I Want to Cannect Led Tv to Woofer but My Samsung Led Tv Is Not Audio Output Port Plz Tell Me How to

If you understood anything about audio, you would not even consider such an absurd idea

I Want to Cannect Led Tv to Woofer but My Samsung Led Tv Is Not Audio Output Port Plz Tell Me How to 1

1. How to split Samsung LED TV screen into Tow halfs ?

Picture in Picture for that model only works with separate inputs. So - if you are watching your TV as the mian source, and you turn on PIP...then you have ot select a different source (DVD Player, Game System, Cable Box, etc) as the additional source for the pop up window. You can not select 2 different channels from the same source to watch on Picture in Picture (ie: you can not watch channel 12 and channel 5 at the same time) since the TV only has a single tuner. That being said, To turn on Picure in Picture, go MENU > SYSTEM > PIP and turn it on. Then you will select TV of AV for the source of the additional screen, then you will select the Channel, and then you will be able to choose the SIZE and POSITION of the pop-up screen. I am not sure if you can set it for half of the screen...but you should be able to set it at least to 25% (or a full corner). Please refer to pages 77-78 of your manual for more instructions.

2. Would there be a big difference in picture quality between an Element Electronics LCD and a Samsung LED TV?

Adithya has this right. An "LED TV" *is* an LCD TV, just with LEDs for the backlight instead of fluorescents. You can prove this easily. Go up to an "LED" TV in the store and push on the screen with your finger. You will find the image will "ripple" out from the pressure just as it does on any other LCD TV. The picture is no more "clear" than any other LCD - you are still looking at an LCD, after all. Nor is there a difference in maximum size - this again is determined by "how big can we make the LCD panel", not by the backlight. If anything, fluorescent-backlight LCDs will remain at the large sizes because LED backlights are more espensive, and the cost difference goes up as the size increases. An LED LCD TV will be thinner than conventional LCD, because the LEDs do not need as much in the way of diffusion. It will produce less heat. It MAY give better colors, but LCD's color issues are in general not caused by backlight issues. An LED LCD TV that uses backlight dimming can do better at shadow detail than a fluorescent backlight without, and an LED LCD that uses selective dimming can do even better (and this can not be done at all with fluorescent), but this tech is not in all LED LCD TVs. LED backlighting does not help with LCD's view angle issues, nor with motion ghosting. There are no "pure LED" TVs - i.e. direct view of the LEDs - unless you are talking about the giant outdoor displays like the ones on the Las Vegas Strip. Edit: Gotta love these people who give negs to correct information. Why do not you post an actual response?

I Want to Cannect Led Tv to Woofer but My Samsung Led Tv Is Not Audio Output Port Plz Tell Me How to 2

3. Is the new samsung LED tv the better new generation tv over plasma and LCD?

I work with them everyday, and I would definitely pick one over a plasma any day. More colors, superior black levels. They are pretty much ridiculously good looking TV's, unbeatable. They are not as expensive as you would expect either.

4. Which Samsung LED TV should I choose?

Why does it HAVE to be Samsung? The name costs you 200 alone... get the 50 inch lg that guy was talking about im about to get it and its a terrific set better than any samsung led for a lower price at least consider it

5. witch one is better between samsung led tv and panasonic plasma tv?

led for sure

6. HELP PLEASE: Samsung LED TV Damaged ?

my four year old granddaughter tried to clean my tv with armorall and she got it in the back where the circuit board is. help

7. Can watch 3D movie from Laptop to Samsung LED TV with HDMI Cable?

your tv has to be 3d and also to view 3d you need 3d glasses

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