Internationally Hidden Ceramic Sheep?

Sorry, I have not seen any lately

Internationally Hidden Ceramic Sheep? 1

1. Can I install ceramic tile on top of existing ceramic tile on bathroom floor?

No problem installing new over old. The key is using the proper mastic. Be sure the old surface is sound. Use a modified thinset mortar adhesive. I've done many of these without issue

2. CHI VS. CERAMIC? help please!!!! ?

well if your hair isnt that bad then i wouldnt spend alot of money if you dont have to. if you dont end up buying the chi lemme know ill soo buy it from your friend

Internationally Hidden Ceramic Sheep? 2

3. How to Repair a Ceramic Sink

Just one dish dropped into your ceramic kitchen sink is all it takes to cause an unsightly ding. Fortunately, most hardware stores carry sink repair kits that let you fix the damage rather than replace the entire sink. The repair process is quite easy, but it is delicate work that requires a bit of patience and a steady hand. It also requires at least 24 hours for the repair to set, so plan your project accordingly. If you are dealing with a very small scratch or ding, you might get away with purchasing a little porcelain touch-up paint. This paint comes in a wide variety of colors so you can match the finish on your sink. Some paint manufacturers work with sink manufacturers to match their colors exactly, so find out your sink's brand and official color if you can. If the chip in your sink runs deep, you will need to repair it before you apply the touch-up paint. Look for a two-part epoxy ceramic or porcelain repair kit. Epoxy will go onto your sink while it's soft so you can easily work with it. It will then harden so your repair holds well over time. When you are ready to fix the sink, begin by thoroughly scrubbing the chip and the area around it. Your epoxy will stick much better to a clean surface. There's no need to get fancy here. Any general-purpose household cleaner will do the job. Dry the sink when you are done. After you've cleaned the chip, sand it with some 400- or 600-grit sandpaper. Roughing up the surface gives the epoxy some texture to grab onto for a good hold. Tread carefully when sanding, however. You want to sand the chip without scratching the ceramic next to it. Now that you've finished the prep work, you can move on to actually repairing the sink. Mix the epoxy in your repair kit according to the manufacturer's instructions. When it's ready, apply it to the chip in your sink carefully. You want the epoxy to go into the chip but not onto the area around it. This may mean using a toothpick or tiny brush to apply it. When fixing deep chips, you might need to apply the epoxy in thin layers rather than all at once. If so, allow each coat of epoxy to dry for 24 hours before applying the next one. Once you are done, run a credit card or other straight edge across the chip to make sure that the epoxy is level with the top of the chip. Then take a look at your work. If you are not happy with it, simply wipe away the wet epoxy and start again. Note that epoxy does not expand or contract as it dries, so your finished product will look exactly as it does now. Allow the epoxy on your sink to dry for 24 hours. If the dried epoxy is the same color as your sink, your repair is finished. If it's not, use your porcelain touch-up paint to cover the spot and help it blend in with the rest of the sink's finish. Now that the repair is done and painted, True Value recommends leaving the sink alone for 24 hours so it can dry and set fully. You can use your sink after that, but avoid scrubbing the repaired area for at least seven days.

4. Hot Tools CERAMIC curling iron, or NON-CERAMIC gold curling iron? (BEST ANSWER!!!)?

Ceramic:) it doesnt damage the hair(i know you didnt want to mention), but even if you use a heat protectant with the non ceramic it will cause the WORST damage. but if you must get one that is non ceramic, get the conair ones at the drugstore:) they are pretty good. but do not get the revlon ones. they may be cheaper but they suck ***.

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