Best Cameras for Video & Photography in 2021

Three things ...a. A printed checklist of shots you intend to get. (for example, Wedding Photography Shot List). Talk to the bride and groom about these -- especially the family shots, and visit the venues in advance if humanly possible. Do not even attempt to shoot a wedding without knowing the shots you are going to get.b. An assistant to help with the group shots, and to keep Uncle Jim and Aunty Jane from distracting your subjects by shooting over your shoulder.c. Diffusers and bounce cards for your flash (and extra batteries or battery pack. ). Those are the must haves. Personally I would also add a fast normal zoom to your kit, like the Sigma 18-35/1.8 (Amazon.com : Sigma 210101 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Lens for Canon APS-C DSLRs (Black) : Camera Lenses : Camera & Photo). And if you have the cash to spare, a wide angle 10-18 zoom would be useful for environmental shots.

Best Cameras for Video & Photography in 2021 1

1. What Kind of Camera they use on the Shuttle and rockets???( on board camera)?

There a number of model rocket kits that use small pinhole video cameras to transmit the images to a ground based recorder. You can make stills from the video

2. What is the best camera to purchase?

The olympus E510 has a reside scene that you will be able to use as an alternative of making use of the viewfinder. If you are watching for battery lifestyles, nevertheless, any time that you've the reveal became on (and you will be able to flip this one off), you are making use of your battery approximately 10x instances quicker than when you used the consistent viewfinder and that's actual of simply watching at pix you've taken or if you are making use of the reveal to layout your photo

Best Cameras for Video & Photography in 2021 2

3. home security camera?

Well I have a really small laptop and I use my webcam as a home security camera. I hid it behind lots of plants so it can see who comes inside the house in and out. It needs to be well hidden. I did this because my shtty landlord kept coming into my house without my family permission and we needed proof to tell the police. She comes in like an invasion ugh.

4. what is a camera trolley?

Big Phat Cobra is correct... but there is a bit more. As you know, most surfaces - grass, dirt, roadways whatever, are not very smooth. In order to get smooth follow shots, you have a couple of options. In the "trolley" world, you can mount wheels to a tripod or use a flat-bed hand cart - but that only works to a point. In either case, they work best if the wheels are air-filled - but slightly flat so they do not bounce on small imperfections. To eliminate any sort of potential shake, a series of tracks is run for "dolly" (not "trolley") shots. The trackes are generally metal, round pipe lengths that look like train tracks. The "four wheels in the cornes of the platform" are specially mounted wide skate wheels that "lock" on to the track. the track needs to be leveled with whaterver is handy - but the easiest is using small wood wedge inserts under the track rails similar to shims used for making door jambs straight when being installed (only these wood shims are larger). If it is only a short "follow shot", then a camera crane can work very effectively as well. To understand what I am talking about, check the Kessler Crane website. They have a great camera crane (I have one) and they also have accessories - including a track system. Depending on the shot, you *might* be able to use a "home made" system that uses an aluminum extension ladder (horizontally) as the track. The trick is getting the tripod wheels to stay on the ladder rails. Again, depending on the shot, it might be possible to mount the camera on the tripod in a car or back of a truck (or on one shoot I was on they opened the side door of a mini-van owned by one of the grips and the mini-van - with the camera mounted inside - tracked the subject walking down the street). Solid wheels on a tripod or a flat-bed hand cart can work IF the floor is smooth - like indoor flooring... basketball court, warehouse concrete, etc...

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