Star Trek Deep Space Nines Shades of Grey a Collection of the Best Scenes From DS9

Star Trek Deep Space Nine is an excellent series with great writing, from the first episode we are guessing about the motivations and principles of many of the characters. So much of the series features the many shades of grey between black and white, and we navigate these through the journeys travelled by the complex characters.This compilation of scenes is by no means exhaustive, it is just a list of personal favourites of mine which made the series for me. I am sure I am missing many scenes which are important to others.All rights belong to Star Trek and Paramount Television

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Splinter cell trilogy or jak and daxter collection?

I would get Splinter Cell trilogy. Chaos Theory is amazing, but I have not played SC1 and 2. To be honest, I do not care about Jak & Daxter at all, but maybe you do.

Do you have an extensive collection of anything unusual?

I collect soap. Like the hard ones. It either has to smell great or look very good. My favorites are the ones that look exactly like real fruit. It's a bit silly but I love my soaps!.

Seniors, Seattle just changed trash collection to every two weeks. What are your thoughts on this?

Whew. My question is how are you folks suppose to breathe on a warm summer's day during your "off" week? Yuck. I will bet the trash can manufacturers are loving this

Can I sue a collection agency for giving my personal account information to someone without my permission?

Get a lawyer. All he needs to do is write a couple of letters asking them to substantiate their claims calculating interest(which they may have a hard time doing). If he charges less than what is allegedly owed then its worth it

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Season 1 episodes collection?

If u ever get netflix, they have them all dubbed on there. I watched it on there and loved it!! Best Dark anime ever!

is there statue of limitation on debt collection in the state of ILL.?

It's usually around 6 years

Why doesn't Netflix have the full Avengers movie collection?

Avengers is owned by Marvel who is owned by Disney. Disney is streaming it on their own OTT platform - Disney. They are not selling its rights to others and so Netflix does not have the Avengers series. They do not own the streaming rights, Disney does

Which collection is better, LPU or VIT, in the case of placement?

I have absolutely no idea about VIT, but let me tell you about lovely professional university.LPU is a well renowned private university in India with 30K students all across the world and with 4000 experienced faculties and staff members.There are more than 200 programs to choose and with a great infrastructure LPU provides all the facilities within the campus itself. LPU has earned many affiliations,recognition and accreditation down the lane and mark itself amongest the few of the top private universities.There is no doubt about it that LPU provides good placements to their students.LPU provides ample opportunities to each and every eligible students to secure good placement. Placements and Internships opportunities offered by the companies in this university ensure that students get hands-on experience in working in the industry.Around 550 companies visit every year for campus-recruitment of students from LPU. And previous year for batch graduated in 2019, has already got offered by more than 650 placement/internship drives and 100% placement was done. Lovely Professional University provides placement opportunities to all the deserving candidates, from all courses. It's up to the student's capability to be able to grab the opportunity or not. Till now thousand of students are placed at a very good package all around the world. Some of the alumni are working in the top 10 brands in the world. So it is up to you that you can grab the opportunity or not.If you want to know more then feel free to comment. I hope this helps you….

Can you still be a good person if you pass on the collection plate at church?

In short yes, if you cannot give. But as we are called to support our church, if you pass out of a desire not to give when you can… then sounds like greed may be an issue

Which band or recording artist in your music collection would you be embarrassed to admit you are a big fan of?

None. I am quite fond of the Bee Gees, Abba, Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Diana Krall Tori Amos, 1960 Surf Guitar, Patsy Cline, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Richard Wagner, to name a few in no particular order. I am not in any way embarrassed to say so

Do you ever get the urge to photograph your entire Mr. Potato Head collection....?

delia, will you make us some Mr. Potato Head Porn?

Has anyone bought the Michael Jackson Ultimate DVD collection from EBAY?

no, but now i want to!!!

Would a .357 magnum, Korth revolver be a good addition to someones gun collection?

Certainly, if you have the money. If you are the kind of person that likes to have a Ferrari or Lamborghini in the driveway. You will probably appreciate a Korth. Maybe even a limited edition engraved one($25K or so)

What does this mean about debt collection?

It menas they are willing to SUE YOU

collection agency timeframes?

Please tell me why you think it's OK to steal money. I see these postings all the time. People ask “Do I Have to Pay My Debts ....“ or “Can They Find Out I Owe...“ You borrowed money and now you do not want to pay it back. Please tell me your side. It does not make sense to me. I've had a credit card since I was 16. I liked to spend money. I ended up w/ about $3,000 by the time I graduated from school. You know what I did when I got a job. I paid it off a little bit each month!! Now, I put only a few hundred on credit card each month and pay it off. When I want to buy something big like a PC, I pay it off over a few months. It's not that hard. I never buy something I can not afford. People like you make no sense to me. Please explain your way of thinking to me.

Is it wrong she sold his collection?

