Red, White and Green Unique Sleek Ceramic / Broken China Pendant. Unique Upcycled Porcelain Jewelry.

This beautiful pendant is a one of a kind piece of jewelry (check it out on my Etsy store!). It is made from an antique Chinese broken china dish. It's part of the old collection of semi-broken, semi-missing tea set that it pained my heart to just throw away.

I thought that it was best to give it a new look and a new life and to repurpose it as a unique and elegant piece of jewelry. The pendant itself looks very elegant and sleek. Its subtle charm definitely catches the eye.

To make the pendant, I carefully shaped the shard into its current form by sanding off the sharp edges, making it very smooth to touch. Then, I attach a modern bail (the bail opening is 5 by 3 mm (0.2 inch by 0.1) which is big enough to fit almost any necklace you already own as well) to the piece and thread through - an 18 inch (ca.

46 cm) elegant choker necklace with a screw clasp that comes in pink, silver, green blue, dark blue and black - a 20 inch (ca. 51 cm) silver plated snake chain - a 17-19 inch (ca. 43-48 cm) organza ribbon and cord necklace with lobster clasp (in different colors)to create a finished piece.

Appoximate size of the pendant itself is as follows: length ca. 2.4 cm (ca. 0.9 inch) by width ca. 1.7 cm (ca 0.7 inch). Since this pendant had a previous life as a china plate there may be minor scratches or other signs of wear, which I think adds to its natural beauty. If you have questions about delivery to your particular location (or any questions at all, for that matter), just get in touch and I will let you know!Click to Post.


Why should I use ceramic knives?

A ceramic knife is incredibly hard which means it can be made extremely sharp and it's very resistant to dulling due to its hardness. It's harder than the steel used in knives. This is why the unglazed ring on the bottom of a coffee mug can be used to sharpen a steel knife in a pinch (or hotel suite where it seems that all knives have been made dull by some universal international hotel cabal). However the problem with ceramic blades is that hardness is not the only trait one needs in a knife. Just as a coffee mug can chip or shatter, so too can the ceramic knife.

I think a ceramic kitchen knife is cool and interesting and if you can buy one, and already have steel knives, you might as well, just don't pry the tab on a soup can up using it. Think of it as a piece of glass (in the sunlight you actually can see through them--the white ones are translucent) and act accordingly. No twisting, prying, and careful processing meat. A steel knife is less hard and thus less sharp and will dull faster, but a steel knife won't chip as easily. Bend, pry, go crazy with steel just be ready to sharpen it when needed and steel it on a regular basis.

And that's the other issue with a ceramic knife. It's so hard that you probably won't be able to sharpen it in a meaningful way. That ceramic is harder than your normal sharpening stones.

Just remember, you're essentially using a sharp piece of glass so use it carefully. If you can only afford one knife, buy steel. If you can afford two inexpensive knives, use the money to buy one, more expensive steel knife. But after you've got a collection and you are experienced cooking with them, go get that ceramic knife too.

Now if you're considering a ceramic pocket knife, buy like, twenty steel pocket knives first. You don't need to have that ceramic blade snap in half just when you really need to do something incredibly important, like cutting a zip tie on a toy package for your son.

Oh, and ceramic won't rust. But steel won't either if you take care of it, sooooo... the only real benefit of a ceramic knife is that's a really cool to cook with a sharp piece of glass, and I guess if you're doing a lot of cooking next to an MRI then ceramic is the way to go (just make sure there's no steel in the handle as a fastener).

Note the chips on my ceramic knife (and that you can see through the translucency). It's over a decade old and I cook a lot, but I mostly use steel.

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