Will This Power Supply Be Ok?

Spend the money now, or spend it later. Thermaltake makes a jamming power supply called the Black Widow. It has cable management so your case is not full of unnecessary power cables...you just plug in the ones you need. You have good memory and a good Video card, do not sell them short with crap wattage. Check the ratings on your mobo, but 550w should be enough for what you have....750w would be better

1. ATX power supply for microATX motherboard?

The powersupply did not fry the board. It is either a faulty mobo, or something shorted it. Are there any clips that are not flat or anything laying on the board when it is on? THe mobo will only pull what power it needs, your ATX PS is fine in there do not worry

2. Regulated Power Supply vs Class 2 AC/DC Adapters

A good answer already given; I am taking a slightly different approach. It seems to me that you have two concerns, first the efficiency of the power supplies, and second RFI.So lets take efficiency in terms of $.Assuming maximum use 24h/day, 1 year. Taking 10.42 cents per kWh (source). And lets take a "loss" of 5.4 Watts from your details; 9 Watt in, 3.6 Watt out. Lets see what this is in a year:0.0054 (kW) * 24 (h) * 365 (d) * 0.1042 = $ 4.93 Lets take a theoretical switch mode power supply with an efficiency of 90%, and output of 3. 6 Watts, so the "loss" is 0. 4 Watts, and calculate the same for a year:0.0004 (kW) * 24 (h) * 365 (d) * 0.1042 = $ 0.37As expected it is a big difference in annual cost: about four and a half dollars. However, the more efficient switch mode power supply have to be purchased, and probably/maybe EMI/RFI filtering is needed to clean up interference. So now the approach of this answer is an economical one:Taking into account purchase price for the replacement, possible purchase price for EMI/RFI-filters, and the difference of the running cost. What is it worth to you; running a low-RFI high-loss power supply, versus, a possibly-high-RFI low-loss power supply ?And I purposely omitted "durability" in this answer. In my opinion linear power supplies have a longer life than switch mode power supplies. However I have no data to back up that claim. If that is true then in the economic answer you will have to figure in depreciation of both, and set this off over time/annual.In my experience over the years, the lower cost switch mode power supplies are prone to failure and high RFI. In regards to RFI: I have had to put filter on both input as well as output of those cheap switch mode power supplies. However I have some more expensive ones, which are OK.One experience I had was with mobile/cell phone chargers. Two exactly the same branded phones (which shall not be named, but which is in the news lately due to burning phones), with the original power supplies, both PSU exactly the same, same print on the casing, same type number and other indicators/writing... except one showed "made in China" the other showed "made in Taiwan"... The one "made in China" had no noticeable RFI (I did not do measurements, other then SDR-waterfall observations), the PSU which was "made in Taiwan" had RFI all over the place, to a point that when the phone was charging I could not operate on HF. So even when you purchase known-good-brand switch mode power supplies, you can get a bad one. The obligatory YMMV applies here

3. Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Yes the above is good advice but also watch for some do and some do not have guarantee and they can protect you if it fails, up to 10,000 dollars so watch

4. Computer Fan Installation/Power supply instalation?

Case fans can usually just be mounted... but of course that depends upon the particular case/chassis. Do you know if overheating is the problem? I would go into the BIOS and checked the shutdown temperature settings- you can monitor the system's temperature there as well, or get a utility like CoreTemp or Speedfan to view that information in Windows. If you are shutting down due to the CPU overheating, it's likely the main CPU fan/heatsink is either defective or not secured properly- sometimes they come loose during shipping from the manufacturer. For a power supply, a basic 450W-500W model should be fine- it appears you've running integrated video (no standalone video card) so there's no extra power draw from that to consider. Update: I was not arguing.. simply pointed out that by installing a monitoring utility you can see temperatures while the computer is running, perhaps discover if the shutdowns are occuring due to temps hitting a certain point. Perhaps you will spot a pattern, perhaps it's more random. In any case, there's no harm in installing extra fans. No additional brackets are needed, usually.

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