Why You Should Buy Personal Wheels

Do not confuse the word 'possible' with 'practical' or are alistic.' Sure, almost anything is 'possible,' if only in your dreams. It's a small, front-wheel-drive car. None of the driveline is compatible with the proposed big engine and the engine compartment, as it exists, is far too small. You would need to design/construct an entire tube chassis with appropriate running gear (wheels, brakes, suspension, driveline) and hang the modified Kia body parts on it. Have at it. Go for the V-12!

Why You Should Buy Personal Wheels 1

1. Would it be possible to have a braking system in vehicles that uses magnetic fields to stop instead of our present use of shoes, pads, drums and rotors?

To some extent we have such a system already, on hybrids and EV. It's called regenerative braking, turning the traction motors into generators, and returning the energy to the battery.It can't be the whole system, you still need friction brakes, as most EV only have a motor connected to one pair of wheels, the amount of braking is limited by the power of the motor, and the rate that you can recharge the batteries. It is also less effective as your speed is reduced. Just using regeneration, it will take the same distance to stop, as it would take to accelerate to that speed. It might take a typical economy car a kilometer to accelerate from a stop to 100 km/h. But we expect to be able to stop the car from that speed in 50 meters or less. That takes friction brakes.So all EV still have a hydraulic system and regular friction brakes in addition to regeneration. They are used for panic stops, the last few km/h, and to hold the vehicle on an incline. But the net result is that with regeneration, the friction brakes are used a lot less, and have a much longer life. On cars so equipped, you should not be surprised if the car reaches end of life with the original rear brakes, and with only one change of the fronts. (at least until some beancounter notices they could start with thinner brake pads, needing the same, shorter change intervals they expect on traditional cars, and save $0. 25 per wheel)Would it be possible to have a braking system in vehicles that uses magnetic fields to stop instead of our present use of shoes, pads, drums and rotors?

2. POLL: Turn around right now and...?

i did. i turned completely around in my chair (has wheels). Then I got dizzy so I turned back the other way to unwind

Why You Should Buy Personal Wheels 2

3. I was at zumiez.com looking at skate stuff and im confused.?

it was 25 for the set of wheels and they dont sell wheels sepratly at all...Go to any skateshop around you and they have pre made boards already or you can always pick out a complet deck you would like to have at the shop also and they will build it for you thier also

4. What is the difference between gas turbine and jet engine?

A jet engine is a gas turbine, but not all gas turbines are jet engines. Jet engines produce propulsion at least in part by shooting hot exhaust gases at high speed out of the back of the engine. Gas turbines are engines that use rotating compressors to compress air, and then mix it with fuel and burn the mixture to produce hot exhaust gases that drive turbines. The turbines drive the compressors and also provide power for other things, such as wheels or a propeller or generators or whatever. Jet engines are gas turbines, and in modern jets much of the power of the engine is used to turn a very large fan (a kind of fancy propeller) at the front of the engine. Older jets simply shoot all the exhaust out the back, whence their name: they produce a "jet" of high speed gases.

5. Road Group Upgrade CAT 5/4?

Upgrade yourself and save up for a new bike or replace the components as they wear out. I have a bike with Sora components and one with Ultregra. The wheels and the frame made more of a difference then the shifters and derailleurs. I would spend the money on a set of wheels first

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