Faraday Received an Investment of US $2 Billion, and More Than 80 Ff91 Parts Were Put into Storage

The electric vehicle company "Faraday future" (hereinafter referred to as "Faraday") founded in the United States by Jia Yueting, a person in China's science and technology industry, was once in financial difficulties. However, according to foreign media, Faraday has temporarily got rid of its difficulties and made a number of business progress, including vehicle testing and factory construction.

According to the American auto industry news website electek, Faraday has said that it has received an investment of US $2 billion. With the gradual improvement of its financial situation, Faraday began to focus on the ff91 model.

Ff91 enter final test certification

Ff91 is the main model of Faraday company, and production has not yet started. Faraday recently said that the model has entered the final test and certification process, mainly involving on-board battery, thermal system, powertrain, etc.

Recently, Faraday company sent a ff91 prototype car to the transportation research center in Ohio for two tests, called "autobahn driving cycle" and "120 miles per hour plan".

Chou Yeh, senior manager in charge of automobile powertrain and thermal system of Faraday company, said that the two tests are very important for the engineering design of vehicle models. The prototype vehicle test will eliminate them before problems occur. In addition, it will add new value to the vehicle in the final certification link.

The manager said that the Faraday team was satisfied with the results of the two tests.

Long ago, Faraday said that ff91 model was planned to be launched in 2018. However, this goal was put forward before the company fell into financial difficulties. At present, the company has revised its listing schedule.

When will the first ff91 go offline? There is no specific time

Recently, Tesla, a California electric vehicle company, encountered great pressure in the production of model 3 models. Musk was "angry" and spent several weeks building a "tent factory" in Fremont agent factory in California, which can produce 1000 model 3 models per week. The importance of production capacity for an electric vehicle enterprise can be imagined.

According to media reports in Hanford, California, recently, Faraday has obtained a temporary use license for the leased Hanford factory.

Faraday originally planned to build an electric vehicle factory in Nevada with an investment of US $1 billion. The company even received some subsidies from Nevada. However, due to financial difficulties, Faraday announced that he would give up building a factory in Nevada.

Last August, Faraday leased an abandoned tire factory in Hanford to install the production line using the existing factory.

It is reported that obtaining the factory use license does not mean that the electric vehicle production line can be built immediately, which is only the first step in obtaining the approval of the production line.

In the past few months, Faraday has mainly carried out the cleaning and infrastructure preparation of Hanford factory. In addition, in June, the factory obtained the construction license from the Hanford municipal government, and Faraday signed an agreement with Bernards, the construction contractor, who will be responsible for the construction of the factory.

At the Hanford city hall meeting on July 17, a local official revealed that the parts for manufacturing more than 80 electric vehicles had been transported to the Faraday factory.

It is unknown when Faraday's electric vehicle production line will be assembled and when the first ff91 will be offline.

According to foreign media reports, in the automotive industry, it takes more than a year to invest in the construction of an automotive production line, which requires a huge investment of more than $1 billion. Previously, Tesla's "tent factory" has created an unprecedented industry record.

Faraday Received an Investment of US $2 Billion, and More Than 80 Ff91 Parts Were Put into Storage 1

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