In What Size Is OLED TV Going to Release?

According to CES-2012 the biggest size of OLED TV is 55", both LG and Samsung unveiled their TVs in this show and promised to bring it to the market till year end and I think it is much more bigger than normal 40-42" flat screen TVs

1. What is the difference between 4K and OLED TV?

As far as I am aware, the OLED is a TV with a curve to it. And the 4K TV just simply has 4 times the quality of a normal HDTV

2. What is the exact weight of LG OLED TV which is about to come in next upcoming months?

The 55 inch? 16.5 pounds. Any flat screen deserves a wall

3. Can an OLED TV be transported flat?

It isn't ideal since its more likely to get damaged, but it's possible if you have the original box with all of its inserts and styrofoam intact. Just make sure to be mindful of bumps on the road and that the TV is secured enough to not bounce around

4. Which company currently has a very good handle on making OLED TV screens? With least risk of burn-in & retention, while still delivering amazing results.

OLED or QLEDsThe best TVs right now if money is not an issue, or not a huge concern and you want a great TV are OLEDs and QLEDs.LG makes OLED panels for LG and Sony and every other companies because they have the patent. OLEDs are made with an organic compound that lights up, goes dark and changes color by themselves. This allows for very dark blacks and the OlEDs can be very thin. LG has a model that is so thin it is recommended it only be installed by an expert otherwise you can accidentally RIP YOUR TV!The disadvantage of OLEDs is organic things can die or adapt. This is called Burn Out: one pixel shots off or turns a color, hopefully not pink, and stays that way, Burn In is where a very bright image is onscreen to long, for example a channel logo in upper corner or paused sunset, and the pixels adapt and you get a white smear there. Samsung to avoid this, and surely to avoid paying LG for the patent makes QLEDs. Samsung makes a lot of TVs so they get their materials cheaper and do a lot of product testing. The QLED has the brightest pictures, which can be toned down by changing picture mode from Vivid to Cinema, I like Vivid for the computer correction and how it treats light so I leave it on but lower the brightness and color saturation slightly in Advanced Controls. This is very attractive and best for rooms with lots of light. They have computer controls to enhance the blacks which has brought the darks very close to OLEDs without the danger of an expensive TV getting Burn in or Burn out.I think with Sony you pay a premium for the name and the expensive Japanese economy. The best looking TV I have ever scene aesthetically is the Q6 curved. Some people think it makes things look 3D. Unfortunately, Samsung is the only manufacturer who still makes curved TVs and they don't make a full-array version.The Q8 is full array, what this means is behind the panel of pixels producing colors is another panel of LEDs that does an under painting of light, or mimics the lights and darks of the picture by turning on or off LEDs, so your brights are brighter and darks are darker.It's a whole different viewing experience. If you've seen Avatar you know the aliens have blue skin and wear leather outfits. On a QLED, they are actually blue with faint darker blue stripes, inside arms are lighter blue with little white energy points. Thanks in Avengers has fake pores in his nose. Unfortunately you see too much sometimes, Harrison's fords complection looks like someone is trying to flatten out tree bark with caked on make up.The Samsung also has voice controls with their own Bixby, that works great. It's the first voice controls I've had that actually works, so much better than my 2016 Ford Fusion which has voice controls but unfortunately doesn't understand anything I say and is very complicated. Which company currently has a very good handle on making OLED TV screens? With least risk of burn-in & retention, while still delivering amazing results

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