What Is the Best Software to Create a Slide Show Set to Music on DVD?

adobe premiere pro, class gear

1. How can i make a Slide Show for my Home Page with the following requirements [duplicate]

Read documentation for slideshow. this tutoral may help you. To making responsive slider, see here. Make views slideshow responsive - remove inline styles

2. SP13: Opening PowerPoint Presentation into Slide Show

I do not know how it would translate into SP, but if you save a PowerPoint file as .pps it will open as a slide show

3. Help, I want to make slide show video?

You can use windows movie maker to make slideshow video for youtube. It's free and safe

4. How can I view the speaker notes, when I am using slide show in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007?

It should be exactly the same in 2007 as in 2003. Slideshow --> Set Up Slideshow --> Use Presenter View. It wo not let you go into Presenter View until you have your second monitor or projector hooked to the computer.

5. What r some good/sweet father daughter phrases for a memory book or slide show?

I agree with the first answer. It's a beautiful song, sung by "Heartland." Go to Youtube.com, & listen to it there. I also think the song, "Butterfly Kisses," sung by Bob Carlisle, would be a most fitting song as well

6. After a make a video slide show on youtube, if I delete the folder containing the video will it........?

No Once it is up on youtube, it is hosted by that site. You can delete all traces of it from your computer and it will not affect the video. You are welcome

7. what do i use to make a youtube video that has just a slide show of pictures??? HELP!!!!!?

It's hard to say what you did wrong without seeing the error. Please, update this with the error you received, and we can try to help. Edit: Also. Windows Movie Maker is an easy way to post pictures on Youtube. It's actually what I was going to recomend. So just let me know what the error is, and we will go from there.

8. How do I add a slide show to my website?

Use javascript and create different sections where the picture rotates every once in a while like a slide show. Thanks

9. Good song for wedding slide show?

you and me - lifehouse i dont want to miss a thing when you look me in the eyes- jonas brothers (if theyre a younger couple hehe)

10. Wedding Slide Show Songs? Urgently Need Help!?

1. Bride: "Is not She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" from Gigi "Daughter" by Peter Blegvad

11. How to build a web UI to configure (start/stop) a slide-show?

The best solution here is to put control in the hands of the user.Give them buttons to slide from left to right and discover the images, in either direction, at their own pace.Simplify the interface with two large, clear, clickable (desktop), tappable (touch screen), and keyboard navigable (for accessibility) action buttons that load either the next or previous slide. Playback controls could be considered, but add a lot of complexity, especially if you try to add speed in there two, why bother? Just let the user control the speed as and when with manual buttons.See how Google images do it - when you preview an image there are left and right controls and that's it, you can browse the images at your leisure.Also, I would suggest making it clear how many images are in the sequence and where the user is in that sequence. For example, 1 of 5; 2 of 5 etc. or some other graphical way of saying the same - see the pips on this pattern tapFinally, anything overlaid the images (such as controls, though also text as in your link example) should be designed to stand out regardless of the background colour - see this CSS Tricks article for a better idea of what I mean. This code pen (from the article) uses text, but demonstrates a simple way of using black and white to ensure any text or symbol always appears clearly. This will make your controls easier to discover and your text easier to consume, encouraging more exploration.

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