Are LED TV's Good for Gaming?

plasma tv's are better for gaming due to they do NOT suffer from motion blur when playing fast action based games while some lcd (led) tv's do

1. I have a samsung led tv 32 inches 120v .. will work in Peru such is 220v with a adaptor?

attempt gaining access on your t.v's menues and see if there's a sport putting. if not attempt upgrading to HD cables for the console. and see if that facilitates. if not in simple terms bypass decrease back to the 23. ( you sport structures can actually have a putting for like 1080p and 720p attempt adjusting thoes)

2. which webcam is better for a TV like Sharp 60 inch quattron LED TV?

Skype Camera For Sharp Tv

3. Why does my new LED tv only show picture in black and white with component cables?

you either need to tune your TV or your colour picture thingy in your TV is broken. also your yellow connector might be loose or something. if it is still black and white after you have tuned it, please return it.

4. Would it be possible to make an LED TV that works using yellow, cyan and magenta light instead of red, green and blue light?

RGB are additive to give white light each can be represented with a rather narrow range of frequencies or even with lasers by a single frequency. CMY are subtractive C is minus red, M is minus green and Y is minus blue. Each "color" is a mix of the two remaining colors and can not be approximated by a narrow range of frequencies.

5. My LED TV has fingerprints, how do I clean it?

Using a dry cotton towel should remove the finger prints. But do follow the directions that came with the television. You could also use a micro fiber cleaning cloth that you would use to clean glasses to remove individual prints and not clean the entire screen.

6. Question about the samsung led tv?

well as long that you let it breath so it will not get hot it might matter also that you keep t away from any windows near the living room

7. connect dvd player to led tv?

the dish receiver takes up 3 yellow, 3 red, and 3 white? huge! I would call Dish and tell them you have upgraded to a HDtv and see about getting a box that supports HDMI. Then I would go to a big box store such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy, and purchase a Blu-Ray player..as it plays regular dvd's as well. If you dont wish to do this and just want to hook up your dvd player. .look at the back of the dvd player. .find the ports for component video red/green/blue. use that as your video for your dvd player to your tv. Check to see if your dvd player supports digital optical for audio. .and use that instead of red and white for audio

8. Small black clouds forming on my 40 inch samsung LED TV?

First go to the Samsung site and register your tv, that will give you three extra months of warranty. Then call them for service

9. Using LG 32" LED TV as PC monitor?

Lg 32 Monitor

10. Unlock LED TV buttons without remote?

On some modern smart TVs you can download an app for your phone that will pair with your tv over the wifi network and allow you to control it that way. This is true for my roku tv

11. My led tv shows a ripple effect on bottom left side of screen... how to fix it... pls help?

It's common on monitors and laptops google it,the fix is usually an exchange or new panel ripple effect has been aroubd a while with a few theories but try calling or email tech support especially if its a newer set

12. LED TV screen divided in two?

Keep the local dimming on


Forget Plasma to many issues

14. i have samsung series 46 inch led tv and a 1000 watt samsung bluray surround sound system for sale . how much?

Depends on the TV and Blu-Ray model. Sell the TV anywhere from $900 to $1,300. Remember it used and not new. Sell cheaper than the stores. Sell the sound system for $350 to $600 Or do a bundle deal for $1,200 to $1,800

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