I Have a Splinter From a Ceramic Bowl!?

dude, grow a pair

I Have a Splinter From a Ceramic Bowl!? 1

1. Attaching ceramic tile to wall?

definitely, install it over the wall paper. simply bc you are renting and when you move you do not want the landlord charging you for "ruining" the wall. but yep, that gorilla glue is quite handy. :)

2. Is vinigar safe to use on ceramic tile floors?

No it's not safe!!

I Have a Splinter From a Ceramic Bowl!? 2

3. Scratch on wall - ceramic tile

Try alkyd (oil-based) paint. Yes, paint. If the tile off white and if you have a scrap somewhere, take it to a paint store and they can sell you a match. The crack will disappear or only you will know

4. Ceramic Tile?

Depends on what is existing. You can tile over existing tile. Found a tile cement designed for tiling over tile in a home center. Did my bathroom & the only extra was using a thicker wax ring under the toilet since I wanted to run the new tile under it. If you want to tile over vinyl ,you can leave it there, but should nail down a metal mesh & apply a thin skim coat for levelling. Had that done by a pro in kitchen during a remodel. Hope that helps.

5. Ceramic tile installation?

I have seen people install ceramic over linoleum but it is not recommended. If the mortar does not bond well which it probably wo not your tile will eventually end up shifting and cracking. To do it properly you should install a 1/4" or 3/8" thick cement board over the linoleum then install ceramic tile. Good luck

6. Is ceramic tile a good choice for a kitchen floor?

No. I hate tile. go with shag carpet in the kitchen. Its sexy

7. Ceramic Tile - DITRA?

I use hardi backer for tile to avoid cracks in the tiles as well as the grout

8. Ceramic Braces or Metal Braces???

I say ceramics. I have ceramic uppers and metal lowers. The ceramic brackets themselves do not stain, it's the ligatures that hold the archwire in place that stains...and that depends on what you eat that will cause the lig's to stain...such as curry, or lot's of coffee or tea, or ketchup, spaghetti sauce, etc. (these foods only stain clear lig's on some people if eaten excessively) My lig's have yet to stain, and I have clear ligatures. My ceramic brackets look great, and nobody even notices them. You can always go for colored ligs, or pale smoked colored lig's or powerchains for ceramics, which do not stain. Also, it is the archwire that moves the teeth, not the brackets, so one style of bracket is not faster than the other, because brackets do not move the teeth, archwires do

9. Curlers: Ceramic vs. Non-Ceramic?

i have a ceramic curler, and it barely works its really crappy, i mean i know it is healthier, but whatever the bottom line is it doesnt curl my hair! if ur only using it once a week, stick with ur non-ceramic one

10. price ranges for ceramic braces in the california?

i heard it's about 35000 dolar and more..... " i heard"

11. What will dissolve metal, but not ceramic?

sulfuric acid but do not go poring that stuff down your toilet just pull up the toilet and remove object the acid will eat the porcelain finish in your toilet and possibly your pipes pull the toilet not that big a deal much safer..Best of luck

12. cutting middle of ceramic tiles?

This can be done with a diamond wet saw, the smaller the diameter the better. Need to carefully layout, and plunge cut to the lines. This will leave uncut tile in each of the four corners. Tap the piece in the middle of the hole to get out the big pieces and use a nibbler, a pliers type of tile tool, to get the corners finished somewhat squarely

13. Laying down ceramic floor tiles.?

You are not to apply tile over a regular wood flooring, backer board or no backer board. Wood flooring must be removed and you must start with the excisting sub floor and and tile or add a backer board to meet TCA and TCA tile code standards.This is a minimum thickness of 1 1/4" of flooring with the backer board put down in a correct manner.Putting something over the wood flooring will break because on the constant moving ( heat and humidity swelling) of a wood flooring. ANY questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there..GL

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