What Is the Most Powerful Magic in Fairy Tail?

Enchantments you saw what Irene can do here are some spells she can castUniverse One: Change a country to a third of its sizeSeparation Enchantment: able to separate magic from a person or objectBerserker: Able to transform people into monsters that can not feel painDeus Sema: Able to summon a meteor that is able to wipe out a large battlefield and is a superior version to the Heavenly body magic spell SemaThat's just a few Enchantments that are OP and there is Wendy who knows a ton of support enchantments and the Dragons and Zeref and this is a guess but maybe August could copy them so most of the OP characters in FT can use Enchantments so that's my reason

What Is the Most Powerful Magic in Fairy Tail? 1

1. Which Fairy Prince & Princess name? And which handmaiden name?

Please go to another site for better and more polite answers, because this site is horrible for people asking about character names. However, I will still be courteous and answer. Prince Timber, Princess Starfish, and Princess Lemony with handmaidens Strawberry and Pumpkin

2. What are some good female and male fairy names!?

"An Encyclopedia of Faries" by Katherine Briggs might be a good book for you

What Is the Most Powerful Magic in Fairy Tail? 2

3. please could you help me decided on tattoo ideas?

I hope you can find some ideas and answers here. Chopper is the largest tattoo gallery on the internet. You can choose from Arm Band Tattoos, Belly Button, Butterfly, Cartoon, Cat, Celtic, Chinese, Cross, Devil, Dragon, Eagle, Fairy, Fantasy, Fish, Flower, Zodiac, Harley, Heart, Japanese Symbol, Lizard, Lower Back, Mermaid, Angel, Animal, Religious, Patriotic, Women, Rose, Skull, Snake, Sport, Star, and Sun Tattoos.

4. What's a good water fairy name?

Bubbly Lilliana Fiona Lilly Alona Gade Ash Shelly Nora Bleu(like Bl-uh) Doty

5. help me with my fairy costume please?

Get a tight, pink dress. Make sure it is plain and buy a white belt about 4 inches thick and put silver glitter on it to match the tiara. Good Luck and have fun this Halloween

6. fairy tales based on true events?

Well dracula (vlad the impaler)was real and he drank the blood of people thinkin hed reach immorality

7. Any good anime to watch? AND DONT SAY FAIRY TAIL?

baccano sword art e else if ur a ******* stalker this one was just me

8. Fairy tale from childhood

This could be from a compilation of fairy tales. Parts of it (the bit about the cheese and squeezing water from a stone as a challenge to/from the giant) comes from The Brave Little TailorAn Excerpt:

9. where do fairy's and gnomes live?

Gnomes all live in gardens, but sometimes they will wander out into the lawn. Lawn gnomes are not unheard of. Fairies are usually found in bars, but not just any bar. Look for a place with lots of Harley-Davidson bikes in the parking lot, and loud music by Cher, the BeeGees, the Village People and / or Judas Priest playing on the sound system. Go inside, and you will find all the fairies you could ever want. Look for leather everything and a lot of facial hair.

10. What should I wash baby clothes with? | Mumsnet

Depends what you usually use. For a 'treat' I use Fairy. I've been sold by the advertising! I used the free tablets I got in the bounty bag to wash ds1's first clothes and every time I use them for my toddlers it reminds me of those precious newborn days I got a big box of the powder when it was on offer but it smells a bit different. I use ecover on all my clothes usually so did not need anything else different. I've tried a few other brands depending on what is on offer and what is promising to make my life easier by shifting stains. I have not found anything that replaces the need to scrub stains out of everything though. I usually go through it all with a bar of fairy soap to get the poo leaks off, few months later it's the weaning spills, then the mud. Am on my 3rd load today

11. Can coffee damage a Fairy Tale romance?

Very good. Forget about peak-oil..... I am more worried by peak-coffee!

12. LGBT: Is the Tooth Fairy the ghost of a homosexual dentist?

The tooth fairy is so gay, and he has always had a fetish about braces. I am sure you remember watching him on television when you were a boy...you know, the elf who wanted to be a dentist on "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Yeah, that's him! Gay gay gay. He thought you were kinda cute when you were a boy; but now that you are grown into a young man, he finds you extremely attractive (in that "Thornbirds" kind of way), and I've heard he's planning to fly into your room as you are sleeping just to get a peek of your...uh, teeth! He does not want to admit it, but he kinda hopes you sleep naked. He might even leave you cash without any tooth at all. ;)

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