How to Solve the Heat Dissipation Problem of 5g Communication Power Supply

As the "heart" of the communication system, 5g communication power supply determines the reliability of the whole system. In order to reduce and maintain the cost, improving the heat dissipation, heat conduction and reliability of communication power supply is one of the main requirements of 5g communication power supply. For communication data, most of the existing equipment expansion methods are used to build 5g communication equipment. The power space left for 5g communication power cabinet is often limited, and even the original power cabinet can only be used. In these cases, the output power of the power cabinet needs to be greatly increased, which requires the communication power module, Also known as rectifier module, the output power increases greatly while keeping the volume basically unchanged, that is, the power density increases.

However, due to the increase of power density, the heat dissipation and insulation of power electronics have become a bottleneck. Usually, the power device of communication power supply is seriously heated, so it needs to be dissipated through aluminum shell. Thermal conductive insulation sheets and heat conducting gels can be used in communication power supply to help solve the problem of heat dissipation.

The thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive gel material is very strong. At the same time, because of the low compression stress, the shape of the extruded solidified material will not change, nor will it flow and collapse. It can meet the specific heat conduction and heat treatment of the chip with larger heat consumption, and also meet the protective effect of the heat dissipation demand between the devices.

TIF single component thermal conductive gel

Product features:

1. Low thermal impedance;

2. Good thermal conductivity;

3. Soft, no pressure with the device;

4. Easy for automatic operation of dispensing system;

5. Comply with UL94V0 fire rating;

6. Long term reliability.

Product application:

It is widely used in radiator bottom or frame, LED LCD backlight tube, LED TV, LED lamps, high-speed hard disk drive, micro heat pipe radiator, automobile engine control device, communication hardware, semiconductor automatic test equipment and other products.

Thermal insulation sheet is recommended for power devices, which has good thermal conductivity and flame retardancy. It is also an insulating material with high efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of both insulation and thermal conductivity, solve the pain points of the product, and ensure the good overall performance of the product.

Product features:

1. Good thermal conductivity;

2. High voltage insulation, low thermal resistance;

3. Good dielectric strength;

4. Tear and puncture resistance.

Product application:

It is widely used in power conversion equipment, power semiconductor devices, audio-visual products, communication industry, automobile control devices, motor control equipment, ordinary high-voltage junction surface and other equipment.

In 5g communication, the number of micro base stations will increase significantly, and most of the power supply of these micro base stations will be installed in a confined space. Therefore, this kind of communication power supply intelligently adopts natural heat dissipation mode, and appropriate heat conduction interface materials can be selected according to practical applications.

How to Solve the Heat Dissipation Problem of 5g Communication Power Supply 1

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