What Would a Fairy Look Like? (Evolution/Physics)?

There are two main problems. The first, (which you alluded to) is scale. Assuming that the fairy resembled humans, this would make it a member of primate order ... and the smallest primate is the Berthe's Mouse Lemur at about 30g ... so that would be about the minimum size for anything with a primate-like body structure and intelligence. The smallest mammal by weight is the Etruscan Shrew at less than 2g, and the smallest by skull size (and thus brain size) is the Bumblebee bat, which weighs in at also about 2g. So that gives you an idea of the minimal size of a mammal. In short, something with human-like proportions, but the size of a small shrew (a small mouse), would first be rather unintelligent, and second would be almost blind (as eyes would be so tiny that they would not gather much light). Perhaps re-proportioned with enormous eyes and brain relative to its body, it might be able to resemble our capabilities a bit more ... but then its head size would be so big (relative to its body) that it would be barely able to move. The second problem is the structure of a pair of wings emerging from the back or shoulders of the organism in *addition* to arms. The fairy would thus have *six* limbs. NO terrestrial vertebrate has six limbs. The reason wings cannot evolve in a human-like (or mammal-like) body shape is that this would require a *complete* redesign of the entire upper skeletal system. Evolution cannot completely overhaul a skeletal system unless the intermediate stages are viable ... so our evolving proto-fairies would have to be able to get along for a long time without any functional forelimbs at all. Probably could not happen. What would certainly not happen is the evolution of wings that resemble *butterfly* wings (as shown in most pictures) rather than bat-wings. Since mammals have a *very* distant relationship with insects, the genes and structures that produced butterfly wings, are nowhere to be found in mammals. So bottom line, the size, intelligence, and body structure would probably most have to resemble those of the bumblebee bat, where forelimbs slowly *become* wings, and the brain becomes smaller and lighter, while eyes remain proportionally large enough to be still useful for vision. The image of a fairy with bat-wings is not something you would recognize ... but that would be the most logical ... based on what we know about biology. ----

1. How do u contact a fairy?

Put your tooth under your pillow and take lots of NoDoz

2. Tooth Fairy Help with in the next 3 hours PLEASE?

There were lots of good ideas out there for you. Other ideas I can think of: If you have any collectible coins, those would work and are special to kids Could your neighbor lend it to you? I know it may be awkward but he's only little once You could make a scavenger hunt for him that would be entertaining and it could lead him to a note/clue that tells him tomorrow night is the night Any extra presents laying around that you could use? Any gift cards not used? There is an on line company that I used that has poems, certificates, etc. it's toothfairyland. You can purchase and print them out on the spot. You may be able to order a gift certificate on line and get the printable kind so you would have it right away. I am sorry that this is not turning out as magical as you hoped. I am sure he will be thrilled with whatever avenue you decide upon. I wish you well.

3. Worlds Shortest Fairy Tale?

that is a guy for you hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haa ha ha ha ha ha ha

4. Are fairy tales good Christian stories or sinful?

Just finished reading Jack & the Beanstalk to my preschool class. More gruesome than I remembered, & definitely not a story of forgiveness. Next time I read it, I will put a Christian spin on the end of the story. It will be just as exciting. They will like it just as well.

5. I saw a fairy?!!?!?!?!!!! IM 13?

If you can tell me the color of the wings and their vein pattern possibly I can tell you of the troupe

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