Why Can't My Custom Camera Body Focus to far Distances?

Why can't my custom camera body focus to far distances?

Why Can't My Custom Camera Body Focus to far Distances? 1

If the lens will focus on near subjects, but not on a subject at "infinity," then that means that the lens is too far from the sensor. You need to move it closer

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What is a good first DSLR?

1. Canon Rebel XT - The Rebel XT was my first digtal SLR camera. I bought it shortly after it became available in 2005 for $1000 (a Rebel XT is $499 with a lens as of Nov. '07). I still use it on almost a daily basis. I've shot somewhere around 25,000 - 30,000 shots now. No hiccups yet. Anyway, I can personally vouch for the reliability and image quality that this camera packs. (Read more about the Rebel XT here.) 2. Nikon D40 - I've been using a Nikon D40 for a few months. I am primarily a Canon user; however, I wanted one of these cameras to play around with and to see what Nikon had to offer. I am very pleased with the capabilities of my D40. The D40 is significantly lighter than any DSLR that I've ever used, even the Canon Rebel series. It's now $477. (Read more about the Nikon D40 here.) 3. Pentax K100D - The K100D is compatible with any Pentax lens ever produced. The in-body Shake Reduction (.pdf fact sheet) means that you get image stabilization with every K-Mount lens out there. This is the only DSLR under $500 that does this. The K100D also features a 2.5″ LCD, an 11 point AF system with 9 cross-type sensors, ISO 200-3200 and 16-segment multi-pattern metering. All this at $449 is a heck of a deal. (Read some reviews of the K100D here.) 4. Samsung GX-1S - The Samsung GX-1S is a 6.3-megapixel digital SLR featuring world renowned Schneider optics and a high-resolution 2.5-inch LCD. The interchangeable-lens DSLR was developed jointly with partner Pentax Corporation, meaning that it accepts K-AF Mount lenses. The $441 GX-1S is essentially a rebadged Pentax *ist DS2, which is just fine for this price. 5. Olympus E330 - The E330 was the first Live View DSLR, meaning that the LCD screen serves as a viewfinder. You wo not find this feature on any other DSLR under $500 (the E330 is $450). The E330's LCD is "articulated," it can extend out from the camera body and swivel downward or upward so the E-330 can be held overhead to shoot over a crowd, held at the hip, or even placed on the ground-something that's not possible with a traditional SLR that relies on an optical viewfinder alone.

Why Can't My Custom Camera Body Focus to far Distances? 2

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how to become a photographer i have bought an slr camera but what should i do to became one?

You take lots of photos. You learn about light You learn about your equipment - how to control and use exposure You learn about technique and composition You develop imagination You grow in your own direction. In order of importance: 1.The photographer's skill, experience, environment, eye, and imagination. 2. The lens. 3. The camera body. Consider joining Flickr (link below). Browse other people's images. Decide what styles and subjects that you like and want to learn to emulate.

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not sure about next camera?

What do you "need" to be able to do that your not now able to do? Knowing the answer to that will help you get a much better answer to this question. I only moved to a DSLR when the very nice Leica compact digital would not do some of the things I was use to doing with my macro Nikkor lens on my film cameras. With the cameras in constant up grade mode now that they are electronic devises not mechanical / optical ones do not fall for the "latest is the greatest" ploy. So, once you can type why you need to up grade we will be able to help you more. Till then, keep saving your money, you will need it to upgrade the LENS more then the camera body you may buy.

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Digital SLR Camera body for my Minolta lenses?

af used on 7000

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What you say is the market value of a used Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D DSLR camera body only?

The original 300D wo not go for much these days I am afraid, you can get recent prices from the site in the link

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