Most Frequently Asked Questions on Led Tv

Considering that led tv may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about led tv for you to get started.

1. How can I unlock LED TV buttons without remote controller (TIP: I locked the LED keys when remote controller was working)?

Found this Samsung article on the web. It may work, for you; too ?Hope it really helps, have a better day !How to reset TV password to default? | Samsung Support Malaysia

2. Which one a better LCD PLASMA LED TV?

Led is your best. Plasma tv do not last long and lcd can look kinda goofy. Plus, once your plasma tv goes out, you have to pay more money just to have it taken away since you can just throw it away because it is hazardous liquid. Led is the way to go

3. How to clean LCD/ led tv screens without paying 20 bucks for water gel specialized formula?

A familiar question. See the link

4. What type of tv? LCD? PLasma? Whats the difference and which one has the least problems?

i am told that sizes up to 37 " recommend an lcd and above that plasma is better , but there are now LED tv,s about which i know nothing , so maybe one of them would suit ?

5. Do I need DHMI cables on my new HD LED TV?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Do I need DHMI cables on my new HD LED TV? Hi everyone! I have Comcast and subscribe to their HDTV. I just recently bought a 55" Toshiba HD LED TV. The problem is, the picture is no different on the HD channels than it is on the regular channels. I have checked all of the settings on the box using the Comcast Help feature and I...

6. Can someone tell me a reasonable excuse for cracking a led tv screen, so that the warranty will cover it?

just tell them it cracked for no reason at all. Its a manufacturers defect and when they investigate they will find that....unless your lying

7. Samsung led tv questions?

Any LCD or LED HDTV has a slow response time. Refresh rates of 120 hz. or more help the blur, but some also experience a 'lag' when using LCD/LED... Refresh rates can also mess up movie viewing unless turned off, especially with 24 FPS movies.

8. Which is better, LED TV's or Plasma TV's?

if you are going to be gaming alot with this tv i would recommend plasma if its just for general use i would go with the LED

9. which led tv is better?

The overall performance of the samsung is superior to the sharp. Now the sharp is a good tv. Your upgrade here is in size not quality. There is a reason that the 70" sharp is priced as low as it is. It does not compare to the samsund, it's not in the same class

10. I bought a sony led tv, it has digital out, i need to plug in my speaker system to that with 3.5" jack?

purchase the equipment, you will LOVE the diff additionally thinking feeding music on your new encompass sound sytem, obtainable with your television, out of your computing device! AND we are changing to HD purely broadcastds in Feb 09--->make confident new television is desperate up for that(((amd i would even insist it has a VGA jack, so which you would be able to feed movies out of your computing device to it too((ie, shop all your moviecollection on an exterior difficult stress, so which you would be able to easily leaf by using a menu, click on one and hit play, advance action picture! (and with encompass sound LIKE A THEATRE (advance advance) properly, a minimum of that's what i am doing-- i admire theory of having no actual cd's and dvd's to ought to shop and turn by using automatic storage enables me to apply seek and get prompt consequences and then i will circulate to wikipedia for each music cd I %. from my menu it fairly is basically a lot extra powerful to have your television like a huge distant computing device show screen out interior the front room--->area of it. and that i individually beleive surroundf sound is unbeatable for letting you pay attention a gunshot at the back of you, glass breaking in front of you, footsteps all around - you comprehend, that result's what 'encompass' is for . ..and IIIIIT's BEATIFUL yet this is me, and u ought to get use out of recent speakrs basically offered this is likewise large. So there you circulate! ;)

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