and other stuff you want to save, I suggest going for the 1,2, or 4 gigabyte memory cards. They are a little expensive, but it's worth it. Songs cost that are about two minutes are about 1900 KB's, three minutes 2800 KB's, four minutes about 4000 KB's. Any longer, more KB's. The space sounds like a lot, but really is not . Downloadable games are often anywhere from 400-900 MB's. They take some space. Basically, if you want a lot, go for the 2 or 4 gigabytes, and not a lot, a 1 gigabyte or lower (Megabyte Memory Cards.)

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Could you name more or less a few songs that you believe everyone should have on their iPod?

Bruce Springsteen, Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake

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Any songs you can think of for my love situation?

well i am an R&B freak, i even have my windows media separated into different playlists i.e love, break up, hype etc. so i just took a look at a few songs that i think you might like: Do not matter by Akon omg i guess i listen to dpressing love songs cuz that's the closest i have for you...sry..but i do have some for finding ur special someone: Sent from heaven-Keyshia Cole Baby-Ashanti I am sprung-T-Pain All I've ever wanted-Mariah Carey Last night's letter-K-Ci & JoJo Suffocate-J.Holiday oh one more..Music Box by Mariah Carey

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What albums are you looking forward to next year?

Miley Cyrus. Even though people do not like her, they do admit that they like a few songs by her. I would like to see what she has in store for her fans soon.

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Can ANYONE out there name a few songs by Ricky Nelson?

Garden Party is the only one that comes to mind quickly

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What is a few songs to really PUMP ME UP?

i really dont know why but "ride" by the vines gets me pumped up! or "stronger" by kanye west!

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BILLY JOEL can you name a few songs plz?

Billy is not here right now,but I can.Piano Man

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List a few songs plzz??

tpain ft lil kim -download snoop dog-anit no fun lil kim feat 50 cent -magic stick warren g ft natt dog-indo smoke gorllia zoe ft lil wane-i thik im losing it mac dre -make you mine

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What are some good rock or hip-hop goodbye or reunion/good to see you again songs?

Since you threw Nelly out there, I will mention a few slower, but not too slow songs. There's Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda by Brian McKnight if it's a sadder song. It would depend on the situation really. You could always go with Miss U by Biggie and 112, that's a pretty good song. I think it would depend on the event since I could name a few songs for people that have died, or whatever but they may not apply

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