Trouble on Wheels

Trouble on Wheels 1

(Turkish: Kara Bela) is a 2015 Turkish action film directed by Burak Aksak.

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can you help me link robotics to physics?

Five nice ones just came up onto my mind! First : Use a ramp and make it jump (free fall) and do some maths relating this to its velocity and the angle of the ramp (45 degrees = max distance) Second : Crash the car onto things like paper, glass, plastic, whatever you think of and relate results to its velocity. Third : Hold the car away from ground. Explain how the concept of angular inertia works by holding with your hand one of the spinning wheels of the car and see what is the other one doing. If your remote controlled car is equipped with differential gears then you should see the other wheel spinning backwards and really fast. If you car is not equipped with that then just try to rotate it while its wheels are spinning to the max angular velocity and show that it is harder to rotate it when its wheels are spinning fast. Fourth : Also, hold the car away from ground then drop it and see it moving some meters while leaving the speed control to zero. In this way you show that inertia of the wheels is trasformed to inertia of the car, and then friction stops it, so all this energy is transformed to heat. Fifth : Finally, hold the car without touching the ground and leave it spinning and gradually lowering it unti it grasps the flour and leaves your hands (greater friction).

Trouble on Wheels 2

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What do you guys think of a used Sector 9 Longboard for a first board?

probably good Check the deck. There should be no separating of the plies. There should be no warping or racking of the deck. Either of these, walk away. Remove the wheels and be sure the axles are not bent. If they are, do not buy. Check the trucks. Look for cracked bushings and loose hardware. If found, replace Check the bearings. They should spin freely and there should be no rust on the bearings. If the wheels do not spin freely, or the bearings are rusty, get new bearings. Check the wheels, they should not be coned, cracked or chipped. If they are, get new wheels. If the axle nuts can be turned by hand, replace them. These parts are normal wear items on a skateboard, so expect to replace them at some point.

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Can I change my car tires' rim size?

You cannot put 16" tires on 15" rims (wheels). You have to change the rims, not just the tires. Changing the wheels would likely drive the cost higher. You can go with 195/16s instead of 205/16s, no problem

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Wings and Wheels

Wings and Wheels is a major airshow and motorsport event held since 2005 at Dunsfold Aerodrome which is home to Formula Woman and to BBC's motoring show, Top Gear. The aerodrome is now known as Dunsfold Park and owned by The Rutland Group. It is also home to a number of aircraft including the Vickers Vimy replica, NX71MY, which was retired to Brooklands Museum in November 2009.

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Guide: Cleaning and protecting your Alloy Wheels

Right now in 'Lockdown' many are finding the time to do the jobs that do not usually get done. I've never seen so many of my neighbours cars looking clean. So here's my contribution to getting your wheels sparkling, as well as making sure they are easy to maintain throughout the rest of the year. This guide, in my humble opinion, strikes the right balance between ease and aesthetics. It requires an annual would eep clean and protect' that gets them looking great and then a simple and fast way to keep them looking that way at each service wash, without the need for harsh cleaning. Equipment you will need: • Bilt Hamber Surfex HD 1L (or 5L) - all purpose cleaner (APC) Use 5% solution to shift dirt (certainly no more than 10%). • Bilt Hamber Korrosol - fall out remover. To soften and remove contaminates on the wheel surface to make it easier to de-contaminate with a clay bar • Clay bar (medium or soft to mould to the intricate shapes of alloy wheels) I used Bilt Hamber Auto-Clay Medium • Wowo's crystal sealant Use gloves and apply with caution. Poor application may require polish to remove. Without gloves it will stain your hands like you have a 60-a day smoking habit • Apply APC to the wheels (3 to 5% solution) and leave to soak • If the wheels are really filthy then use a soft brush or sponge to agitate the dirt. Tip: Do not use a harsh wheel cleaner or more abrasive brush as this will damage the protection layer left by the Crystal Sealant • Otherwise, simply rinse with a high pressure spray Since the wheels are sealed the dirt will usually just come right off • Wash Spray the wheels liberally with APC and leave for a few minutes to soak and then rinse with a high pressure spray using a pressure washer. • Clean with fall-out removal Spray with Korrosol and leave for a couple of minutes until nice purple streaks appear on your wheels. Tip: Do not let this product dry. • Wash thoroughly as normal with a gentle wheel brush or sponge • Decontaminate with the clay bar and clay lubricant Tip: Make sure you spend the time to get every last bit of tar and road grime from the surface of the wheels • 15 minutes later, stop and try to find a small stool to sit on and resume the decontamination stage. Tip: This is the longest stage and worth getting right. • Wash, rinse and thoroughly towel dry Tip: You do not want any water getting on the sponge on the next stage as it will interfere with the application of the sealant. So, best done in warm weather and leave a gap between this and the next step to allow any remaining water to evaporate from the wheel nut wells / tyre valve etc. • Seal the wheels Apply Wowo's crystal sealant to dry wheels with gloves and a microfibre pad. Read and follow the instructions Tip: Apply to small areas one at a time. Do not allow to dry. Wipe off / buff with a microfibre towel. A little goes a looong way. Work your way methodically around each wheel. Do not try to apply the product to an entire wheel all at once as it may dry and spoil the result. Once done the surface of your wheels should now feel silky smooth, allowing dirt to slide off with ease at each service wash. This should work for all standard, painted alloy wheels. Wheels with a different surface may be damaged by following the above guide. Always read the labels on the products and check with the manufacturer.

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