No, it's not wrong. Lots of people collect stuff. She should not have done this at all

Is there a way to generate an armature from a collection of points/vertices?

Just an idea - if your points can be arranged in some meaningfull hierarchy, then you can try to create simple rig based on edges, formed with your points. This can be done with "Skin modifier" (programmatically or by hand)

Watch collecting is a hobby that can be expensive, how do you value your watch collection for insurance and estate purposes?

Interesting, insurance requires a valuation for insurance purposes which can cost $ 200 by a knowledgeable evaluator usually an autorized dealer for your watch.For estate purposes usually they are valued by the auction houses. However, unless you own extremely expensive watches you remember that the estate tax only applies to amounts over five miles dollars.

is buying a surplus military tank to start a collection legal in the U.S. and if it isnt, where can i buy one?

There are companies that rent equipment to “Hollywood“ for the making of movies and commercials. The guns are not usable and combat systems are removed. Make sure you have some serious money to spend. I once worked for a guy that was an arms dealer and had access. He helped me find a company in Bakersfield that did this for a lady friend working for a production company. They were going to use one in a McDonald's commercial. She told they damn near fainted when they found out what it would cost for a week.

What Nintendo Wii games should I have in my collection?

Super Mario Galaxy - Very fun, and it takes quite a while to beat. Mario Kart - its funner than the older versions, and its very fun to play online Medal of Honor - Fun, and also fun to play online Resident Evil Wii edition - i loved it, and ive beat it twice so far Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicle - I love playing this game with my husband, its an awesome shooter game! House of dead 2&3 - this is also a fun shooter game, we play it quite often Rayman 1&2 - ive had hours of fun with both wiifit - its fun, and you get some exercise Games I recommend renting before buying Mario Party 8 - I bought it and returned it a few hours later, i did not care for it Mario and Sonic at the Olympics - it was fun for a few hours, but after that we never played it again, so we traded it.

POLL: Do you have a collection?

Cassette Tapes PS2 Games Xbox 360 Games Sega Genesis Games Super Nintendo Games

What are you? Are you a collection of memories stored in the brain or...?

Or something a little more complex than either explanation?

Pro-life people- What makes a collection of cells' rights more important than the mother's?

I am Pro-choice, the right of a woman to choose what happens to her body. One burst condom or missed pill should not mean a woman (and it usually is the woman) spends the next 18 years bringing up a child she did not intend on conceiving. If men got pregnant & gave birth there would be morning after pill vending machines in every bar & free abortion on demand would be debated by the Govt. Raising children is a strain emotionally & financially. 16 year olds should not be procreating, anyone who is not financially capable of providing for their child without state assistance should not be procreating. Early abortion before 10 weeks should not be frowned upon the way it is. At that stage the foetus is no bigger than your thumbnail & the operation is straightforward. As many as 1 in 5 women have an abortion at some stage in their lives, not always young kids, many times a 45 year old woman finds herself accidentally pregnant due to contraceptive failure, her grown up kids are at college she & her husband are looking forward to “retiring“ in a few years. In this situation abortion is definitely an option. Adoption is a fine idea but where are the queues of adoptive parents? I had an early abortion (8 weeks gestation) aged 17 (28 years ago) when childcare was not an option at college, I had no means to support a child & whilst it was sad at the time I had no regrets & got in with my education & career.

Did anyone ever hear of a collection agency called GC services? Were they ethical or unethical?

sure, I heard of GC centers and that they been around for an prolonged time. despite the fact that, that they had no appropriate to debate the account with you through fact you are a 0.33 party. in the event that they proceed to call you, have your buddy call the unique creditor and sign in a criticism approximately caling a 0. 33 party.

Algorithm to determine if a collection of unit discs covers the unit disc centered at the origin?

Suppose that the unit discs ("given discs") intersect the unit disc at the origin ("origin disc") but do not cover it completely (we can ignore given discs that do not intersect the origin disc at all). Therefore there must be a point in the origin disc which is on the boundary of a given disc but not covered by the interior of any other given disc (proof: pick an uncovered point, and consider the closest given disc). This reduces our goal to checking, for each given disc $D$, whether all points in the intersection $B$ of its boundary with the origin disc are covered by some given disc.For any disc $D'

eq D$, one can compute the intersection of $B$ and $D'$ since through computing various intersections of $D$, $D'$ and the origin disc. Furthermore, one can parametrize $B$ as an interval $[0,1]$, and present $B cap D'$ as a closed subinterval of $[0,1]$.The question is therefore reduced to determining whether some subintervals of $[0,1]$ cover it. Sort the intervals and the check that adjacent intervals are overlapping, and that both endpoints are covered (I have not flashed out the details, but probably an algorithm can be constructed along these lines).Implementing this method efficiently can be tricky, and I do not think that in practice you will save time this way.

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